T Shirt Design: Fonts and How to Design

in How To on February 28, 2023

The font is an essential component in the t shirt design (t shirt font designs, vintage t shirt font, t shirt font styles, lettering font style for t shirt, retro t shirt font) like this. It must have a trendy appearance and resonate with the audience to successfully attract people’s attention. To accomplish that objective, you will need a typeface that has a distinctive look.

We did some digging and came up with a couple of those one-of-a-kind typefaces that you may use to produce some great t-shirt graphics. These best font for t shirt design is ideal for creating a wide variety of t-shirts, including hipster hoodies, casual t-shirts, tank tops, and a great deal more. Have a peek.

What Font Use In T Shirt?

1. Monggoland Elegant Serif Font

Monggoland Elegant Serif Font
Monggoland Elegant Serif Font

This is a handwritten typeface with a simple and unpretentious look. This typeface has a distinctive lettering style that separates it from other options on the market and will help your T shirt design stand out. The typeface contains capital and lowercase letters and swashes that can be used to style the letters.

2. Velodrome Display

velodrome display
Velodrome Display

The Velodrome is a typeface that has been made by hand and features a design that is rough and bumpy. This typeface works wonderfully for creating T shirt design such as badges and titles of all kinds. It features an inventive lettering design that will also lend a look of individualization to any projects you create using it.

3. Rockbubble Sans Serif Font

Rockbubble Sans Serif Font
Rockbubble Sans Serif Font

This font should be able to impress you if you want the font on the t-shirt to look robust and forceful. Your t-shirt will have the appearance of being roughed up and painted as a result. Check it out for yourself.

4. Hello Kiddos Display Font

Hello Kiddos Display Font
Hello Kiddos Display Font

This typeface would be ideal for use on a baby T shirt if you are in the market for one. This font is perfect for a baby’s room because it is adorable down to the tiniest detail. The presence of a sense of enjoyment, colorfulness, and brightness would cause the baby to become even cuter than it already is. Consequently, consider this before printing the shirt, and think about the adorable quote you want to place on it.

5. Woreta Karlina Serif Font

Woreta Karlina Serif Font
Woreta Karlina Serif Font

Using this font in your design may make it simpler to communicate the meaning of what you’re trying to say. You may use it to make an incredible display, labeling, clothes, movie screen, poster, movie titles, gigs, album covers, logos, and many other things. 

Additionally, it has the potential to be useful for texts that range from lighthearted to informal. Because it is neat and unobscured, anyone who views it will have no trouble understanding what is written on the shirt. In addition, it can be utilized by either males or women. Never be afraid to experiment by combining one typeface with another.

6. Wavelight Sans Serif Display Font

Wavelight sans Serif Display Font - best font for t shirt design
Wavelight sans Serif Display Font

This typeface is striking and contemporary and works wonderfully for various packaging and branding ideas. Make stunning designs for t-shirt fronts, labels, and logos, as well as billboards, banners, posters, and more, with the help of this typeface.

How To Design The T Shirt?

Zanie Brovia Display Serif Font - creative t shirt design ideas
Zanie Brovia Display Serif Fot

Your idea for a t shirt design needs to be consistent with the brand in every aspect, from the design to the production to the messaging. Here are ten ways to make the design of the t-shirts your brand sells more memorable for your staff and your customers.

1. Go for minimalism

Less is more. The minimalist design idea involves displaying fewer elements to draw attention to those more fundamental to the overall composition. It could be only one word written in a tiny font or graphic detail, but any of these could accomplish the work.

2. Don’t overbrand, don’t under-brand

You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard by putting all your brandings on the t shirt design. Even though your design may not be simple, that doesn’t mean it should be too much.

3. Avoid the trends

You do not want the person wearing your brand’s t-shirt to miss it in the sea of other people. For instance, if your establishment is located in Hawaii, you probably don’t want the wait staff to be attired in Hawaiian t-shirts because that’s likely what some of your customers will also be wearing. By bucking the norm, you may make a statement without appearing unfashionable.

4. Prioritize the belief

Customers will rather wear what you stand for than your business’s logo and mascot if you are a new brand just starting. This is especially true if your brand is getting its start. Your clients are not your billboards; they are your partners in disseminating your message and advancing your beliefs.

5. Be suitably humorous

When not executed properly, comedy has the potential to become a sensitive issue. It would help if you constantly remained within the bounds of what is considered suitable. Demonstrate your funny side without putting anyone else down.

Because people automatically assume that joke T-shirts are low-cost items found in bargain bins, the designs for these shirts ought to exude sophistication. You may also employ humorous messaging and merge your business name craftily, like how this Budweiser t-shirt accomplishes it.

How To Pick A Font For A T Shirt

Danzone Sans Serif Display Font - retro t shirt font
Danzone Sans Serif Display Font

We know that picking a font for t shirt design is not easy as you think. There are lots of considerations before you choose. However, you are welcome to use our t shirt design fonts for any projects involving t shirts.