10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022

in Instagram Template on January 27, 2022

10 Instagram Stories Trends 2022 will help your Instagram popular and raise more followers. These followers influence your sales. However, you should know how to make them be loyal followers. Encourage them by your social media activities would help them to stay in. They will be the first to know your product’s innovation or upcoming products. 


The digital world becomes the cheapest and fastest marketing strategy. Anyone around the world could reach your account. It makes your products go global and be one in the global market. Social media makes customers could communicate directly to the business owners. Creating trust, loyalty, and brand loyalty are the benefits of it.

Social media moves rapidly. That happens for the trend too. Instagram Stories Template plays a big role to catch the attention of social media followers. Update and innovate become a company gain high traffic on Instagram. However, you still have to do some tips to keep existing.

1. Use Instagram Stickers

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Yellow & Orange
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022

in 2020, 60% of businesses use elements to reach attention. It is for photos and videos. It gains much engagement and results in 86% of business brands using it for their videos. Instagram stickers become a place to vote, decorate, and perform better. The choices here are various. They are including location, date and time, hashtag, and mentions. To build engagement with followers there are poll and vote stickers. There is also DM me and tag me options to help them communicate to you directly.

To support the small businesses, Instagram also release stickers related that which people could share three posts of the business brand to help others make the same orders too.

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2. Manage Text Focus

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Trendy Fashion Style
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Wonderful Design

Selling is not only about posting a product. Since stories are like a rocket today, you can share anything to build a brand image. Post something positive including positive words are important now. It gives more benefit when you share positive information.

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3. Tik Tok Cross Posting

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Space Blue Design
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Best Offer

Tik Tok goes to the sky this year. We notice it becomes very popular to be used to make short videos and compilations of some puzzles to arranging. Tik Tok has plenty of loyal users especially in 19 to 24 years old users. If you think your prospective customers are in those range of age, you could try to use Tik Tok.

Do not delete your social media account and change it definitely to Tik Tok. Do you want the whole of followers you collected by years to go? Even if you think Tik Tok is potential social media, believe that you can across it to your social media account like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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4. Game Content

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Give Away Fashion
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Special Edition

Audiences in your social media, especially Instagram would very tired to see one by one picture in every post. To engage them, you can make fun games and ask them to join.

We would see today, users on Instagram make a simple vote for simple questions. Sometimes they ask for music in the game of guessing the title of the song. This is a fun game, especially when followers could follow to sing the song.

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5. IGTV Content

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Floral Color Design
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Circle & Square Theme

IGTV raises its popularity from 2020. Instagram users love to make a long-term video format that cannot be served in Instagram posts. Using IGTV helps them to make tutorials and people who watch it do not need to swipe or see on it in certain minutes. Therefore, it is more practical and gains more attention. You could start to make tutorials or just share anything related to your product. Maybe it is about producing and distributing and more.

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6. Live In Everywhere

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Yellow Red Color
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Purple Pink

When it comes to a personal account, live everywhere just like complete public anthutiation. They feel excited to know everything about you. When it comes to living everywhere and it is your business account, it would complete public exhausted. Live about something in the big sale will bring more effects. However, make sure your followers know the time you LIVE. It is to raise more traffic. Make sure you live at right time.

No matter where you go, you can live in a different venue just to give a new atmosphere for followers. There is also not only about selling a product, but LIVE can be to shoot product production or the way to ship. If there is a fun thing to share, you can LIVE too, so followers would not be bored to engage to your account.

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7. Facebook Group Power

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Neon Design
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Joyful Design

Instagram today is working to Facebook. This social media absorbs anything on your Facebook including the groups you follow. By sharing unique status, it means you also share on Facebook. On the other hand, posting a feed can be seen on your Facebook too. To sell everything, you may post it in Facebook Groups. For example, you want to sell outwear, then try to find a Facebook marketplace for clothes. Each town has its own community. You also could spread your posts in more than a group.\Keep tp use Instagram stories templates to make the posts look unusual and attractive. Insert high resolution of the image here.

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8. Story Filters

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Dual Color Design
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Triple Color Design

Instagram, is trying to satisfy its users. Therefore, they keep innovating their features. One of the popular features in 2022 is Instagram Filters. It could be fun to use it or make your post looks awesome and exclusive. However, be careful to use it on promoting your products because it makes a different effect on your real product condition. Customers would think that you were cheating on them because the real product is different from what you have posted.

This feature is just for fun or to make everything looks great. However, if you sell something with it, just be careful.

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9. Direct Conversation

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Weekend Sale Shopping
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Matte Color Beauty

What makes Instagram is different from offline marketing is its communication between sellers and buyers. If you usually get to ask anything about the product to the storekeeper, in Instagram, you could ask the owner. Therefore, there should be no miss understanding about the product. However, if you are not a seller and just being a distributor, you should know the specification and detailed material of the products. Therefore, buyers would not be disappointed to buy a product from you. In addition, make sure you have some times to read and answer public questions. Since everyone could send you a message, you need to keep warm and friendly when you have to answer their questions.

It is important to know public relations learning, so you could handle customers well. They must be want to know more and you need to know the type of customers. They can be easy to handle, but it is not only a few of them who has nothing to answer. Prospective buyers and no cannot be easy to analyze. Are you ready to handle that?

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10. Pinterest

10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
Midnight Super Sale
10 Tips Instagram Stories Trends 2022
One Day Shopping Sale

Welcome to Pinterest. This application is already popular since the previous time before Instagram. This is a place for you to post pictures only. Just like Instagram, there are followers too on Pinterest. What makes it different is you cannot connect it to Instagram. It means Pinterest stands alone as an application. Whenever you want to use it, try to learn about it. for example the meaning by pin and how to use multiple hashtags.

Pinterest cannot share too much video and there are no complicated filters. Therefore, if you want to buy something, or people want to search for something, they prefer to go to Pinterest. They will get the real picture commonly.

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In 2022, we have met many features to support digital business. The most popular one is Instagram. This application is not only to share activities but also to promote products and services. Selling something on Instagram is quite easy with not much cost. Whether you want to add ads or an organic one, it gives a high impact on your business. Even you do not use ads, as long as you have many followers, your business could run well because people trust you.

Perhaps in the next year, Instagram could be linked to Pinterest or other popular marketplaces. Therefore, digital businesses may grow better and develop more. Ready or not, we would be in the digital era. Since most people would like to make their business at home. The cost is cheaper than when they have to rent a store. It gives effect to the price of the product they sell.

Instagram stories templates are your helper. We got many things to work out with Instagram by this feature. Get it today and let’s start to get in used on Instagram. The way to communicate on Instagram would be kept popular for the next few years. To raise a good business and the settled one, try to use Instagram. There is a way to place your phone number too. People who want to contact you by WhatsApp would do it after they visit your Instagram account. So practical!