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30 Best Instagram Puzzle Templates

in Instagram Template on January 25, 2021

How to raise your follower on Instagram ? The amount of your followers is an impression on your business. Therefore, many companies are trying to do many things to increase their followers. A simple step to do is by making Instagram Puzzle. It helps your photo collection looks beautiful. Do not waste your energy to create one by one photo and organize them. UI Creative has lots of templates to pick.

Watercolor Wedding Theme

Wanna to show everyone on your wedding collection? Pick Watercolor Wedding Theme as your Instagram template. It shows every detail in romantic color. Get 12 puzzle pack from us and be ready to hit more followers!

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Boho Fashion Style

Having a business in fashion? Bohemian Style theme is good for your Instagram posts and stories. You will look professional. It is great to build your brand and let everyone take her eyes on your image. All of the components are editable. You may edit them in Adobe and get ready to be popular!

Fitness Activity

Ready to be active? Work out! You could tell anyone what she will get after join on your exercise practice. The templates are editable. You could change the background color, fonts, and everything. Be creative and start to be more active. Tell everyone the reason to work out.

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Modern Neon Style

Modern Neon Style is perfect for any business. Fashion, magazine, sports, are allowed to insert it. Decorate your Instagram posts with this light up templates. You could make it more professional by editing them in professionally. Check how your Instagram traffic after you post this theme!

Summer Sale Collection

A modern and cheerful concept comes from Summer Sale Instagram Puzzle Templates. It is perfect to show public about your sale items. They will be more attracted after seeing this 12 layers which combined beautifully on your Instagram business. Are you ready to boost the selling?

Professional Medical

Professional Medical is one of the best Instagram Puzzle templates from UI Creative. You could purchase it to promote your company medical service. It is editable. You can change the shape color and text color. Do not miss your company logo. Share it to all of your business social media. It does not only get stuck on Instagram. Post it to your feed and story. Here we go!

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Discover The World

Travel agency company needs this Instagram puzzle to support its promotion. You do not have to use a large banner in every T- junction. Edit this 12 files and let everyone knows your trip program. It must be a beautiful scenery. You can do it!

Decorative Plants

The passion of planting can be found on how your plants look like. Decorative Plants Instagram puzzle could show public your best 12 plants. You may edit the shape color to be more attractive. Put the best picture of your plants and ask everyone to love plants!

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Ethnic Glamour Fashion

Boost your sale by post this template to your Instagram. You can edit the color into your company’s background style. Share to everyone what you have to promote this month. They must be excited because they know how professional you are.

Clothes Super Sale

Social media might influence your impression. Therefore, to get the best impression, you need to decorate your social media. Pick Clothes Super Sale Instagram Puzzle to post on your Instagram. Why you have to put some efforts? Just relax and visit our website to find another templates.

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Charming Clothes

Are you ready to get the bomb likes? If you want to get many loves and likes from your followers, try to post something beautiful and attracted. Combine any information to your product. It would be the perfect collaboration. Instagram Puzzle from UI Creative will not disappointed you!

Gold Make Up

Are you beautician? What would you like to get from your customers? To show if your business is still exist, you have to be active. A thing to help you stay active on social media is by posting often. This template looks elegant and suit to beauty concept.

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Good Plant

To post exclusive plants image, you need the exclusive template. Let this Instagram Puzzle Template helps you. The higher pixel shows you the professional concept.

Elegant Fashion

Elegant Fashion Instagram Puzzle will be your company image. You could reuse this template and make sure to change the color of its shape. Even the background color is your desire. Post them in any season. All is your choice!

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Casual Blue Style

It is not only for fashion, but you may use this Instagram Puzzle for photography and tour and travel. Even to edit them are yours. Get them in affordable cost. You may use it forever.

Green Native

Showing everyone your exist on social media can be by post everyday. However,the concept and theme of your post should be meaningful. You may check the insight on your Instagram. Read carefully how your insight after you put this beautiful template. where to purchase? Go to UI Creative website and be ready to make this simple change.

Beauty Spring

Beauty Spring Instagram puzzle is not only for spring, but also for any seasons. To help you look professional, you may edit them in professional way by select the good tone and fonts color. Post them in any season. It is a good day to know you exist. Tell everyone on Instagram if you are exist and be more innovative on social media. We should realize that social media is a good place to show off. Everyone may have their own assumption toward you. It is your turn to organize public mindset and point of view on your business.

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Fashion Inspiration

Competitors will try to find your business weakness. You need to keep exist and active on social media. Do not let them grab your chance to serve customers. The eye catching posting on Instagram will help you to gain more likes, followers, and loves. Whatever you want to do, by selecting the great quote will make everyone’s heart gets touching. You will be the one who they remembered. You have to be ready with it.

Classic Craft

Promote your craft on Instagram in simple step. Visit our website, find Classic Craft template and purchase. Use it as you desire. Insert the high quality image. Voila! It has done and you are ready to get the first order. It could be the masterpiece of template. You may handle everything well especially to look more professional. Black and white portrait image will be the great innovation on this template. It is your turn to change them all.

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Big Sale Edition

Do you want to make magazine or catalog. on Instagram? It is your turn. Select this Instagram puzzle and make your own version catalog. This natural color may raise your traffic and insight. prepare the best images to insert. Do not worry because it is editable in Adobe. Do not want to look gloomy? change into colorful color. You are the master on it. Let your fingers play on the mouse.

Blue Style

This is one of 30 best Instagram Puzzle Templates from UI Creative. The reason is because you could put 12 products including the description on each puzzle. It does not mean it has to be blue. You have a right to make it in another color. Ask them to notice your special price. Make a big font on important announcement. It is time to play point of view. Some people will see posts on Instagram just a glance. It is your time to make them see it clearly.

Modern Retro Style

If you think your business is modern, then you have to try this template. Make sure you choose modern image on it. Edit into something colorful and light. It should be eye catching so everyone may attracted easily.Collect the good picture and collaborate them into something creative. By using this puzzle you could explore your creativity. Enjoy a day without worry. Do not need to spend much time in the front of computer. You are better to let UI Creative helps you on it.

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Flower Style

The reason to pick Flower Sale is its decorative background and color. It is suitable for your online shop. Let everyone see how beautiful your online shop is. Ask them to visit your official store and gain much profit!

Nature Style

Get stress to edit and do anything for your Instagram post? You need this theme. Its natural concept and layout fulfill your desire. You just need to insert the image and play the words inside the square. How practical it is! be active and keep active on your Instagram, so people could remember you. You do not need to always post puzzles on your feed. Do something else and make puzzle again after some times. People will not get bored to follow your Instagram activity.

Wedding Event

Classic and feminine. This is a reason for you to pick Wedding Event Instagram puzzles. Get 12 squares and it is time to decorate them with fabulous font and colors. It is time for you to show anyone how professional you are. Even if you want to make it semi modern style, just play your fingers on it. You play with romantic words as marriage is a special and important event. This is time to show everyone how often you work on it. How many wedding event you handled so far. People will notice your service on their mind.

Special Big Sale

It is time to make a big surprise to your loyal customers! Let them to be the first who notice this puzzle! You may put the description of sale including the items to sale in different puzzle. It does not has to be puzzle. they are only square! It is good for professional business or the new comers. All you have to do is just making good images and words. Put them in and see what happen to your Instagram account.

Great Holidays 2

What makes the post popular? Because it has something different. You should try to pick Great Holidays 2 as your Instagram Puzzle. It is perfect with white and black image concept. Classic, but in the same time it worth. It is very pretty and make anyone curious to know more the place you have showed. Purple seem not fun, so you could change it into colorful color. Make travel as fun as it could, so everyone really want to use your travel services.

Latest Fashion Style

Summer has come! You do not have much time to pick, edit, designing, and posting. Do not get panic! This template is ready for you. Grab them and your post can be shared today! UI Creative is keep to dig your need. Be happy! You may change the tone and combine them with another conceptual color.

Winter Big Sale

This exclusive Instagram puzzle will cheer your winter. Blue and white concept is yours. Whenever you are ready to place your image, remember to insert the high quality picture. I think I do not want to make puzzle, so try to make catalog. You may explore anything in your products to explain. Promo, discount, new arrival, whatever. Pay once and get the puzzles forever. They are yours. If you want to change the shape and font colors, you can do it with pleasure.

Plant Post

The last from 30 Best Instagram Puzzle from UI Creative is Plant Post. Elegant and professional style will help you to look professional. The first impression is important and you could get it easily. Public will see how diligent you are on making this concept. Who knows if you purchase the puzzle from UI Creative?

UI Creative always notice your desire. Therefore, once you purchase, you get the file and could edit them professionally. It is your turn to play your finger. It is time to select the attracted images only to insert. You could manage and organize each puzzle as your desire. Do not skip your creativity. Do anything to be the best Instagram account with billion likes.