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10 Essential Tips of a Winning Proposal

in Proposal on May 9, 2021

10 Essential Tips of a Winning Proposal will be discuss below. Read them carefully.

How to winning proposal is a key point to win clients attention and deal. To win clients deal, you should consider some things like what we would discuss below.

1. Write Proposal in right term

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Let us begin to write proposal based on four basic information. First, who would get the proposal? Second, understand clients problems and show your empathy. Third, what would you do with that?, the last is the reasons if you are the best to handle it.

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2. Proposal Design Template Should Show The Real You

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You are your color. If your company service is dedicated to young persons, choose the light color for the cover. On the other hand, if your service is dedicated to business persons, try the simple and formal color.

After you know the destination of your proposal, it is time to find the suit tone of the voice. Formal or semi formal must be consider well. It is time to evaluate the common emotion to show like empathy, Happy, childhood, mentoring, humble, and more. Remember to suit the design to your emotion.

Before you deal with your proposal, again, you need to ask yourself, is it the real you?

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3. Don’t Go Around The Bush

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Proposal is not a place to express the whole emotions in you. It is not a diary to describe and explain everything. Make it in point.

Imagine if you were clients who have to read thick proposals. What would you feel? Especially if you are in hurry. It is great to make structure and follow the path. Just use short paragraph and short sentences. Therefore, clients would appreciate you. Avoid to insert some filler words like basically, in order, etc.

4. Use the Concrete Language

You are not in the place to make clients difficult. Say everything in concrete language so it helps clients to understand easily. Do not hyperbole anything. Make it straightforward and clients would be easily to follow you.

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5. Manage The Design Elements

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What to tell here Is about how you write down everything. The size for body text is 12 pt. Subheading would be 14 pt. Title in 16 pt in bold. Italic is used in another language, and the last is the font style.

You need to use the common font in formal occasion like Verdana, Arial, and Times New Roman. As long as they are readable, it does not matter.

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6. Be Persuasive and Sell

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It is time to show the aim of making proposal. How to write proposal and make it could persuade readers? You are better to get the techniques.

There is PAS technique to help you make persuative writing.

– Problems. You need to evaluate clients problems and put your sense on it. If it is possible to give empathy, show it into the writing.

Do not over expression on it. Handle everything well and under the control.

– Agitate. You should be a good concelor in this case. Tell clients the risk if the problem is not clear fast.

Help them to make a decision. Give a strong call to action and reason why they have to choose you.

– Solution. In this technique, try to make everything sounds okay. You could show your real and current project to gain trust. So, the solution you made is based on the real problems in field.

There should be no pressure and intimidation in this step. You are better to use formal or semi formal language related to clients position.

Do not judge anything. You are okay to be professional.

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7. Analyze the Situation

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Before you go through the deep conversation in proposal, have you know your clients well? In marketing, we should analyze customers personality. Their buying habit, needs, their challenging, and goals are things you need to consider.

Making analysis would help you to make a simple map and gain focus to what to write on proposal.

8. Write the scope of your work

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It is necessary to write down your working scope. Your clients would see the integrity of you. It helps clients to follow and keep to read your proposals.

They will not get trap and ask too many questions to you. Therefore, the signing moment would be simple and fast. This is what you desire, don’t you?

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9. About Us

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In this point, you are better to make a better greeting. Explain your company profile to strength the reasons why you are better than competitors and why clients should choose you. Give the name of your team include photo. There would be better if you can take photos of your office too in some angels.

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10. Expected Results

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The last to consider is expected results. Show the testimonials of your current clients here. You also would be better if knowing how your team handle the projects. This is a good strategy to bring the trust. You are able to catch clients impression. Think about how you package the testimonials in proposal. They should be many and readable.

Put samples oF your job and let clients know how to differ you to competitors. What it means you should show the special service or item about your company service.

You need to insert the fees information in clear and tidy. All you should understand is how you manage everything. There is no over budget or Extremely cheap because each of it has plus and minus side. Therefore you have to make clear content about the price and clients right. If it is possible make three or two  service package and let clients choose.

Today, lots of ready to use proposal design template are available. You could select the one that suits you well.

Next, do not skip terms and condition sections.