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Instagram Stories Templates To Grow Your Business

in Instagram Template on February 14, 2022

Tips and Tricks to Using Instagram Stories Template for Your Business in this article will be very helpful. Therefore, do not skip reading this. Instagram stories template is a tool to encourage more followers. In addition, this tool would help your stories to be more fascinating. How to maximize its use of it?

1. Build Brand Awareness Before Deciding Your Instagram Stories Templates

Instagram Stories Template
Yellow & Orange

Create your own Instagram story template to make your followers and others notice your brand. Therefore, before you start to make it, build your brand awareness first. It influences the next step for you to prepare the stories with uniform color, tone, style, and format.

Make sure you already thought of the brand icon or logo for your business. Remember that we would make brand awareness, so you cannot change it often. In this step, you will spend more time than in another step. It is because you have to be sure about the brand including checking the name whether it is already used by others or not.

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2. Build Connection Between Instagram Story Template to Your Brand

Instagram Stories Template
Tri Color

After you make your brand awareness (logo, color, and anything), you can build a connection between it and the story. If you want to expose any information, you can use text, graphics, or animation. However, it should be linked and related to your business.

If the story has to be continued, you need to make sure that the template must be cohesive and consistent. Instagram has many users from around the world. When you want to post something informative, make sure you put the source. Since netizen is always right and they have plenty of ways to get the information, you have to be careful in any step you want to fo before you make any post. This is the way to keep your audiences tapping your stories and do not skip one by one of them.

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3. Promote with Simple Background

Instagram Stories Template
Trendy Fashion Style

It is time to start promoting. Brand awareness has done also the template for your story.  As Instagram Stories continue to grow in popularity, brands are taking stories as seriously. They are including you will make it as their regular Instagram posts by creating highly designed stories. It makes people stop swiping past your story.

The simple background helps your story to look neat and clean. If your story does not match your profile, it means you are missing the chance to introduce your brand to new audiences, build brand recognition, and leave a lasting first impression.

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4. Attract More Audiences by Having Hero Colors

Instagram Stories Template
Wonderful Design

Instagram stories template is the way to engage with followers and Instagram users. Therefore, you should make something eye-catching. Whether you want to promote new products, a how-to guide, share behind-the-scenes content, or repost user-generated content, the brand’s signature colors are present. Therefore, you need to think about including your hero color in your text or background. Hero colors really help you to build brand awareness and help your viewers immediately recognize your content when they’re tapping through their feed.

Sometimes you do not have to play with any words and images. You can combine color by color and let audiences guess what will come from your stories. It is great sometimes to play hide and seek like this However, you should know how to open your joker. Do not too often play a guessing game with hero colors.

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5. Don’t Skip Call to Action

Instagram Stories Template
Space Blue Design

The goal to use the Instagram story template is to deliver any message whether it is the promotion or sharing any information. Therefore, it is better to use a similar set of branded templates each week to promote new podcast episodes. You can make various templates including a slide to show off each new episode, memorable quotes, and a call-to-action letting followers know where they can tune in.

An additional call-to-action in your template design is a great way to grab your audience’s attention and drive traffic to your link! The popular call to action words is “What are you waiting for? Grab it fast?” Remember to take a not on your audience target. Make sure you know how to use any language in your post. Something semi-formal could be used for adults. If your brand is related to men’s products, make sure you know how to communicate with men, especially young adult men. The jargon might be needed to improve your relationship with your followers.

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6. The Future Proof Template

Instagram Stories Template
Best Offer

What is the aim to use a template? It saves your efforts and anything related to making a design for your story. Make sure your story can create a way to build a loyal following and keep them coming back for more. The popular story nowadays is the type of “fill in the blank” template It will be a great posting as relaxation for you and let followers take their turn.

Using the same set of templates each time your post will build your brand awareness on Instagram. In addition, it will help you to let your followers expect next and keep them tapping forward for more. You also have to know that Instagram users love something trend. Tag or input something popular into your post will attract newcomers to follow your Instagram. However, they also will be bored to see your post, so make it in various styles.

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7. Apply The Strict Style

Instagram Stories Template
Give Away Fashion

Instagram may help you to decorate anything you desire for your story. The small details amount to a really simple, but beautiful template that will reflect your brand’s style and tone are all created in the Instagram app. There are added bonuses for creating a template on the Instagram app. You can continue to post your stories spontaneously. You do not have to take a seat and open your laptop just to edit it.

Actually, this app keeps innovating day by day with its features. Therefore, you do not have to worry about making your own style. Plenty of options is available without you having to download any magical apps. All you have to do is learning on how to use it and make it different, unique, and authentic. No one could compete with your style. That is the key point you should keep.

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8. Find Apps to Help You Create Fancy Template

Instagram Stories Template
Purple Pink

If you have more free time, you can try some apps to make your pre-design template. Since making the full template is a bit hard, you can get the readily used one. Pre-designed layouts can make the job of designing stories much easier by taking out all the hard work of figuring out where to place your text, image, or video. You can imagine how the story would be if there is no visual appearance shown in your story. Using an app to create Instagram Stories templates is a foolproof way. One of the popular editing apps is Canva. However, you still have some options besides it.

Using any app will help you to innovate your template not only to make it fancy, but also by making it formal, semi-formal, energetic, and more. Again, you have to remember the brand awareness that you made previously. For example, if you sell men’s body shape nutrition, your template should be in masculine design. Take a not on your target audience and how you want to build a brand image.

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9. Make The Story in High-Quality Template

Instagram Stories Template
Special Edition

Since visual gives high effects to Instagram users, you need to make it in High Quality. You can use Adobe Photoshop to make it happen. On the other hand, you also can try to use a professional hand to create it for you. On the other hand, another option you may choose is by using a great camera when you take a picture. Photo products and anything should be in clear vision. It must be very attractive and could gain more followers.

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10. Schedule Your Instagram Stories Template

Instagram Stories Template
Floral Color Design

To keep engaged with your followers and to make sure you post consistently, it is better to schedule your story. There will be no more reasons to miss the post or just to skip the time to share with Instagram users.

It is might be difficult to be disciplined in it. However, in this digital and modern era, you still can do that by hiring professionals or just getting the ready-to-use template. Lots of options are available. No matter where you are, you can purchase it easily. After you get the template, it is time for you to be creative to organize it. It seems like you invest some money to be used for longer. It is because the template can be used in the future. Whenever you feel bored with the old template, purchase again. There will be no time for your competitors to compete with you because you move faster.

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