Ultimate Guide: How to Create Flyer Design

in How To on October 20, 2022

When you receive a flyer design (creative flyer design, professional flyer design, graphic design flyer) in the mail, or if someone passes you one on the street, what do you do with it? Do you read it carefully before discarding it or just tossing it? So, what is flyer design? You will know the answer in this article!

When creating a flyer, it’s a good idea to consider what would get your attention first. Many businesses make this mistake, which leads to their fliers being thrown away. Use our complete flyer design guide to ensure your flyers are noticed.

How to Design Flyer?

If you have a plan and idea for the flyer, you can move on to designing it. Here are the steps:

1. Look at other flyers you like for ideas

Fashion Discount Catalogue Flyer - creative flyer design
Fashion Discount Catalogue Flyer

Look at other flyers to get an idea of what’s possible. When you get flyers, start saving them so you can see what you like and don’t like. Check out online designs to see what kinds of styles you want. Check out the flyer design ideas that will give you wings to get your ideas going.

2. Use your idea for a design as a brief for a freelance designer or a design contest

Fashion Sale Flyer
Fashion Sale Flyer

You now have everything you need to write a clear and compelling brief. You can move forward with the design process by choosing your favorite freelancer to design your flyer or by starting a flyer design contest and getting ideas from designers worldwide.

3. Use your criteria to judge the design proposals

Home Property Solutions Flyer - professional flyer design
Home Property Solutions Flyer

As designs come in, compare them to your brief and what you’re looking for. Is the logo easy to read? Does it have everything that needs to be there? Are the messages in the correct order? Using these objective criteria will help you sort through the designs, so you don’t fall in love with a piece of art that doesn’t do what you want it to do.

4. Pick your last design

Female Fashion Flyer
Female Fashion Flyer

A good flyer design gets the right people’s attention, gives them a clear message and benefit, and motivates them to do something. As part of your design contest, you can use a survey to get honest feedback from the people you want to reach. Choose the design that works best for your audience and meets your needs.

5. Proofread

Broadcast Studio Flyer
Broadcast Studio Flyer

Please make sure there are no mistakes in the final graphic flyer design by checking it repeatedly. Find a third party who isn’t as invested in the project as you are and have them take a look. Check that everything is included; you would be amazed how often you receive a flyer design without the event date or a website address. You wouldn’t want an easy fix to a crucial problem to undo your hard work.

6. Get the necessary data to yourself

Home Contractor Services Flyer
Home Contractor Services Flyer

Professional flyer design seen online will be shown in RGB; however, CMYK files will be required for printing. Photos used in the design must be high enough resolution to be legible. At least 300 dots per inch (dpi) of explanation is required for printing. Ensure that a bleed, an additional area of design beyond the target size that allows for printing and cutting errors, has been included in your design if it extends to the edges of the page (there is no literal white space around it).

Printing and Distributing the Flyer

Now is the time to implement your flyer design and distribute it to potential customers.

1. Find a printer

Cozy Bar Lounge Flyer
Cozy Bar Lounge Flyer

When deciding where to get your creative flyer design printed, there are several factors, including cost, quality, printing method, turnaround time, and location.

Digital printing is ideal for short runs that require full color because of the shorter turnaround time. If you need a lot of them, they can get pricy. While the standard order size for offset printing is several hundred pieces, the number of colors used in the print run is more flexible. As a rule, it takes more time to get ready. Even if you have to pay extra for a fast order, this is your best bet if printing a huge quantity (1,000+ copies).

You might have to settle for less than ideal quality if you need the project done quickly and cheaply. Also, consider the location if you need to pick up the flyers personally and don’t have time to wait for a delivery.

2. Pick the kind of paper you want based on its quality and feel

Wedding Agency Flyer
Wedding Agency Flyer

How thick of paper are you looking for? Is a postcard-like piece more your style, or will a small booklet do? Does it have a matte or glossy finish? Does it require folding, please? To see your choices, have the printer send you some examples. Again, this is a situation when a compromise may be necessary due to financial constraints.

3. Decide on the number of copies

Online Business Ideas Flyer
Online Business Ideas Flyer

The cost of each flyer will decrease as the quantity ordered rises; however, you don’t want to throw away money by printing more copies than you require and then throwing them away. If you are promoting anything time-sensitive or something only available during a particular season, you won’t be able to reuse them, so make sure that you prepare accordingly.

4. Think about getting a test print

Live Night Party Flyer
Live Night Party Flyer

In a perfect world, you can inspect a test print before producing the whole order. Things look different on paper than online, so this method allows you to thoroughly check the final output, see the quality of the photographs and colors, make sure the copy is legible in the actual size, and proofread it one more time.

5. Distribution in the real world

Digital Marketing Solution Flyer
Digital Marketing Solution Flyer

The process of creating a flyer does not finish with the printing stage. That stage marks the beginning of the process! This is your opportunity to ensure that all your hard work will pay off in the end. How exactly do you plan to get these jaw-dropping works of art into the hands of the appropriate customers? How will you ensure the flyers are seen, read, and acted upon to the greatest extent possible? Check that you are going to the appropriate locations and talking to the right individuals.

6. Digital distribution

Focus Photography Flyer
Focus Photography Flyer

Don’t forget that you may get more use out of these things by using them online, so don’t overlook that opportunity. Consider sharing them on social media and sending them out as pdf attachments to your email list to reach even more people without incurring any more costs.

We know that making a flyer design is not simple as that. Therefore, we have some flyer design templates that you can use for your projects. So, look for more UICreative collections for flyer design!

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