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20 Best Instagram Post Templates for Businesses 2022 – Instagram Post Template

in Instagram Template on February 5, 2022

20 Best Instagram Post Templates for Business 2022 – Instagram Post Template is a way to make your Instagram business up to date and eye catching. Here are some templates you may choose.

1. Special Post – Instagram Post Template

Instagram Post Template
Special Post

Instagram has become a powerful tool in marketing. It is used to deliver high-quality visual content to promote businesses. One you can do is by having this template. Instagram has been part of many successful marketing strategies. It’s also useful for increasing brand awareness and engagement within and outside the platform. The brands would have the huge sales because more than 80% of Instagram users keep to discover new products here.

2. Pixel Post

Instagram Post Template
Pixel Post

In 2022, Instagram’s steady rise in the social media world has earned them over one billion active users. Over half of whom use the platform on a daily basis. Imagine the reach your business could have if you expand your marketing strategies. You can try by having something unique like this post template. Visual effect before the users open and see your post will appear as a puzzle in your feeds.

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3. Diamond Post

Instagram post template
Diamond Post

You s should build engagement this year. Remember that your Instagram Post Template  could change your company image. Instagram allows its users to share posts on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also separate yourself from the herd through hashtags with its flooding business feature.  Hashtags, when properly used, will make your brand even more recognizable and appealing to the public.

4. Wedding Post

Instagram Post Templatee
Wedding Post

Wanna have more clients in wedding this year? If you want, try to apply this template in yours. A great business doesn’t just work to build an empire but also a rapport with its customers and clients. They will boost retention and brand awareness using their template. So, let template talks more than any sentences you have written.

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5. Plant Post

Instagram post template
Plant Post

Through the comment section of Instagram, users can leave their opinions about products and services that your brand has. They can also like and share your posts which will earn you more visibility across the platform. Instagram post templates also help users see the ‘human side’ of a business. Behind-the-scenes photos or video clips showing product shoots, production processes, live Q&A sessions relevant to your company or your product or service.So, do not miss this content in your Instagram 2022 posts. It is time to know what audiences in Instagram need rather than keep the initial promotion in every post you have posted.

6. Beauty Spring Posts – Instagram Post Template

Instagram Post Template
Beauty Spring Posts

If your business is related to women’s needs, you need to use this template. There will always be room to get to know your target market even better. Your marketing strategies should be flexible as possible to fit the needs of your audience. Stay ahead by using Instagram Insights. This feature provides you with relevant information about your followers and the performance of your content.

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7. Inspiration Fashion Post

Instagram Post Template
Inspiration Fashion Post

Honestly, you need the Instagram template to build a digital community and you have to maintain your presence on Instagram. Expand your reach through the platform, and build connections with potential and current customers. However, make sure you keep consistent with your brand color, font style, and anything that could make people easily notice if it is your brand.

8. Crafting Post

Instagram post template
Crafting Post

You need the template to maintain consistency in your social presence. Therefore, it is best to use an Instagram post template. This way, you can better provide visual and cognitive continuity for your Instagram account.

Other than providing consistency and uniformity to your marketing strategies. With an Instagram post template, you will get help to reduce time spent on creating Instagram posts from scratch. Having puzzles like this template becomes a trend this year.

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9. Fashion Post – Instagram Post Template

Instagram Post Template
Fashion Post

The next best post template in 2022 is Fashion Post. Instagram is an overtly visual platform. People spend time and effort curating their feed so it reflects their personalities. The same goes for businesses that use Instagram. Amplify your social media marketing by posting based on your strong images like using your brand color, identity, and more. Sometimes you just need to insert positive quotes in your posts. It means you make sure there are humans on your followers.

10. Paradise Flowers

Instagram post template
Paradise Flowers

One of these post templates would help you to bring out the customer’s testimonies. Posting testimonials through striking Instagram post templates is a creative way to share social proof and credibility. You can share a quote and a photo of your customer on your feed or in your Instagram Story. These templates are a great way to share favorable reviews from your most loyal customers. Wanna try?

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11. Summer Color

Instagram post template
Summer Color

It is time to only post something cheerful. Use this template to cheer your 2022. You can swap out the statistics in this Instagram layout template for a customer testimonial. The icons can be replaced with a picture of your customer or with more relevant icons.

12. Cheer Color

Instgram post template
Cheer Color

The moment you switch to an Instagram business account, you will be able to access a variety of features that will help you promote your brand to millions of users worldwide. Some marketers will look at Instagram as a driver of website traffic. However, an Instagram account can be used as an effective promotional tool to turn followers into loyal customers. If you need that, check these Instagram post templates to help you drive more sales and engagement.

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13. Color of Life

Instagram post template
Color of Life

Since showing your traffic is better, this template also shares a statistic but you can adapt the text for a promotional campaign. It’s a simple layout and that makes it easy to adapt for a variety of posts. Don’t skip it in your list.

14. Light Design Style

Instagram post template
Light Design Style

If you want to cheer young teenagers, this template would be sophisticated. Enjoy it by sharing colorful information about their colorful life.

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15. Flash Sale Promotion

Instagram Post Template
Flash Sale Promotion

People love flash sales. Limited-time offers and short-term sales are effective ways for businesses to generate revenue on social platforms. These posts are particularly attractive during the holiday season. Sales posts that generate the most interaction are favored by Instagram’s algorithm. This Instagram post template, will help you maximize your efforts to push your campaign to even greater heights.

16. Minimalist Shape Instagram Post Template

Instagram post template
Minimalist Shape

An Instagram post announcing an upcoming event can be a great way to generate leads. You can swap out the icon for a photo of the speaker to make it more relatable. It is time to change the background with your event stock photos or more.

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17. Green Color Style

Instagram post template
Green Color Style

You can change the colors to suit your branding guidelines and make the template your own.

Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform where businesses can use high-quality visuals to increase their sales and boost brand awareness. However, there are more ways to maximize the full impact of marketing efforts, chief among them being the ability to create professional and engaging templates.

18. Blue Green Color Style

Instagram post template
Blue & Green Color Style

This year, people seem to not like something too light. The pandemic effect makes people love something calm. Having blue and green color help your brand to look calm and peaceful. Therefore, it is better to try to insert this one like yours. In addition, this color template seems neutral. Even if you want to share any information, it would be great. Selling something related to the technology is also great. What do you want to do next?

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19. Mega Shopping Style

Instagram post template
Mega Shopping Sale

Who does not like to shopping? Even pandemics and access are limited, people still need to go shop. Therefore, anything related to sales especially Mega Sale would be a great attractive post to share. You will gain more engagements after it. If you are unsecure with it, try to have this template now.  Choose the right color to attract women buyers or you can narrow your customer’s criteria. Happy shopping to everyone.

20. Garage Sale – Instagram Post Template

Instagram post template
Garage Sale

No matter about your last wholesale products, you still can sell it now. Using this template would gain more attention so the public would notice your product. Whether it is out of date (in the case of fashion), it does not matter.

After the whole template we have shared, which one do you think is the best? You also could have them all be your template in the future. Make sure you input the strong brand image thereby using the high-quality image. More than it, try to make everything simple because this year the public looks like to love something simple.

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If you do not have time to create it on your own or hire a professional, all of them are ready to purchase. Take a chance at UI Creative and get anything you desire here. There is simple payment method is created for you. Whether you are in the countryside or in the city, as long as there is an internet connection, anyone can have it. Boost your sales this year!