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30 Best Personal Business Cards

in Business Card on March 19, 2021

It is stressful when you have to make a design in short time, especially if you are not a professional on it. To make you famous among your business friends is not always easy. Promote your brand by chat a lot will waste too much time. One of the effective way to introduce yourself is by business cardYou may put the short information about your job in it.

The problem during making this magic card is about its design. Dealing to the concept that shows the real you is a bit hard. You need to search the best business card designs from a source to another. Like a professional, you will adapt one of them and it ends with hopeless. The next thing happens is you will not even try to start.

Based on the whole bad probability, It is time to you to get a certain design. Solution comes from UI Creative. We already pick 30 best personal business cards. Here they are!

Personal Identity Card

This is the top one business card designs to pick. Personal Identity is a simple but professional style of business card. Once you pick it, you do not need to put too many editing on it. The ready to print document is available. You may use it to promote yourself, your brand, corporate, and organization.

UI Creative helps you with expert touch on it. If you do not like the color, you could change it. Use Adobe Photoshop to customize and edit. It has a well-organized layers. Therefore, do not worry to get stress. It is really helpful.

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Personal Manager Identity 

If the common business card has a short square shape, Personal Manager Identity has a different format and size. The style of it is also different. Therefore, we pick it as the top two of 20 best personal business cards. Although its color is simple, but the design is good enough to show your position. No matter if you are a freelancer, anyone may use this template.

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Personal Creative Identity

The one of the high resolution template for your modern business card is here. The perfect color combination, creative design and format, and the semi-formal style bring your personal identity becomes memorable. You could insert your brand logo. Put the name of your company or product and services on it.

Personal Brand

Are you looking for artistic Personal Brand card? UI Creative pick this design for you. It is simple, but it looks elegant. No one could underestimate your choice. Find it in affordable cost. You will get this ready to print document in High Resolution of template. If you want to resize or customize it, you will not lose its great quality. Move forward to show the world about you in confident.

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Architect Identity

Show everyone who you are. Explain in short and clear words on it. You could change the building image on it by insert your own high quality image. Show everyone how modern your building concept is.

Visual Artist Identity

Since you want to show your visual artistic touch, this simple card is suitable to choose. It has a unique and elegant design. Even the layout is not pretty popular. It means, your business card is the only yours.

Simple Name Tag

This is the way to promote your business well. The format is professional. It is also editable in any tools. The design is professional and you may use the free font in it. Share it on social media and reach more insights. Although it is a ready to print file, you still be able to spread it directly to your clients.

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Digital Strategy

This is the way to promote your business well. The format is professional. It is also editable in any tools. The design is professional and you may use the free font in it. Share it on social media and reach more insights. Although it is a ready to print file, you still be able to spread it directly to your clients.

Japan Theme

If you want to have cultural business cards to show to your client, this is the best pick. It has a vintage style in its format. Having a cross country relation might boost your personal skill. The most important aspect is you could show your company brand through the world.

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Sport Club Identity

tips on creating a good business design card for your best advantage 6

Sport that did by men should be the gentle one. The color to show its club identity card also has to be gentle. Black and orange are great combination. Remember to see Germany soccer uniform in black and orange? It is awesome and eye catching.

Purple Name Tag

tips on creating a good business design card for your best advantage 5

This is one of the good template for kids related company. It is good for children products companies or an author of children books. You may have some editing for the layers. Whatever it is, choose the color that reminds everyone to your brand and logo.

Tattoo Artist Brand

tips on creating a good business design card for your best advantage 4

It is good to start publishing your business. Grab this template and simply print it. You can add your business service here. This template is only suitable for tattoo and piercing business. If you are not in it, try to find another template.

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Hillhikers Profile

It is simple and casual style. You may have it to show how great your company profile is. Set the layout and do limited editing. Optimizing is available. Once you print it in perfect paper, you could get the modern touch of business card design. Who would try to compete you in it?

Future Dream Residence

Rich and elegant. The two words to describe this card. It shows the great quality image of your product. The layout looks fabulous with its tone color. Elegant series with its full image in the back and simple information at front. Select this template when you want to encourage the crazy rich client.

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Blue Sea Template

tips on creating a good business design card for your best advantage 3

It is a way to look modern and professional. Select this business card printing will help you to introduce yourself without you have to speak and prepare the speech. Ready or not, it is good point to build relation.

Founder Company Profile

Th artistic concept of design is suitable for you who love to play on design. To help you have a professional touch on anything you have done, try to purchase this template. No one would understand the meaning behind its line. You will have more chit chats and make good promotions to others.

Extreme Adventure Companion

tips on creating a good business design card for your best advantage 2

Show everyone how compatible your company to handle the extreme adventure. Place the image on it to gain the trust from your clients. Adding your website information on this template is a good idea. They will discover your service and detail from it.

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Make Up Artist

Something beauty and feminine need romantic touch and color. You will get it from UI Creative. This company allows you to have more than you need. Set your name and company, and mention the services. Share it on social media to get the truly artistic touch from the design.

Color Exposure Template

tips on creating a good business design card for your best advantage 2

The size of this business cards is common. However, pay attention to its color and image. It is creative, unique, and classic in a time. can you imagine how much time you have to spend to make it by yourself? Once you get this template, you are ready to print it anytime.

Blended Color Template

tips on creating a good business design card for your best advantage

Blended Color Template looks only can be made by expert. The complicated arrangement of its color, the blend tone, and its format make it becomes the most pick design template for printing cards. It is available in ready to print document. It is one of your chance to show your personal image and quality. It is elegant without you have to show more about the elegant side.

Japanese Chef Identity

You do not have to be Japanese to have Japanese touch in  your personal card. This is one of the popular template from UI Creative. You might change its color. Insert your name and brand logo. No matter what to input, you do not need to delete the Japanese accent there. It makes your personal card unique, rustic, and different.

 Fresh Template

Business Card – Fresh Template

If most people like something formal, you may be different. When you are not in ‘serious’ company or business, this template may help you to be an up to date person. Bring this concept to your clients. You are the fresh, young, active, and modern person. It is not only for your personal, but also for your business.

Illustrator Name Tag

It is great to have an illustration on your business card. You look artistic in your vintage writing skill. Adding some abstract touches on it help you to be famous. Clients curious on how your work on illustration. However, this business card is not only for an illustrator. Everyone in art and design workspace could grab it.

Pink Memphis Template

When most of the personal card gives the strict rule on introducing your contact info, Pink Memphis gives you a special lyric. People would know how friendly you are. It is a good personal branding. Do not miss this awesome design from us.

Clean Rectangular Template

Have you ever see gradient in tie dye cloth? If you think it is beautiful, so you need to try it on your business cards or personal card. Insert the good font to your design template. Place it here. It will be more beautiful than rainbow. Although its format and layout are simple, they are cute enough with this color blend.

Photography Service Identity

Designer, artist, photographer, branding sales, and selebram need to have an elegant side. It should be applied on their daily items. For example is on their identity card. It does not has to be luxurious or in complicated design. It just has to be in nice color. Two combination of white and black come elegant. Having the suit fonts on it will make an extra personal impression.

Black White Template

Black and white keeps shiny on anything. When you think the pure black and white is to ordinary, you may try to have Black White Template from our company. It has artistic style and modern touch. There is also great art works on it. Everyone may consider it as the professional design touch.

Fashion Designer Identity 2

You have too many options to show your skill. This template is awesome to perform the real you. Implementing the famous big brand in the world, you could raise a hope to be in same level to it.

CEO Identity

Something in culture and art always look great. Therefore, CEO Identity template becomes one of 30 best personal business cards. You could customize it, play on its layout, and select the suit image. If you prefer to not use white and red, it is your time to play on designing and to be creative.

Hexagon Color Grading

Seeing this personal card would bring your imagination to something fresh and peaceful. The gradation works well on it. It is perfect to help you out from something around the bush. Direct point, simple, and build your personal branding well. Whatever your skill and company, you still could edit some points of this template. It is time to relax and the beginning to introduce your skill. Modern, up to date, elegant, and everything about your first impression is under your control.

Dealing with the suitable business card is not always easy. You need to make some notes related on the main color, logo, and information to insert on it. Having professional hand to handle yours is a good decision. You do not need to spend much time and effort to make your own. Therefore, we are here to help you stress free in pocket able price. Asking or following your competitor step sometimes a good track to do while you are too blank to make a step. However, since UI Creative has lots of collections to pick, you could have some times to handle on it. Visit our full collection now!