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20 Amazing Website Design Templates

in Web Element on February 3, 2021

20 Amazing Website Design Templates from UI Creative are aimed to kill your stress. Since digital marketing become popular and worldly used today, you should now how to deal with it. Only by do a thing, your business could be known by the world. Sometimes you will get surprise on sales amount each day without you know what you are doing so far. All you know is you have a website and the boss asks you to write down on it. Sometimes, you just have to insert products image in it. However, if your boss asks to boost your selling target, what would you do?

First, if your business is already have website, you just have to decorate it. Like decorating store, it attracts more customers to come. Second, you need to build up promotion like buy one get one free in your store. Third, you need to let customers know your brand and reasons to choose your brand. All of them are implemented into digital store named website. Do not wasting time to focus on decorating website. Just like do not waste your time to clean, organize, and decorate your store, you could use cleaning service. It happens for website too. Decorate it with nice design templates. Make sure you will be less stressful after you purchase the design from UI Creative.

Organic Food Resto

Offering this attracted template to your website, UI Creative helps you to manage important icons on it. You just have to focus on the content. let this expert design brings happiness. Say good bye to hectic days because you do not have to do the complicated tasks. It is good for your food products and another visual business. The website looks amazing in mobile or desktop. Think carefully on the feature including write the blog. Share the step to make special menu and give a place for clients to sharing and ask.

Wedding Stories

You have an opportunity to choose the suitable template for your website. browse, take a note, take a time, and decide. For artistic, photography, and make up business, you need to insert the soft, romantic, and clear image. The aim to insert those things in website is to promote your brand and to show your professional skill. UI Creative gives you a place to be creative and innovative. Once you buy the template, you are able to edit it as you desire. Apply it to your website and see the response from website’s visitors. Whether you like it or not, it is better to put small survey below the content. Ask them to leave comment and sign up. Therefore, you will be easier to engage to your customers.

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Creative Digital Market

if we are talking about selling and promoting, so we need to put the complex content. It is because we do not know our buyers perspective. Therefore, the better way to do is sharping your products into more specific. If you want to sell clothes for men and women, rapid their age, material, design, and price. It helps you to create a better website performance. The ads in your website also related to your visitors type. Now, you just have to concern on the tricks to make your website into the top list in search engine. When you want the complete style of website design, Creative Digital Market is the one to choose.

Digital Strategist

Telling and describing your company’s achievement will be better on website than catalog. It is practical, effective, and efficient. You could check the amount of your website users. There is also an information about the most visited content of website. You could make a global data and start to provide customers need. Make website to be a great way to communicate to clients and to educate them clearly. In this modern era, something that looks modern and up to date become easy to popular. As long as you know the current issue to discuss in your website, you win the market.

Technology Gadget Website

One page template is what mobile users require. They do not have to zoom in and out through the detail of a website. You may need to hire professional to make it, but UI Creative is trying to help you who limit in budget. Just pick the suit template from many collections available. Edit, put content, start to get the traffic. Engage to your client wherever they are. Make users to sign up and being member of your website. therefore, they will get extra benefits after they engaged to you.

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Graphic Design Studio

The interesting website appearance influences its visitors. Create an eye catching design is not always easy. Therefore, if you wish to get instant website template, pick it from UI creative. We offer the affordable design for any business. The direct object tools bring your website into the popular one. Marketing online strategy is not only by creating  a beautiful template, but also the attractive content. You could ask users to participate in the game. You also could give coupon for extra discount. Whatever it is, each business has its own trick and strategy to gain more sales.

Natural Cosmetic Website

Talking about make up, cosmetics, and skin care mean talking about their components and effects. The design for website should contain the wide space for product information. There is also special spot for products in package. On the other page of the website, there should be products list to help customers choose, compare, and buy. Sometimes you may ask for giveaway program and let users contribute on it. What do you think to share three questions and three package of gift?

Bakery and Cake Website

Selecting food and beverage products to sell on website means you should prepare high resolution content. The main purpose is to build a ‘delicious’ perception from customers. They should have an apetite and want to try. It is good to promote your company widely, but you cannot gain customers in high amount. On the other hand, once your company is trying to innovate on frozen cookies or long lasting bakery, this website becomes the top one to visit. Insert the making process, share the ingredients would raise your website visitors.

Medical Center

It is simple and practical design. Since it is all about medical, try to put some videos on your website. It helps you to look professional. In addition, the content quality could help customers to Upgrade their knowledge on health. Tell everyone the list of medical team you have. This design is not only for medical, but also for another business. If you have important information every day, make users leave their email address and send them newsletter.

Professional Teacher Services

Education could have an official website nowadays. It could reach more than its current students. You could fill the website with school achievements. It builds a good reputation for school. In addition, promoting professional teacher service would be more effective by website. It is time to start on having a website. Browse more in UI Creative website. Well, do not forget to ask the users to leave their email. You may give them newsletter about your updatest information. It is good to encourage users and clients.

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Interior Design

A website for interior content should be elegant. It depends on how you place image, the color, and the content. Interior design is not always modern. Some people love to have rustic style, vintage, and contemporary. You could manage your website into customers desire. Have you ever see the website that give a half by half information every day? Yes, it is trying to collect loyal users. You may apply it on your website. Think about the main template first and apply it here.

Healthy Excercise

A website for healthy diet and program should expose examples, videos, and content. To get the good impression, you could insert customer reviews in the website. Select the appropriate color and menu. You could edit it easily by Adobe. There is also a task to complete by users. So they would open your website every day in order to check their task progress. For example is 30 days diet challenge. It helps your website gain the stable traffic evey day at least for 30 days.

Villa Decoration Services

To improve your brand name, you should show the achievements in your website. For example if you are a decoration service company. Place before and after photos of your job. It helps clients to concern and decide their needs about your service. This concept could be accepted for another service company. You may input your map and make clients easily find you.

Trendy Shoes

Are you a seller? If you are, it is good to have your own marketplace. Collaborate to another company in the same website sounds good. You may insert some brands of an item in the website. Do not forget to insert term and condition menu and shipping method. Your website will be the one who could compete to others. do not worry on your competitors website. Your task is to see what is on theirs and what is missing in  yours.

Fun Music Player

For specific content, choose the simple website appearance like this design. It seems like a website is full of explanation about related application. Select the fresh and young icon to support the website impression. Divide the music list by its genre, singer, year, and anything you think important. Make it full of joy.

Music Player Apps

Talking about application means you do not need to put extra efforts to fill the website. Try to organize your website in the light color especially if your clients are young. You may offer give away for everyone who visits your website. It is a good promotion strategy to make a high traffic. Not only to visit, they have to leave comment and give advice toward your website appearance and all.

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Chat Apps

Introducing an application on website is full of persuasive contents. Try to catch customer hearts by giving nice content, features, and images. It is better to put audio content or video on it. Make it available on any phone system. Introducing about your application first. The step by step to use it must be explained well. Starting now, make a clear information to customers.

Nature Coffee

Our awesome website design templates is nature coffee. It gives a fresh appearance for everyone who click on it. You could apply this template for any business. It is easy to organize, affordable, and adaptable in mobile. Do not doubt to pick this one for your business. Place only the suitable menu on it. Be careful with spam comments. It could lower down your reputation.

Room Design Services

Talking about designing business or corporate means you need to insert only good images on it. The website is not only to show your creativity, but it is also  a place for you to be appreciated. Since website could be accessed by any people in the world, it gives you a chance and hope to get suitable network. The website needs comment box or ‘leave a reply’ menu. it is a place for you to get a new community.

Health Dental Services

We cannot put the same idea on art and design. One people say it is good, but the others might say no. Therefore, all you need to concern is the aim of any design. If you think your website is a place to show your dedication in health, make it informative. Give the clear information about your healthy capability. On the other hand, if the website is to offer a new product, make it practical. People could grab a product, put it in the basket, and pay.

our awesome website design template is just some examples of our collection. Browse only what you require. Everyone wants to get awareness in his personal and business. Therefore, if you want to start building awareness, try to pick a place to show the real you.