30 Best Music Flyer Templates

in Inspiration on February 16, 2021

When you have to prepare the party, you must be very busy. How about the preparations? How about promotion? We will help you to find the best flyer templates in affordable. Stay at home. Be relax. Once you click our website, a miracle comes!

Live Music Friday – Flyer Template

When the music party is hold? If it is on Friday, you need this template. Glowing color, simple layout, and eye catching style make everyone cannot stay. Share it on your social media and see how people are looking forward to come. You do not need to redesigning because it is already fabulous!

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Music Drink Night Party – Flyer Template

Music Drink Night Party template is one of the most pick music flyer template. You do not need to take much time on redesigning it. The information is already clear. Music and drink party. You would be able to resize, change font, insert image, and anything without worry to reduce its quality. Even to print it is allowed. No one will trash it to the bin.

DJ Music Indie – Flyer Template

Are you ready for music Indie party? It is time to ensure the venue and time. Insert the clear information on flyer. This is to anticipate the miss comunication between you and the audience. You really have to use the good image to input in order to attract more audiences. To look professional, you could use professional service on redesigning this template. However, this template is already on professional style.

Glow Music Party – Flyer Template

Something glowing shows how awesome the music party will be. Glow Music Party Template is a right pick to show how modern your style is. Enjoy the party until end. Wear the suitable dress code.

90’s Music Party – Flyer Template

Bring back the time by this template. Whoever you are and wherever you are might use this mature and fun template to nostalgic. When you think pink is too cheesy, you may re-edit this template into something casual. Even to re-use it in the next time is allowed. Once you purchase, the file will be yours forever. Forget about the hardness to designing. The template is ready to use.

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DJ Music Collaboration – Flyer Template

Since the title is collaboration, the flyer should be outstanding. You cannot use the normal flyer for something spectacular. This professional flyer comes in light, exclusive, and elegant. Whether you want to have disco or standing party, everything comes well with it. The music flyer template is awesome!

90’s Music Nostalgia – Flyer Template

This is another option of 90’s music theme. If you do not like the previous template, choose this. It is ready to use template. Purchase once, edit by any tools, print, share. The file is yours and you can use it to another business. Magazine, fashion, photography, anything. This is great to change into professional image. Are you ready to do some experiments on it?

Hip Hop Night Music – Flyer Template

The masculine image comes from Hip Hop flyer. The black side is here. You do not need to insert extra effort on changing anything. Type and use Google font. Tell public if you want them to attend this performance. The professional side of it could give you the best impression from public.

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Light Moon Dance Music – Flyer Template

Simple and chic. That is the reason for this template to be the best 30 Music Flyer templates. The light color explain everything about the event. Dancing in the moon template will be more elegant in the dark. You may change the color of it into dark. Try to give professional touch on it before the competitors kick you. UI Creative will help you to less worry and save much time and energy.

Game Night Music – Flyer Template

It is glowing in the dark. Game Night Music flyer is suitable for teenagers and young adult. Are you ready to have unforgettable night? Compete until end. give the clue about the game to play and prize. Insert the font you desire. It has a neat layout which no one could imitate your flyer.

Night Music Glow – Flyer Template

Like a glory, Night Music Glow will be the one from 30 best. It is better to find another option of glowing flyer. This is good without you have to edit and organize. UI Creative offers you many options to pick. It is editable in any tools. Give the clear information on the flyer. Even if you want to resize it, the quality of the flyer will not lose. Enjoy your time to edit and design it.

Music Festival Favorite – Flyer Template

For more than a day music festivals, this template is perfect. Without too many explanation, the flyer is already told everything you want to give. High Definition concept is in this file. Professional style, elegant, and exclusive are the image from this flyer. It is suitable for any business and not only for music festival.

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Template Music Party Tour – Flyer Template

Template Music Party Tour is the great flyer because of its light color of it. You need to prepare the suit image to put because once you purchase it, you only will get the template. It is empty without font and picture. Therefore, starting from now, you have to prepare high definition of image and font choice. What could you change? You coudl change the color and font. However, you already get the free fonts too somehow.

Country Music Festival – Flyer Template

Country music fans will love this template. Whether you want to share it on social media or you want to print it, make sure you do not lose its best quality. The color and concept is already matched. You just have to adjust the size of your image and fonts into it.

Winter Music Festival – Flyer Template

Welcome to winter. Whether you want to hold music festival or any performance on winter, this template is good for you. Soft and snowing are the part to expose. You may edit it and put the suit images on this flyer. Enjoy the moment to edit anything inside. Take professional fingers to help you make more elegant template.

Music Festival – Flyer Template

Like another concept of music flyer, this template is more casual. You could attract men audience for this event. Ensure you get it from UI Creative because only this company who understand your desire of flyer. We have too many options to pick and it helps you to work faster.

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Music Concert Event – Flyer Template

Ready for music concert? whatever the music is, this template looks awesome. It is brave and light enough. Rock, pop, RnB, Hip Hop, and jazz are connected to it. Change the color to the match music style. Whenever you are ready, it is turn to bring back the template for your next event. are you ready to rock? Rock this flyer and share!

Festival Music Live – Flyer Template

The masculin event attract the good men to come. Festival Music will be the great flyer template to choose for ‘normal’ music event. No dance, no party, and no drink are what you want to expose from this template. Do not forget to tell everyone the main stars for it. They will know and be more excited to come.

Special Music Spring – Flyer Template

Spring has come. It is time to celebrate the new season. Tell everyone your desire from this template. Place your own theme on the template. As one of the fabulous flyer template, you cannot skip it to your collections. Photography, travel, and fashion business may collect this flyer as them.

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Night Girl Party – Flyer Template

Women music event may pick this template to share. As women concept, this flyer cannot be missed. The chic and fun color show everyone if this is only for women. They could dance and sing together. The template is not only for music event, but it also to perform your business performance and service.

Neon Vibe Presents – Flyer Template

It is lady’s time. All you desire to inform ladies to come is by this flyer. You will be worry free after applying the template for your music event. What make it different and unique is its tone of color. That is why it will be the best 30 music flyer template to offer.

Special Vintage Event – Flyer Template

The option of modern music flyer are too many. Comparing to classic and vintage template, modern is the king. Once you get the classic template like this, it is time to keep. Enjoy the music live and be ready to be the one who could present this event. No one could imitate your style.

Summer Beach Festival – Flyer Template

Well, it is a bit unique from this template design. Summer is identical to light color. However, this template cannot show you the meaning of summer. When you pick it, it means you are ready to hold music party in the evening. UI Creative only give the best quality flyer. Therefore, you do not need to worry on anything after you purchase this.

Angel Night Performing – Flyer Template

It is ladies time. Join the party and music. Stay happy and dance. You will be the dancing queen. This night performance attract audience to come whenever they see the pink and glowing concept. Change it if you do not want to have an angel tonight.

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80s Popular Song – Flyer Template

Music performance is not only for the recent generation. The older could have fun and back to be young people sometimes. 80’s Music template helps them to raise their dream. Th color on its template shows how the 80s lifestyle is flat. There is no innovation and glowing at that time.

Heart Beat Performance – Flyer Template

Music live performance contains heart beat DJ sometimes need something different to offer. It is good to be more innovative by using this template. Place your related image and edit it with any tool. It will be ready in a minute. What would you like to do now? You already lose your time.

Fun Holiday Fest – Flyer Template

Holiday is coming and full of happiness. What would you like to do on holiday? Join a festival, especially in music festival. The light in the dark concept shows everyone how fabulous the festival will be. It must be in the evening, so no one could disturb the couple dance. Music flyer template will be the best flyer ever if you put professional service to help you on it.

Sound of Summer 2 – Flyer Template


The Sound of Summer 2 is one of 30 best music flyer from UI Creative. It is another option for summer music theme. If you prefer soft background, select it.

Palm Beach Party – Flyer Template

Palm Beach Party template is suit for beach music party. You do not need to worry about the audience range of age. This elegant concept may ask for any age range to come. What to promote by this design? A peaceful of beach. Yes, the music could be jazz or pop. Anything to help you gain fresh air. Stay tune in this afternoon. Looking sunset with music? Do not change this template color.

Sound of Summer – Flyer Template

Hold a minute! Summer is coming. It is time to enjoy the music. If the singers will be random, it is better to pick this template. Sound of summer will be a great title of your music party. Tell everyone why she has to come. The good point to select this flyer is it is editable and you may organize it. Enjoy the day to place suit fonts or insert related image. UI Creative will help you to save more energy. Even if there is lots of music party on Summer, your flyer will be the winner. The reason is because of the professional style of it.

If you need more collections, you may visit UI Creative website. All of them are affordable and could be used for any business. Why you have to grab from us? It is because we are professional. Music Flyer templates is for any ages and any gender.