20 Best Instagram Story Templates for Brands and Bloggers

in Instagram Template on February 16, 2022

20 Best Instagram Story Template for Brands & Bloggers: 20 Best Instagram Story Templates for Brands & Bloggers: Top Instagram Stories Template here would help you to create great engagement for your followers.

1. Best Price Item Instagram Stories Template

Instagram Stories Template
Best Price Item

This instagram story template will give a new appearance in your blog. It is good when you need to write down something cheerful as your content.

Remember that Instagram story is like a Snapchat where people only can see it for 24 hours. Using story templates, you can have a correlation between story and feed.

2. Interior Design Story Template

Instagram Stories Template
Interior Design

You are feel free to experiment. Possibilities are only limited by your imagination. There are 16 templates available here. Feel free to use it also for other projects such as blog content, Facebook posts, etc. The soft, simple colors are perfect to add a touch of elegance and style to your Stories.

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3. Business Design

Instagram Stories Template
Business Design

It is not always easy to promote a new brand. However, Instagram Stories would help you on doing that. You don’t have to takk more. A clean and minimalist look still demands attention. It’s great for those who want something fresh yet unobtrusive.

4. Street Wear

Instagram Stories Template
Street Wear

Having  Instagram Stories Template can be to gain more profits or just for fun. Having template likes an investment because you can use it again and again in the future. This one is great for boosting your sales.

5. Street Style

Instagram Stories Template
Street Style

Sometimes, you need to put WOW factor that catches the eye. It could be color, typography, or overall layout. Imagine when you insert this template in your stories and see your traffic. It gains more followers to see and the most important thing is you can build your brand awareness here.

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6. Digital Shop

Instagram Stories Template
Digital Shop

Since you should focus on organize your brand, you should make this thing (posting on Instagram) to be something simply. Grab this 20 templates and schedule your story each day.

7. Urban Fashion

Instagram Stories Template
Urban Fashion

Stories are not only for sales, but also for inform. Get one of this to fully customizable templates perfect for flash sales, webinar announcements, engagement boosters, behind-the-scenes looks, and more. Grab attention by inviting audiences for any event.

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8. Urban Modern

Instagram Stories Template
Urban Modern

Wanna making stories in a click? It is time to make your time efficient. Urban modern could grow your blogs or business when you insert the link of it in your story. It is simpler than if you have to struggle with yourself.

9. Modern Party

Instagram Stories Template
Modern Party

These template packs are available for instant purchase and download. Get one pack or two and save yourself the time, money, and trouble. Here what you need to concern if your brand related to something glamour. Pick this templates!

10. Bauhaus Style Instagram Stories Template

Instagram Stories Template
Bauhaus Style

If you are interested to create any content related to fashion and design, it is time to use this template and try to apply it. It ill help your Instagram popular and raise more followers. These followers influence your sales. However, you should know how to make them be loyal followers. Encourage them by your social media activities would help them to stay in. They will be the first to know your product’s innovation or upcoming products. So, keep it in your list.

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11. Lauren Style

Instagram Stories Template
Lauren Style

The digital world becomes the cheapest and fastest marketing strategy. Anyone around the world could reach your account. It makes your products go global and be one in the global market. Social media makes customers could communicate directly to the business owners. Creating trust, loyalty, and brand loyalty are the benefits of it.

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12. Top Sale

Instagram Stories Template
Top Sale

The choices here are various. They are including location, date and time, hashtag, and mentions. To build engagement with followers there are poll and vote stickers. There is also DM me and tag me options to help them communicate to you directly.

To support the small businesses, Instagram also release stickers related that which people could share three posts of the business brand to help others make the same orders too. Now, enjoy this template to boost your brands.

13. Flash Sale Fashion

Instagram Stories Template
Flash Sale Fashion

Make sure you already thought of the brand icon or logo for your business. Remember that we would make brand awareness, so you cannot change it often. In this step, you will spend more time than other steps. It is because you have to be sure about the brand including checking the name whether it is already used by others or not. If you want to make the flash sale, ensure first the due date and the items to sale. You will need some High-Quality pictures to make it becomes more interesting.

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14. Fitness Sale

Instagram Stories Template
Fitness Sale

Audiences in Instagram would very tired to see one by one picture in every post. To engage them, you can make fun games and ask them to join. Users on Instagram make a simple vote for simple questions. Sometimes they ask for music in the game of guessing the title of the song or more. You can build this game on this template. Make sure to be consistent in using your logo brand or even your blog’s logo. It would be interesting.

15. Blue Moon Design

Instagram Stories Template
Blue Moon Design

If the story has to be continued, you need to make sure that the template must be cohesive and consistent. Instagram has many users from around the world. When you want to post something informative, make sure you put the source. Since followers will always be right and they have plenty of ways to get the information, you have to be careful in any step you want to do before you make any post. This is the way to keep your audiences tapping your stories and do not skip one by one of them.

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16. Teenager Design

Instagram Stories Template
Teenager Design

No matter how old you are, talking about teenager trends never be finished. Starting from the local hits spots, fashion, education, and top movies are interesting to discuss on your blog. Even if you build a brand related to teenager skincare, most of them would love it. Try to collaborate anything in your content with this template. Make sure you consistently post stories and ask them to read your full blogs.

17. Weekend Sale

Instagram Stories Template
Weekend Sale

Instagram stories template is the way to engage with followers and Instagram users. Therefore, you should make something eye-catching. Whether you want to promote new products, a how-to guide, share behind-the-scenes content, or repost user-generated content, the brand’s signature colors are present. Therefore, you need to think about including your hero color in your text or background. Hero colors really help you to build brand awareness and help your viewers immediately recognize your content when they’re tapping through their feed.

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18. Green Light Design Instagram Story Template

Instagram Stories Template
Green Light Design

Sometimes you do not have to play with any words and images. You can combine color by color and let audiences guess what will come from your stories. It is great sometimes to play hide and seek like this However, you should know how to open your joker. Do not too often play a guessing game with hero colors. Instagram Story Template is to deliver any message whether it is a promotion or sharing any information. Therefore, it is better to use a similar set of branded templates each week to promote new podcast episodes. You can make various templates including a slide to show off each new episode, memorable quotes, and a call-to-action letting followers know where they can tune in.

19. Sale Item

Instagram Stories Template
Sale Item

Remember to take a not on your audience target. Make sure you know how to use any language in your post. Something semi-formal could be used for adults. If your brand is related to men’s products, make sure you know how to communicate with men, especially young adult men. The jargon might be needed to improve your relationship with your followers. This template can be used for any information, event, also sale item.

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20. Summer Design

Instagram Stories Template
Summer Design

What is the aim to use a template? It saves your efforts and anything related to making a design for your story. Make sure your story can create a way to build a loyal following and keep them coming back for more. The popular story nowadays is the type of “fill in the blank” template It will be a great posting as relaxation for you and let followers take their turn.

Instagram may help you to decorate anything you desire for your story. The small details amount to a really simple, but beautiful template that will reflect your brand’s style and tone are all created in the Instagram app. There are added bonuses for creating a template on the Instagram app. You can continue to post your stories spontaneously. You do not have to take a seat and open your laptop just to edit it.

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So, to save your time and effort, you can ask UI Creative to help you on finding any template you desire. Make sure it is related to your blog theme or brand’s theme.