How to Choose The Right Admin Dashboard

in How To on October 30, 2022

You will have no trouble finding the admin template you need for your next project from the many currently available online. There are around 10000 or more live admin dashboard template (wp admin dashboard, react admin dashboard, vacasa admin dashboard, admin dashboard UI), and they are sold on various online marketplaces.

There is no question that many distinct marketplaces exist only to sell these themes and templates on their platforms. Aside from these, many other sites have compilations of the best, top, free, premium, and different types of admin templates. To summarize, you have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of choices to make when selecting the appropriate admin template for your project.

What is Admin Dashboard?

Admin Dashboard – Social Media Advertising - what is admin dashboard
Admin Dashboard – Social Media Advertising

The Administrative Dashboard is a one-stop location where key Encompass tools may be accessed quickly and easily by community administrators. The admin dashboard is your community’s administrative hub, where you can access all the features you use most. We have some admin dashboard examples you can use. Read more!

Step-by-Step Guide

1. The technologies and framework

Admin Dashboard – E Commerce Transaction
Admin Dashboard – E Commerce Transaction

When looking for an admin dashboard, the first step is to determine the best technology and framework to use with it. Technologies are the linguistic constructs developed to allow computers to exchange information with one another. Using these languages, we may direct and regulate the behavior of automated systems.

In this sense, a programming language is a tool for creating the kinds of programs that can be recognized as algorithms. Your needs are a primary consideration when deciding on the best technology or language. Knowing what you need can help you select the best technology and framework for your admin template.

2. The UI design

Admin Dashboard – Product Sales Statistics
Admin Dashboard – Product Sales Statistics

At this point, you should know what kind of design will work best for your web app. User interface design (admin dashboard UI design) is the visual structure of a website’s software. Everything the user sees and interacts with when using the website or online application is under the purview of the UI design. The aesthetics of an app are reflected in its user interface design. Get an admin template with a user interface that works for your project.

Before settling on a single admin dashboard to purchase, spend some time exploring each one’s available demonstrations. Seeing it in action is the best way to get a sense of the design and interface, and it will inform your buying choice. Two user interface styles have emerged as clear frontrunners: flat and material.

3. The components

Admin Dashboard – Personal Financial Transactions
Admin Dashboard – Personal Financial Transactions

Components are the foundation of any online site, and they should be carefully considered while settling on the ideal admin template. Components included in each admin dashboard template may vary. Some of the most popular components are the buttons, navigation bar, list, dropdown, etc., because they provide a foundation for your web application. 

Make sure you carefully review the template’s feature list before making purchases. Gather the tools you’ll need and see if they’re included in the demonstration. Find out if the features included in the admin template are suitable for your needs.

4. The layout and menu of admin dashboard

Admin Dashboard – E Commerce Charts
Admin Dashboard – E Commerce Charts

After picking an admin dashboard with all you need, the following step is to pick the best Menu & Layout alternatives. Visitors to your online app should follow the menu as they go from one section to the next. Identifying the optimal navigation pattern for a web app is challenging and time-consuming. 

There are two primary methods of navigating a website: the vertical menu and the horizontal menu. In addition, the needs of a given web application will dictate the particular combination of navigation patterns employed.

5. The applications and pages

Admin Dashboard – Cryptocurrency Statistics
Admin Dashboard – Cryptocurrency Statistics

To save data, manage connections and contacts, etc., admins with the proper permissions need an interface, which is an application. If your application has specific design needs, you can choose an admin dashboard to fit them. ToDo, Contacts, Calendar, Email, Chat, and File Manager are all useful tools for any project. 

Create a list of the programs you’ll need and see if they’re included in the demo. You can use this information to determine if the admin template’s included applications are a good fit for your needs.

6. The RTL support and multilingual

Admin Dashboard – Online Sales Analytics
Admin Dashboard – Online Sales Analytics

If you intend to publish your website on a global scale, RTL (Right-to-Left) supported admin templates are an absolute necessity if you want to communicate effectively with the people you are trying to reach. 

You may be aware that several languages, such as Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu, are written and read from right to left rather than left to right. If your website or application is going to be live in such a country, you should select admin templates ready to use right-to-left writing to communicate with people whose native language is RTL.

7. The documentation 

Admin Dashboard – Online Shop Graph
Admin Dashboard – Online Shop Graph

The documentation for an admin dashboard template is the instructions for doing something with that template. Check the documentation of an admin template to see if it meets your needs before making a purchase. The documentation will help you visualize how you may use the admin template in your project. Data like compatibility, their versions, complete details about their features, the technologies utilize, updates, etc., should be included in any well-written documentation.

8. Loading speed and code quality

Admin Dashboard – Sport Statistics - react admin dashboard
Admin Dashboard – Sport Statistics

The quality of the code indicates how easily a developer may use the provides code and files to implement his structure in the admin dashboard template. Choosing the correct admin template relies heavily on documentation and code quality. In the interest of transparency and user education, several writers include details about their folder organization and code quality in the documentation.

However, it would be pointless to utilize an admin template if its page loading time was slow, even if the code quality was excellent. By entering the admin template’s URL into the GTmetrics tool, you may test its loading time.

9. Scalability Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard Template – Agent Management
Admin Dashboard – Agent Management

The flexibility of your expanding project is guarantee by its scalability. Scalability, in its most basic sense, signifies improvement. The admin template you choose should scale well with your project’s needs, so keep that in mind when you make your decision. You’ll have an easier time updating and adding new features to your admin template if it has high scalability.

10. Customization and Integration Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard – Project Task Analytics - wp admin dashboard
Admin Dashboard – Project Task Analytics

Customization refers to modifying the original admin template to include features, components, design, etc., specific to your project’s needs. The answer to this question heavily depends on the web application you plan to create. The level of customization requires to complete one project may vastly differ from that of another. Before purchasing an admin dashboard template, be sure you can modify it to your liking.

However, integration refers to the action of linking an administrative template to API operations. Verify that the admin template supports the software you intend to implement. If an admin template has a lite version, you should download it to see if it helps your project’s integration and customization needs.


Choosing the right admin dashboard is not easy as you think. You can follow those step-by-step guides on selecting the right admin dashboard for your website. We have some excellent admin dashboard templates you can use for your website to make your life easier. Visit UICreative to get more insight!

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