19 Best Creative Business Cards

in Business Card on March 9, 2021

19 best creative business cards. All your worries should be escaped  from your mind now. It is simple to look creative. You do not have to do some researches. All you have to do is visiting UI Creative website, browse, and pick one of the most suitable business cards concept to your company or personal. Do you know how to deal with it? First, think about your business color theme. Second, grab the logo and optimize its size. Third, fit it to the design you have chosen. Is it suit even after you adjust it?

Simple Creative Studio – Creative Business Cards

Is there any more creative business card design than this? Its combination color looks great, eye catching, attractive, and full of art. Even its size is simple but looks professional. No matter how amateur you are in designing, you still could manage it well. It is good for young persons. You could be more confident after letting everyone knows if this design is yours.

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Creative entrepreneur

Being a creative entrepreneur is something unique. Not all people could do that. Therefore, if you are the one who could make something new and have a good business, show yourself. Picking this design would help you to boost your image locally and worldly. This is a start and beginning of your inner side.

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Art Studio Creative

It is very artistic! No more words to say about it. It is better to purchase it and edit with the best image of yourself or your company. It looks like flyer, but Identity card template is quite simple. It shows the different side of business cards. It has clean and modern style. You could get the ready print document. How about the price? It is affordable enough than you have to spend too much time in front of computer. If you choose too simple design, it makes your image in average.

Creative Digital Pattern

Wanna build a god impression of you? Try to apply this design as your business card. The reason is it looks fresh and awesome! No more words to say. It is suitable for you fresh business and modern corporate. If you have contemporary concept of business, this is the way to make it fabulous. Looking for the pretty simple business card? this is the answer. You only need simple design in long square size. make your data up to date. Save the file and you may edit it anytime. Experience in fonts and color. You could edit them in any Adobe or another tool.

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Creative Manager Identity

To attract kids, you need special effort. For example is to design your business card. You need to find their taste. This colorful concept, for example, is the one that suits for children characters. Do not worry if you do not like this combination color because you may edit it as your desire.You are ready to compete to another business. insert vectors and animation pictures here.

Creative Art Studio

Unique, simple, and creative. This is what we could say about this business cards. The font is unique and casual. You do not have to give a hard impression for anyone who knows you. Keep being humble and introduce it to your cooperate. Having white as the layout will help you to look elegant.

The size of this business cards is common. However, pay attention to its color and image. It is creative, unique, and classic in a time. can you imagine how much time you have to spend to make it by yourself? Once you get this template, you are ready to print it anytime. However, it is still amazing. Seeing the fishes there? It is very creative!

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Beauty Creative Studio

This is one of the formal business cards sample. You could use it in formal moment. It is pretty simple and pocket able. Whenever you want to change the color, open the file and edit. There is also a ready to print file available. Purchase it now before you attend special meeting.Print in glossy paper type to add the luxurious touch. Feminine and soft! No more better than it!

Creative Business

This business card is customize able. It is suit for any business whether architectural, food and beverages, fashion, and freelancer. Tell them who you are in simple but clear concept. Enjoy it to attend the meeting and exhibition. However, make sure the size is pocket able or it could be put in the trash. You could get this awesome concept instantly without hiring and pay professional designer.

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Tuexd Creative Black Matte Theme

There is no more exclusive and elegant than this. Black Matte Theme is a way to look mysterious. the concept of this card is amazing. Mix tone between blue and black would be the perfect collaboration. It is simple, practical, and memorable. It is not fill much space in the pocket. Sure, this design is complicated although it looks simple. Only professional who could work on it. Therefore, if you do not want to have too common identity card, purchase it from UI Creative.

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Tuexp Creative Gradient Theme

Wow! Only expert who could make this design. The important thing to put in customer care business cards is phone and email address. People could reach you easily once you put all of your contact there. You may resize it without worry to lose its quality. Do the editing in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You could insert your company profile picture there. Do not miss it to help them reach you easily.

Tuexd Creative

Fancy but elegant. Seeing this business cards must be made you think how great it is. The color is perfect, especially its design. It looks awesome with its collaboration between pastel and brown. It is your turn to insert your company logo. The layer is also easy to customize. The most important aspect is you do not need to search and organize by yourself. If you desire the ready to print document, UI Creative will give it to you.

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Creative Studio Blue & Purple Theme

A fairytale and the concept of warm and soft is described here. If you want to build this assumption for public, try to have it. Go to main site and search Business cards menu. Select the one you desire like this Creative Studio Blue and Purple card. Purchase and the customer service would process your payment. You could get this file and warranty for the broken file. You may edit and customize it as you desire or print it directly. Before do that, make sure you already fill your name on it. It looks like a simple drawing behind the main design. However, it is good to attract more clients to come.

Creative Studio Blue Core

Artistic business card. This is the reason to put this template to be one of the best business cards template from UI Creative. the abstract style if full of art. If you try to see the blend of its color, it looks gorgeous. Simple but very artistic. The tone touches the detail of its draft. It will not lose its quality whether you want to print it in normal paper or magazine paper. The advice for you is try to print it in thick paper. How much effort to make this design? if you desire it, all you have to do is edit and resize as you wish. Sure, you only need some times to finish it.

Creative Studio Purple Gradient

Creative Studio Purple Design is quite simple design but it looks expensive. Blue and purple in perfect style improve your status image. Even if you are not a general manager, you are possible to pick this template. To know what you have to do is by editing on Adobe Photoshop. Do not edit the layout and design. If you want to keep this rich style on it, try to only insert your logo and type your name. The size is pocket able. Laminate each of them will make it stays for longer.

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Creative Manager

Unique and colorful is the concept of this template. If you are energetic and young, you are suit to have this card with you. Whether your position is a freelancer, everyone could use this template. Maybe in the next three months you already gain a higher position, it means you could save this file and edit your previous words on it. It is proportional. It looks amazing without you need to edit too much. Insert the logo and ensure it is shine and clear. Everyone could remind your brand easily. Purchase it in affordable cost.

Brush Creative Studio

Combining black, orange, and red in one template is difficult, but when it happens, it would be the most artistic design ever! It has two sides. Full logo in the back and your personal information in the front. You can put only the important information about yourself like name, position, and contact number. This is suitable for marketing area. Whenever you meet the prospective clients, give them this tag. Therefore, you should prepare lots of it. To save paper and budget, try to put the scan number on it. Ask professional to do that. Everyone could save your phone number and social media account by scanning the code.

Creative Motive Template

A bit complicated on its graphic and style. You cannot find the worth design better than it. Imagine to put the layout of your logo behind. Be ready to start famous. you could use it for your fashion company or photography. It has two sides which the logo of company in front and contact information in the back. People will put it in their card case. However, to make them really keep it, you should add the tagline of your company.

Personal Creative Identity

Creative person should show everyone about his passion. His name card must be unique. It has to be artistic and full of touch. The contrast combination color from red and blue is already perform your identity. Unique and creative. That would be the great description for programmer. This is one of 30 best business cards because it strange combination for normal people. However, for artists, this is the unique and eye catching style.

Creative Designer Identity

The simple, artistic, and elegant template come from Tailor Shop business card. It has two sides in black and blue paper style. It show how detail you are as a creative business person. Its professional design gains customers trust to your service. You are able to customize and organize it without worry to lose the quality. Competitors are various, but you have your own style to get customers’ heart. Do not skip your social media account on it. Therefore, customers could see your sewing process, products, and designs.

Business card is something that could build your first impression. UI Creative collection is suitable for profit and non profit organization. You could a the one who ask for charity. You may spread this card to volunteers, so they could trust your organization. It is a simple design and the clear layout is already showed everyone about your love to nature and others.

Another advice is for you who sell properties. Selling property is not always easy. To gain the continue relation with your prospect buyer, you need to give your contact information. Sharing phone number quite takes time. Your client and you should bring the phone, search for menu, and add the contact. Later,both of you will call another. It takes time. It is simpler to change the business card. If it is talking about company brand, it means you should know the concept design of your company. Insert the logo by using Adobe Photoshop, find the great fonts too. Let your professional team make it to you. All you need is to browse and find the perfect design to you. Which one will be the best for you? you can select one of them carefully. You do not need to go anywhere. Stay tune here!