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30 Best Simple Business Card

in Business Card on February 12, 2021

30 Best simple business card. It is time to have simple business cards! You do not need to ask the phone number for each person you meet. It is efficient for business owners. Where you have to meet new clients and prospective ones, you should look professional. Here are some of the best simple business card to choose!

Futuristic Shape Design – Business Card

New comer from UI Creative! You want to look modern and different? Try futuristic shape design template. It has light and dark color. They blend well. The shape of this business card is also different from others. Therefore, it is good if you could be the one who use it first. Try to find the suit font. Start to edit it. It is suitable for any business and corporate.

Pastel Color – Business Card

Fashion designer, magazine editor, make up specialist, wedding organizer, and women in any kind of professions look more feminine and beautiful with it. It is soft in design, calm, and pretty simple. You may change it into another color, but keep its layout originally. it is more natural than what you could have in your partner style. Elegant, fresh, and young. What are you looking for anymore?

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Natural Matte

Fresh style for energetic, active, and young business persons. You could insert any vector here or logo of your company. Whether you are the owner on an employee, you could have it. Share it to your clients and make sure they are interested to know you more, especially your products. It is one of elegant business card from UI Creative, so you could not miss it! Compare it to your own design, especially the time you waste to make this wonderful design.

The Blues Theme

Masculine, fresh, modern, and young. For men, it is a good business card template to pick. Change its icon into yours. You do not need to resize and edit too much for this file. It is already ready to print. Select the good paper and you look more professional. Insert your company website in it. Prospective clients could be your loyal clients in the future.

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Purple With Green

More mature design, template, and color come with it. If you have a higher position in a company, it is better to use this natural and soft  design. It helps you to reach more customers from young to old. They will feel you are generous and warm person to discuss about the next projects.

Cyan Blue Theme

Awesome, artistic, modern, and elegant. If you have to work in many clients criteria like from students to elderly, this design is suit to you. Its size is normal. People could save it in their name card pocket. The good point is its layout. You could edit it easily and replace it to your logo and icon. It will not make this template be less in its quality.

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Blue & White Pattern

We need something different to attract attention. You could start it from business card. Even to analyze people’s character, you could do it by its business card. For you who work in journalistic, designer, and property, this design is suit to grab. Grab it in affordable cost. You will be more confident.

Black Coral- Business Card

Wanna look like a cassanova?  This mature template and design is suit for you. Men need this style to show their manner. No matter your clients category, it is better for you to show your professional side. Having it is a good choice, especially if you work on selling the luxurious things. Automotive, apartments, and condos owners who play in those business need to have it.

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Half Blue & Red

If your company works on something fun, up to date, and elegant concept, try to apply this design in your business card. It is attractive, clean, and light. Clients would easily announced you. This is the aim. Once they announced you, the chance for them to repeating contacting you will be higher. Get more profits and sales by only sharing this card to others.

White Line on Purple

Elegant and luxurious. The design is great for artists. It is worth enough to show your professional side. No matter what the icon you could insert, as long as you could make it beautiful in its color, the design would be perfect! Enjoy your time to edit and change in some parts. Just for your advance, it is good to not change the basic color.

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Fresh Orange Theme

A cafe owner needs this fancy style. Unique and authentique. You cannot doubt its fun style. It shows how hard worker you are. Whether you do not have a coffee cafe, it is also great for bakery owners. The color reminds everyone to your delicious foods and beverages.

Pattern Matte Design

Working as wedding organizer? Bridal make up? Hair stylist for groom? Wedding gown designer? or are you a wedding cake specialist? Voila! Everything related to the sweet moments should apply this design. It is not only for wedding, but also for birthday planner. Are you agree with this design that only suit for happiness planner?

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Brush Color Theme

A programmer, IT consultant, website developer, and technology specialists need this contemporary style. You should show your skill whether you do not have much time to design your own business card design. At least you should keep your professional image. See its gradient colors? It is already complicated for anyone who see it. Therefore, it is not just simple, but simple for someone who understand in design only.

Yellow Circle

Are you a teacher? Kindergarten or play group teachers need the fun, light, and fun style of business card. This one is the most appropriate style. Whether you are not a teacher, something related to kids need the light colors. For example is toys company owners or sales marketing, children books seller, and play grund kids owner and employees.

Simple Shape of Art

Printing company and tailor will need this completely simple business card. If you want to find the simplest one, this is the best choice. No matter your position, you just need something simple because your clients will not doubt on your skill. You do not have to meet many people, just focus to your job desk and people will notice you.

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Blue Ocean Color

Any position may apply this concept. Depends on your favorite color, you could change it into yours. If you are the professional interior specialist, it is good and attractive to have this design as your business card. Print it now and enjoy your time to gain new customers.

Brave & Confident

Like its title of design, brave and confident is suitable for you who are not confident enough. Whatever your position, you may use this design and place the logo in perfect spot. Think smart to input social media accounts and company website. It helps you to gain trust.

Minimalist Artwork

Very simple design for men who do not want to look complicated. If you are photographer, author, and journalists,  you may share this energetic and colorful vibes to others.

Blue Bold Design

Having a  photo studio seems not popular today. Gain more popularity by making a great business card. Since your target is people who want to look professional in their postcard, you also should show them your professional skill.

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Beauty of Art

Cake decorator specialist could have this design. It looks delicious in its color. It influences people to know your company more and your products. Insert the high quality image of our product here. It is good to persuade people to reach your products more. It gains your confidence and influences your company image.

Neutral Design

Elegant and save. Whatever your profession is, it is good to play save. As the world know, black is a neutral color. It suits to combine in any color. You do not have to do anything, just type your name and contact. Print and start to share.

Blank Design Theme

Another simple but not too simple is this design. You could enjoy everything in black by having this design with you. Enjoy the new style of your image here. People will see how gentle you are without decreasing your professional side. When you want to add any logo, put it in the back like a reflection.

Simple Square & Circle

It is a bit difficult design. Only professional who could make it. You do not need to hire professional to do it. Browse in UI Creative website and pick the one you desire. It is suitable for any ages and any business, especially in medical.

Simple & Awesome

Online shop owner, fashion designer, tailors, and make up specialists need this attractive design of business card. Whether the template and layout is wider than usual, it is good to be different.

Cube Design

Avoid the colorful theme and too big font. Business card should be in normal square shape. The standard is ready to you. If it is too small, it looks weird. Although you may give some trials on its shape, but let us use the normal one.

Is it expensive to make business cards? It is affordable. You only should save a file. It will be expensive if you print them in lots and choose the premium paper for it. You could skip to print because today is digital era. Tell public your identity from social media is enough.

Simple Matte Design

Looking for the pretty simple business card? this is the answer. You only need simple design in long square size. make your data up to date. Save the file and you may edit it anytime. Experience in fonts and color. You could edit them in any Adobe or another tool.

Simple Art Digital

This fresh color shows you how elegant your concept is. Do not worry if you do not like this combination color because you may edit it as your desire.You are ready to compete to another business. Put the strong image so your business partner will notice you well.

Splash Studio

Unique, simple, and creative. This is what we could say about this business cards. The font is unique and casual. You do not have to give a hard impression for anyone who knows you. Keep being humble and introduce it to your cooperate. Having white as the layout will help you to look elegant.

Blue Simple Fresh

The size of this business cards is common. However, pay attention to its color and image. It is creative, unique, and classic in a time. can you imagine how much time you have to spend to make it by yourself? Once you get this template, you are ready to print it anytime.

Simple Bubble Design

Help yourself to look elegant and exclusive. You may not find this in another place. Masculine and perfect in same time. The barcode will help people to reach you easily on your social media. The straight style of fonts influence the opinion about you and your business.

This is one of the formal business cards sample. You could use it in formal moment. It is pretty simple and pocket able. Whenever you want to change the color, open the file and edit. There is also a ready to print file available. Purchase it now before you attend special meeting.Print in glossy paper type to add the luxurious touch. If it is talking about company brand, it means you should know the concept design of your company. Insert the logo by using Adobe Photoshop, find the great fonts too. Let your professional team make it to you. You do not need to go anywhere. All you need to do is stay at home and purchase. Is that so simple? The file will be yours as soon as possible. You could print it directly or customize it first as your company concept. Which one will be the best for you? you can select one of them carefully. UI Creative is here to help you kick your worries.