10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal

in Proposal on May 23, 2021

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal will be discuss below –

How to write proposal is what you need to review and learn to enlarge your business. No matter what kind of job you take, it is important to get the great impression related to your brand. Even if you are a private business service with no team, you should sell yourself.

Remember to know clients need, especially the potential clients. You should narrow your marketing target to make a focus direction for your job description. Tailor one by one word in proposal and explain one by one in great words and sentences would influence clients perception. Whatever you do, do not skip your identity. What we mean is your logo, brand, and unity color.

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1. Prepare and Take A Note on Your Basic Structure Proposal

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Developer Project
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
IT Project

Before we drag down what to write down, the language, and image, learn about the bsic structure first. What are they?

a. Company Profile

Do not move forward before you tell clients about you. Introduction is important aspect on anything. show how friendly and professional you are in this case. The reason for clients to choose you also need to jut down here.

b. Give Solution

Clients usually have problems to solve. It is great when you could give a solution for them. Without they have to read the whole page of your proposal, they already ‘click’ on your business.

c. Method to Solve Problem

It is not easy to write it down, but you should notice the meaning behind it. Once you could explain in clear to clients, they would stand up and give you applause. It means you gain their trust. Try this!

2. Well Put Title Page

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Technology Company
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
IT Agency

What to insert in title page is your company information. make it tidy and neat. Therefore, clients would nod when they read the title page. At least you help them to erase their confusion in the first impression. The date and for whom to read it must be clear.

be careful to use cliche words and style. People look like do not attracted to read it.

3. Preparing the Cover Page

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Website Developer
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
IT Development

Do you see our cover design? There are just some examples that you could follow and duplicate. You should introduce your company. Make some background narration in it, welcome and friendly note, and end it with thank you and signature. It is similar when you greet someone who are firstly meet with you.

The warmer greeting you made, the better connection you will get from clients. Do not skip your contact information in this cover page. Give call to action sentences and explain why you are better than the rest.

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4. Insert Table of Contents

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Digital Business
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Web Development

It is not as simple as you think because proposal seems like a book. You should make it clear. Insert table of content to help clients move to their desire page. Not all of your clients have some leisure time to read the whole component and page in your proposal. Another thing to consider is making the clickable table of contents. Therefore clients who get the electronic file of it could clik and connect directly to the page they desire. Do not miss to find the most appropriate proposal design template for your company.

5. Executive Summary

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
IT Business
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Website Company

It is dedicated to clients only. It helps you to encourage and engage to clients problems. You should pay attention on the language you used and the tone of it. It is because you have to be in the same level to them. For example if your target clients is teenager. It means you do not have to use strict formal words in summary. It just make a huge gap between you and clients. They cannot feel comfortable to work on you. It is the bad impression for your company too.

6. Go to Proposal

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Startup Design Studio
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Business Expert

It is time to practice. Ensure you put these 4 points in proposal. Why clients should hire you?, what is the solution of clients problem?, how is your empathy toward them? Who your business is and what you offer?

Next, considering the tone of your language in proposal. Before you go to write, ask yourself, “is that the real you?”

You may use some alternatives of voice tone like:

– Leadership

– Mentoring

– Childhood

– Empathy

– Gratitude

– Humor

Under all of those components, ensure you make it straight to the point. Well, businessperson does not has too many times to read your whole story. Shorter paragraph in shorten sentences. This is tricks to make your proposal simple but to the point.

Simple and straightforward. Keep it in your proposal, so clients would know the points from the whole page they have read.

Now, concern on design elements of your proposal. Bold the title, use 14 pt for heading, and apply practical font like Verdana. It is time to practice.

Once it begins, you should make sure it is persuasive. How to write proposal could influence clients? You can try PAS formula. It is problems, Agitation, and Solution.

In problem section, you need to show your empathy about clients problems. Make some researches and make points of clients pain.

The next is agitate. You need to give explanation to clients the risks if this problems continue. Do not put unproven evidence to make your point. Think again what you should note for clients case.

The last is solution. It is time to be a superhero. In this section, you are able to explain your project. The starting date, the warranty and guarantee, project duration, price, quality, and incentive.

Prepare yourself to get this project.

7. Methodology and Servicing

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Business Project
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Network Building

It is time to write down the services you provide. Make the minimum chance for clients to ask you. Therefore, you should clearly explain everything in detail.

what you need to do are creating engaging special content ( You may use social media to gain attention) Use hashtag to raise the popularity. The next Is posting company related update.

It is better to update the recent news and project of your company to social media. It would enlarge your market.

promotions and special campaign also help you to get the loyal clients.

integrate social media activity and monitoring and get the analytic result each day.

There will be no same between a proposal to another proposal. The result depends on writing skills and services.

Remember to apply the negotiation skill for this matter. However, do not directly use straight words to negotiate. Blend it with more polite and welcome words.

8. About Us (How to Write Proposal)

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
The biggest creative festival
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Photo Model Project

If you come to say hello, now it is time to introduce people behind your company success in this section. You should introduce employees profile deeply and let them greet clients. Make some squares witg their photos and greetings. It helps clients know your company better and get well with them.

You do not have to make big space For each employee. You just make them in short greeting, small photograph in different font style. Usually, company use italic style for the greeting sentence.

9. Pricing

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Special Event Organizer
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Business Exchange Event

It seems like the end of proposal main point. When you talk about proce, give the clear information and details of it. You can make pricing table with information of each service.

Since money becomes sensitive topic to discuss, you should be careful to write down the price. You need responsive pricing table to help potential clients get help. You do not want to make them scare with overestimated price and you do not want to underestimate the price.

Maybe you could make some packages including different service and warranty. Sure, each of them has different price. It would be very helpful for clients in limited budget.

10. Terms and Condition Including Agreement and CTA

10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Purple Company Profile
10 Tips How To Write Winning Sales Proposal
Best Event Organizer

The last, but not the least, making terms and condition to help you and employees secure. There should be agreement based you and clients discussion. Once it finished to write down and sign, it means you win clients heart. Now, the project is yours.e project is yours.

Well, end the written conversation by proposal with your electronic signature. Put the formal conversation in the end. Use the tone like what clients used to have. Therefore, there would be no miss perception and missing clients in the future.

How to write proposal could be vary from one company to others. It is because their writing skills and style are different. therefore, you do not have to follow others. Just be yourself and stay to be always you. UICreative would help you to get the Suitable proposal design template, so you could skip your time on making it.