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25 Best CV Resume Template Design

in CV Resume on February 10, 2021

25 Best CV Resume Template Design from our website will help you to be more practical to face a job vacancy. CV resume template is a prior item to help you get a job. If it is look professional, the company will hire you in high probability. Previously, we should write on it, but today, in this digital era, you may type it.

Depends on a company you would like to apply, here are some inspirations for you. Quickly apply your desire job without put extra efforts on designing a CV. The quicker you apply a job, the bigger chance for you to hire. Therefore, start to quick and purchase ready to use CV resume templates from UI Creative. Forget about the dateline to send your CV resume. By asking help from our professional designers, you could kick the time and ready to compete for your desire position.

Female Web Developer CV Resume Template Design

For you who want to apply Female Web Developer, you could use this template. It is simple, ready to print, and let you to get free font. All you have to do is editing, type it in formal style, insert your formal photograph, sign, and send. What to fill inside the CV is more than just your profile. Tell the company your experiences in this job area. This feature is less formal. You may set its layout into something you desire. As long as you want to look more professional, try to not change the whole content in it. This template is women’s desire.

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Senior Social Media Specialist

To help you look more senior and expert in the field you want to apply, this template is suit to you. The dividing layout is clear. Even the place for photograph is also located well. There are 2 in 1 series, so you could share your experience more and get a higher chance to be hired. However, make sure you have a good quality image to insert. This is a main factor for a company to knows you more.

Digital Content Creator CV Resume Template

When you need the stunning CV resume, this one could help  you. It is modern and fill with black and white series. Something that make it more attractive is its bar for skill, language, and achievement. The common style to tell a company about your skill is by expert, intermediate, and basic. However, here, you could make it simpler and modern.

Social Media Staff

This is already in A4 format. You may have it and print it after editing some parts. Whatever you need to fill, choose the clear font in right size. Therefore, it will be readable. It is not a strict and formal CV resume templates, but you still could use it in non-government companies.

Content Graphic Design

It is eye catching design and suitable for content design vacancy. You could change its color, but the main thing that influence your hiring process is what you write on it. Put the clear information on your experience including the year. It happens to your profile information too. Write your strength only because it helps you to reach more plus marks from company.

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Men’s Graphic Designer

This is one of formal CV resume design. It is clear and strict to the point. Select it to apply profit and non profit organization vacancy. They would like to have your manner.

Digital Artist

You may see it is a light formal resume template. However, the component of black and white is a classic tough for resume. This is the top pick resume template because you can use it for formal and non formal companies. This is the safest way to go. Applying in government fields will be good enough. Especially when you could put the reference in the bottom of the paper. Whenever you are ready to edit, make it in professional look. Be thankful for Digital Artist Template because it could make your resume looks professional. Enjoying your editing moment although actually you do not need it. Just type and insert related images here and you are popular soon.

Smart Graphic Designer

A new format of formal resume is here. You could choose this one or previous one. It has a bit touch in its profile. There is also not many column to see. However, it is quite clear for everyone to read your resume. Out your work experience in no limit space and write down the reason to apply the job. CV Resume template is a media that could help you to look professional and show how interest you are in this position.

Executive Graphic Designer

This is the most professional design of CV resume. The clear, neat, and tidy concept make you look professional. The first impression from a company who would to hire you is you are a detail person. You could see how perfect and ideal components in your paper.  You must become a candidate to get this job. Read the tips to make the good CV resume is a first step to get the job.

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Men’s Graphic Design

Men’s graphic is masculine template for you. Combining three colors into one design is quite brave. It is soft and  look modern. Everyone in any position could use it. Which one will be the best for you? you can select one of them carefully. You do not need to go anywhere. All you need to do is stay at home and purchase. Is that so simple? The file will be yours as soon as possible. You could print it directly or customize it first as your company concept. UI Creative is here to help you kick your worries. Stay tune and grab the best one or you!

Social Media Strategist

Free font, easy to edit, and 2 in 1 series. You may pick it for local company. Once you get information about the job vacancy, start to select the suit CV resume. UI Creative has more than what you have seen here. Therefore, it is time to keep relax after you send the resume. Write it in detail and use the right spelling. Choose formal words and write it in black ink. Some companies aware on your ink color.

Fashion Photographer

Applying art and design job means you are free to be creative on making your own CV resume. White and red could be a good color to attract people. However, it should be keep readable. Try to put your personal detail in separate column to your experience and education. Skip the icon that is not necessary. It is a simple design and the clear layout is already showed everyone about your huge interest in this postion..

Social Media Specialist

Depends on the position you desire, you need to know the company profile before you apply. If it is a fresh and young company who like young employees, choose this design template to fulfill your application. The design is pretty and simple. You do not need to redesign it. You are able to customize and organize it without worry to lose the quality. Competitors are various, but you have your own style to get HRD teams’ heart. Do not skip your social media account on it.

Graphic Design Business

It is important to highlight important information in your resume. If you think the years is an important point of view that could affects your impression, highlight them. Some companies do not need the print out CV. Therefore, if you only have to send it to email, the design coloring template becomes a better option.

If you are energetic and young, you are suit to have this template with you. Whether your position is a freelancer, everyone could use this template. Maybe in the next three months you already gain a higher position, it means you could save this file and edit your previous words on it.

Videographer Position

Simple, chic, detail, and professional. Keep to stay formal whether you have to print it or not. This is another CV resume template you could choose in applying any position. If you have more experiences to share, grab this template because it gives you more spaces to share.

If you try to see the blend of its color, it looks gorgeous. Simple but very artistic. The tone touches the detail of its draft. It will not lose its quality whether you want to print it in normal paper or magazine paper. The advice for you is try to print it in thick paper.

Back and End Web Development

This is a stunning CV resume which could attract anyone who read it. Although it less tidy, the whole components that should be filled in a CV are here. Edit it and fill with your profile, experiences, and education. You may skip some contents that you think not suitable to you.

Purchase and the customer service would process your payment. You could get this file and warranty for the broken file. You may edit and customize it as you desire or print it directly. Before do that, make sure you already fill your name on it.

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Professional Human Resources

It is good to show your strength. If you want to show everyone about your career history amount, track it here. You are able to high up your head in the resume. It is affordable. You only should save a file. It will be expensive if you print them in lots and choose the premium paper for it.

The color is perfect, especially its design. It looks awesome with its collaboration between green and white. The most important aspect is you do not need to search and organize by yourself. If you desire the ready to print document, UI Creative will give it to you.

Professional Design & Programmer

To make a different CV Resume, the icons here might be helpful. It has clean and modern style. You could get the ready print document. How about the price? It is affordable enough than you have to spend too much time in front of computer. If you choose too simple design, it makes your image in average.

People could reach you easily once you put all of your contact there. You may resize it without worry to lose its quality. Do the editing in simple and put some social media accounts icon in it. Do it only when you think it is necessary.

Freelance Copywriter

You only need simple design in A4 size. Make your data up to date. Save the file and you may edit it anytime. Experience in fonts and color. You could edit them in simple way. Be ready to put the main content in the box. It will be attracted and the company HRD team will slightly face the box.

You could use it in formal moment. It is pretty simple and editable. Whenever you want to change the color, open the file and edit. There is also a ready to print file available. Purchase it now before you lose a chance. Save it and print or send it by email depends on the job vacancy requirements.

Official Photographer

If you like collaboration color, you may pick this black and orange template. This fresh color shows you how elegant your concept is. Do not worry if you do not like this combination color because you may edit it as your desire.You are ready to compete to another prospective employees. Put the strong image so your business partner will notice you well.

Avoid these things:

  • The font is unique and casual. You should notice your position. you are the one who require a job. Keep to be polite.
  • Being too humble in friend zone language is a thing to avid.

Having white as the layout will help you to look elegant. It is also formal, clean, and professional. Can you imagine how much time you have to spend to make it by yourself? Once you get this template from UI Creative, you are ready to print it anytime. CV resume template from our company is up to date design.