10 Steps How To Create White Paper Template

in How To on October 13, 2022

Publishing content that is both insightful and valuable is a tried-and-true method for companies to increase their authority and establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields of expertise. A white paper template (white paper design template, white paper format template) is one of the most effective tools for accomplishing this goal.

In this piece, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide that explains how to compose a white paper in a step-by-step format. We have also included some terrific design recommendations for taking your white papers to the next level and advice on adequately distributing and promoting your white paper template. Both of these sections are covered in this article.

Before that, let’s learn about what is a white paper.

What Is a White Paper?

Architecture Company
Architecture Company

So, what is the white paper definition? White papers are documents used by business professionals who want to convey in-depth information about a particular subject to other business professionals.

For instance, you can use a white paper template to present an in-depth explanation of a particular process that a group or company carries out, compare various marketing campaigns, present a complex analysis of a trend in the industry, or share marketing statistics. White papers can also be used to present complex analyses of industry trends.

One or more of the following applications may be appropriate for the use of a white paper:

  • We are creating potential customers by offering white papers for email addresses of interested parties.
  • Establishing credibility by resolving a challenge or providing valuable insight on a specific matter helps build trust.
  • Increasing sales through the use of content driven by statistics to affect purchasing behavior

Listed below is a small selection of eight white paper templates that are simple to change and may be downloaded, edited, and shared using UICreative. Check out some white paper example below!

How to Write White Paper Template?

Having understood what a white paper is and its purposes, we will now walk you through the steps involved in producing a white paper for your own company. Also, we have the example of a white paper design template below!

1. Choose Your Adventure!

Financial Technology
Financial Technology

Before you can start writing your white paper template or even look at some examples to get ideas for what to write about, you need to decide what your white paper will be about.

Consider the following questions to help you pick a timely and significant subject:

  •  Is there a substantial part of what you do that receives relatively little attention or coverage in the internet content produced about it
  • Which component of your company do you believe would be most beneficial for you to share with others in the same industry?
  • Is there a particular facet of your company that you’d want to investigate and then share the results of your discoveries with others
  • Is there a remarkable accomplishment your group has pulled off that others might try to imitate?

Pick a subject that you are familiar with and have a solid grasp on. White papers are considered to be publications of expert opinion; therefore, you should ensure that you have sufficient expertise to give and either references or proof to back it up.

It would help if you also chose a subject that your audience is interested in hearing about. It is possible that the results you want to attain will not be achieved if the audience you are targeting is not interesting or relevant to your readers.

2. Carry out extensive investigations

Book Report
Book Report

After you have decided on a subject, it is time to start gathering information and data so that you can develop informative content that provides real value.

When gathering information for your white paper, you can use either internal or external sources. The more thoroughly you investigate your subject, the more distinctive and applicable your information will become.

In-depth research can be conducted for your white paper template in several ways, including the following:

  • Find sources that can be relied upon.
  • Learn about the subject by perusing supplementary publications such as journals, reports, and white papers.
  • Make connections with people who are knowledgeable in your field.
  • Verify all of the information.

3. Recognizing who is your audience

Corporate Report
Corporate Report

Considering your readership is a significant portion of selecting a topic for a white paper template and producing the material for the paper itself. However, it is not sufficient to merely consider your audience. You must proceed one step further and acquire a more in-depth understanding of your audience. Ask yourself:

  • Why would someone be interested in listening to me talk about this subject?
  • What is the typical mode of information intake for my audience?
  • What level of knowledge does my audience possess on this subject?
  • What topics is my audience interested in learning more about?
  • In what ways may they benefit from reading my white paper?
  • What kind of study and analysis would be most appropriate for the people reading this?

You may need to do some serious digging to find the answers to these questions. Also, you can skip that step if someone on your team has already completed this task. It is helpful to construct a visual user persona to acquire an overview of the requirements and characteristics of your target audience.

To effectively connect with people, it is essential to have a solid grasp of the people receiving your message. If the subject line piques their attention, they will begin reading it. However, if the content isn’t up to par, you will miss the opportunity to make an impression on them. Maintain consistency with the messaging meant for that audience by keeping your user persona close at hand.

4. Develop the Outline and Structure of Your White Paper

Company Target Report
Company Target Report

You have completed the necessary research, and at this point, you are prepared to create the material. However, it would help if you composed an outline before unleashing the storyteller that resides within you. If you use this outline as a guide, you should be able to create a fantastic Table of Contents for the final design.

As an illustration, here is a straightforward outline for a white paper:

  • Title
  • Abstract or Summary
  • Introduction
  • Section Subheadings
  • Footnotes/Sources
  • Conclusion

5. Create a title that will get people’s attention

Company Annual Report
Company Annual Report

The cover of your white paper will be the first thing a reader notices about it. Create something that is appealing to the eye, fascinating, and inviting. Also, your title or headline dominates your cover. Therefore, you should focus most of your emphasis on that design portion.

We have provided some insightful pointers that you can use to create a captivating title for your white paper:

  • Make it enticing
  • Make promises
  • Maintain clarity and concision.
  • Use your wits.
  • Use a subtitle

6. Create an engaging beginning to the essay

white paper example - Company Report
Company Report

As we indicated earlier, the white paper template is placed in the conclusion at the end of the document, which means that you will need to greet your readers with a new kind of introduction at the beginning of the white paper. The information summary or abstract is the most frequently used format in the white paper.

Along with the introduction, you should also include an author blurb if you or the author is a thought leader in the subject. This should be done alongside the introduction.

7. Subheadings are a great way to break up the content

Company Progress Report
Company Progress Report

The content of your white paper template needs to be formatted correctly at this point. Please use subheadings to split up the material and make it simpler and more manageable to read within each central part.

8. Make sure that your data and content are backed up

Digital Company Report
Digital Company Report

White papers should be instructive, valuable, and thoroughly studied before being distributed. There is no other way to bolster the credibility of your conclusions than by providing reliable data.

Establishing your company as an authority in your field can facilitate by including in your white paper evidence in the form of verify facts, statistics, quotes, and other data. It is also essential to ensure that your white paper will significantly influence the readers of your work.

Ensure all the data sources you utilize in your paper are cited correctly. Use either annotation, footnotes, or a concluding section that lists sources to credit your sources appropriately. It is the most crucial thing to remember when mentioning sources that has fact-checked and are relevant.

You can utilize data visualization tools like charts, graphs, widgets, maps, and many others to make your data more exciting and engaging for your audience.

9. Make sure that each paragraph has value

 white paper template indesign- Financial Company
Financial Company

This piece of advice is more significant than you may realize. Because a white paper is not the same as an editorial in a magazine or a novel, you should avoid using any flowery language that merely serves to fill up the page. Each paragraph ought to contribute something of worth to the paper.

The reader is led on a trip through the substance of a white paper, which begins with a fundamental problem or assertion. It brings readers up to speed with thorough research approaches, answers, and statistics before arriving at a conclusion that gives the reader the impression that they have gained some valuable knowledge.

10. Check for errors and make adjustments

 white paper format template- Company Structure Report
Company Structure Report

It will help if you never skip the stage of proofreading and editing. The time and effort you put into conducting research and writing could be for naught if you made a simple error in the document’s headline or repeated a sentence.

Everyone makes typos, but professionals employ proofreaders to ensure their work is error-free.

If you cannot handle proofreading and editing independently, don’t worry about it because almost no one can. Instead, ask your coworkers for assistance or consider hiring a professional. It’s worth it!

How to Make a White Paper Template?

So, how to make a white paper template? The answer is complicated. Instead of making it from scratch, you can use our collections white paper template. It will make your life easier! UICreative provides lots of white paper template in InDesign. You can use it based on your needs, and all objects can be edited, such as graphs, images, text, color, and many others.

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