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30 Best Corporate Business Card

in Business Card on March 7, 2021

Branding is not only by advertising. When you share your business card to perspective clients, it is enough for branding. If you have difficulties to find best corporate business card, let us help you. Here they are! 30 Best corporate business card from UI Creative for you!

Simple Creative Studio – Best Corporate Business Card 

Wanna look young, modern, and creative? try to pick this card design and edit it into something you desire. At least you should promote your corporate service and website here. Try to catch another business card designs? Explore more here!

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Data Engineering Specialist

Black is a neutral color. For corporate who used black as its main color, it is perfect for it to look masculine. Show everyone how professional your corporate is.

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Modern Creator Studio Concept

Gain your confidence by having this design as your personal and corporate business card. It is unique and cheerful. No one could see another side than it. Meeting new persons every day should leave good impression. In hope, both of you could keep contacting each other. Enjoy its light and shiny color. White and orange are perfect blend of happiness. Snack corporate? Healthy meals corporate? Use it to be more confident!

Travel Business

It is challenging for travel agency and tour leader on making business card. You should know your specialty area first. Select the modern style if you desire to look modern. Adjust its size, insert your logo, and coloring more. Do not skip the formal touch here.

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Futuristic World

The way to look formal is by applying eye catching color in your design. Futuristic World is one of choice to choose. Young and energetic generation should consider to have it in their pocket. Insert the logo and think smart.

Popular Design

Simple and elegant. It is great for personal and corporate. Whatever your business is, it is great to prepare modern business card. You do not need to get dizzy on designing. Grab the ready print document from UI Creative. It saves more!

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Dark Blue & Blue Cyan

Corporate who wants to look fresh and encourage any ages need to apply this design. It is more than modern. Exciting collaboration design and color complete its touch. Try to evaluate its icon and change as yours. Insert images, think smart on what words or slogan you should add to make everyone reminds your business.

Coral Pattern Design

All your worries should be escaped  from your mind now. It is simple to look creative. You do not have to do some researches. Do you know how to deal with it? First, think about your business color theme. Second, grab the logo and optimize its size. Third, fit it to the design you have chosen. Is it suit even after you adjust it?

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Fancy Pink

Its combination color looks great, eye catching, attractive, and full of art. Even its size is simple but looks professional. No matter how amateur you are in designing, you still could manage it well. It is good for young persons. You could be more confident after letting everyone knows if this design is yours.

Oriental Design Studio

Not all people could make this design. Therefore, if you are the one who could make something new and have a good business, show yourself. Picking this design would help you to boost your image locally and worldly. This is a start and beginning of your inner side. The first impression is your business is awesome and elegant.

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Hype Fun Theme

No more words to say about it. It is better to purchase it and edit with the best image of yourself or your company. It looks like flyer, but Identity card template is quite simple. It shows the different side of business cards. It has clean and modern style. You could get the ready print document. How about the price? It is affordable enough than you have to spend too much time in front of computer. If you choose too simple design, it makes your image in average. It is suit for children corporate area.

Red White World

Try to apply this design as your business card. The reason is it looks fresh and awesome! No more words to say. It is suitable for you fresh business and modern corporate. If you have contemporary concept of business, this is the way to make it fabulous. Looking for the pretty simple business card? this is the answer. You only need simple design in long square size. make your data up to date. Save the file and you may edit it anytime. Experience in fonts and color. You could edit them in any Adobe or another tool.

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Purple Universe

This colorful concept, for example, is the one that suits for mature characters. Do not worry if you do not like this combination color because you may edit it as your desire.You are ready to compete to another business. insert vectors and animation pictures here. You look very modern and up to date. It might helpyour corporate to look friendly.

Hype Design

The size of this business cards is common. However, pay attention to its color and image. It is creative, unique, and classic in a time. can you imagine how much time you have to spend to make it by yourself? Once you get this template, you are ready to print it anytime. However, it is still amazing. Seeing the brushes there? It is very creative!

Minimalist Blush Design

It looks shining. This is one of the formal business cards sample. You could use it in formal moment. It is pretty simple and pocket able. Whenever you want to change the color, open the file and edit. There is also a ready to print file available. Purchase it now before you attend special meeting.Print in glossy paper type to add the luxurious touch. Feminine and soft! No more better than it!

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Simple Classic Design

It is suit for any business whether architectural, food and beverages, fashion, and freelancer. Tell them who you are in simple but clear concept. Enjoy it to attend the meeting and exhibition. However, make sure the size is pocket able or it could be put in the trash. You could get this awesome concept instantly without hiring and pay professional designer. However, the color and style will be suitable more for decorative specialist.

Purple World

Select the one you desire like this Purple Blue. Purchase and the customer service would process your payment. You could get this file and warranty for the broken file. You may edit and customize it as you desire or print it directly. Before do that, make sure you already fill your name on it. It looks like a simple drawing behind the main design. However, it is good to attract more clients to come.

Purple Lite

Purple becomes another neutral color in formal beside white and black. Think to insert the contrast color in it like the light one. You will see how attractive purple will be.

Purple And Light Blue Design

You may get confuse on dealing with purple. It looks like a modern color of fashion in this year. Artistic business card. This is the reason to put this template to be one of the best business cards template from UI Creative. the abstract style if full of art. If you try to see the blend of its color, it looks gorgeous. Simple but very artistic. The tone touches the detail of its draft. It will not lose its quality whether you want to print it in normal paper or magazine paper. The advice for you is try to print it in thick paper. How much effort to make this design? if you desire it, all you have to do is edit and resize as you wish. Sure, you only need some times to finish it.

Simple & Minimalist Pattern

If you are energetic and young, you are suit to have this card with you. Whether your position is a freelancer, everyone could use this template. Maybe in the next three months you already gain a higher position, it means you could save this file and edit your previous words on it. It is proportional. It looks amazing without you need to edit too much. Insert the logo and ensure it is shine and clear. Everyone could remind your brand easily. Purchase it in affordable cost. Even it is in soft color, but it looks pretty and modern.

Cheerful Color

Full logo in the back and your personal information in the front. You can put only the important information about yourself like name, position, and contact number. This is suitable for marketing area. Whenever you meet the prospective clients, give them this tag. Therefore, you should prepare lots of it. To save paper and budget, try to put the scan number on it. Ask professional to do that. Everyone could save your phone number and social media account by scanning the code. It will be the most modern business card ever!

Sun Shine Theme

You cannot find the worth design better than it. Imagine to put the layout of your logo behind. Be ready to start famous. you could use it for your fashion company or photography. It has two sides which the logo of company in front and contact information in the back. People will put it in their card case. However, to make them really keep it, you should add the tagline of your company. Working in T shirt printing or selling fabric for any fashion look awesome with it.

Natural Color Theme

Wanna find something clear and clean but look worth? This is the best option. It has to be artistic and full of touch. The contrast combination color from red and blue is already perform your identity. Unique and creative. That would be the great description for programmer. This is one of 30 best modern business cards because it strange combination for normal people. However, for artists, this is the unique and eye catching style.

Simple Red & White

The simple, artistic, and elegant template come from Tailor Shop business card. It has two sides in red and white paper style. It show how detail you are as a creative business person. Its professional design gains customers trust to your service. You are able to customize and organize it without worry to lose the quality. Competitors are various, but you have your own style to get customers’ heart. Do not skip your social media account on it. Therefore, customers could see your sewing process, products, and designs.

Simple Green Gradient

Simple Green Gradient will be your best option for corporate. It is good for florist, medical, and laboratory corporate. Like a private business, you also could apply it in non profit organization.

Simple Black & White

Black and white with dots. It is clear enough to show everyone how professional your corporate is. Make sure you insert the strong logo in it.

To gain the continue relation with your prospect buyer, you need to give your contact information. Sharing phone number quite takes time. Your client and you should bring the phone, search for menu, and add the contact. Later,both of you will call another. It takes time. It is simpler to change the business card. If it is talking about company brand, it means you should know the concept design of your company.

Light Blue Circle

Pretty, shining, and look awesome. Any corporate could try to have it, especially design project corporate. Enjoy to edit it and you will gain something awesome.

Business Management

Professional in clean and clear performance. Voila! This is a good idea to look modern. Insert your big size image in formal and professional style.

Future City

Welcome to the modern city. Here is a good media to introduce your business to others. This is our top 30 corporate business card. Enjoy this design for forever of your business.

Purple White Future Design

Since its title is for future city, you need to make special preparation before printing this business card. Make sure you know how to deal it. Make a vector and change the icons. It helps your corporate to gain trust.