10 Simple Resume Template To Get Hired

in CV Resume on October 16, 2022

Looking for a simple resume template? When applying for the job of your dreams, the first step you might take is to send in your resume. In 2022, it is necessary to make an impression and stand out from the competition with a professional resume template to increase the likelihood of receiving a callback. A well-written and eye-catching resume is the most important thing you can do to increase your chances of being invited for an interview.

What is the best resume template in 2022? The following is a simple resume template from UICreative that you may use to increase your chances of getting hired:

10 Simple Resume Template

Here are the 10 simple resume template that you can use:

1. Pure Blue Design

Pure Blue Design CV Resume
Pure Blue Design CV Resume

Does the blue color appeal to you? If so, you need this resume template. But you can change all of the colors and fills as needed. Paper Blue Design is a great template for a resume because it has a simple but full layout. The recruiter will find it easier to read.

The photo is on the top left, and you can also write about your expertise, skills, education, achievements, work experience, and references. Not only that, but you can also write things like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in this template.

2. Simple Graphic Design Design

Simple Graphic Design Design CV resume
Simple Graphic Design Design CV Resume

If you want a simple resume template, this could be the best. This template is primarily white, with just a few splashes of color to make it look simple and classy. This template differs from others because the name and job title are in the middle.

In the top left corner of this template is a picture design. Then, next to it are the ways to get in touch. This will help the pre-recruiter get in touch with you. Then, it has a list of information about the person, their education, skills, technical skills, experience, and references.

3. Red Circle Theme

Red Circle Theme CV Resume
Red Circle Theme CV Resume

This is a simple job resume template. Not only that, but the red and white colors are the ones that stand out. The design is also very different.

There seem to be two different columns. The contacts, photos, education, and references are in the first column on the left. The second column has the words “introduce,” “professional skills and experience,” “interests,” and “experience.” In this template, you need to use a line to show a range of professional skills.

4. Sparkling Design

Sparkling Design CV Resume
Sparkling Design CV Resume

This template’s design and layout are simple and classy. Not many pictures to make this CV more interesting. Then, there are two different columns, one white and one blue. Improve how this template looks to recruiters.

The design is also very straightforward. The top left corner of the blue column is a photo, followed by the job title, language, personal skills, and technical skills. Then, there are contact, introduction, education, experience, and interests in the white column on the right. You can change anything to fit your needs. This resume is different because it has a yellow star, as the name, Sparkling Design, suggests.

5. Simple Bubble Design

how to edit resume template in word - Simple Bubble Design CV Resume
Simple Bubble Design CV Resume

This template is not the same as some of the ones above. It’s also an excellent choice for a professional resume template. There is no layout or photo column, which makes it different. Still, this template looks like a pro made it.

A paragraph then follows the second line. “About Me” is the name of the paragraph. This template has a lot of space to write a summary of yourself. The range of technical writing skills is using bullet points. The more bullets you have, the better your skills are.

6. Brave Blue

what is the best resume template - Brave Blue CV Resume
Brave Blue CV Resume

Those who like the blue color will like this template. It looks more professional because it is primarily blue. The photo’s circle shape makes this template simple and unique. The photo, name, and job title sections have an oval shape.

The template resume has almost the same information as other resumes. You can change everything to get the information you need.

7. Amazing Simple Purple

how to make a resume template - Amazing Simple Purple CV Resume
Amazing Simple Purple CV Resume

Switching from blue, purple lovers should choose this template. Amazing Simple Purple has a dominant color, purple, as the name implies. This resume layout is divided into two columns, purple and white columns, with some colored shape decorations.

The first column is purple, with contact information, photos, education, achievements, interests, and references. The second white column contains About Me, expertise, and experience information. For experience information, you can write more because there is a lot of space.

8. Black, White, and Yellow

Black White Yellow CV Resume
Black White Yellow CV Resume

Like the Simple Bubble Design template, this one doesn’t have a column for photos. This template looks very professional, though. Why? Recruiters think it looks simple and elegant because it has dark black, yellow, and white colors. This is the best simple resume template.

Want to get a job as soon as possible? You can use this template. The format is very similar to that of some other resumes. Only the color and the picture column make it different.

9. Space Frame

job resume template - Space Frame CV Resume
Space Frame CV Resume

This simple resume template is different in how it looks. It’s different from other templates because it looks like a border surrounds its content. On the other hand, the photo column is round and has yellow decorations. Even though it looks colorful, it’s a great simple resume.

10. Back and White Theme

professional resume template - Black White Theme CV Resume
Black White Theme CV Resume

You can choose this template if you like black that looks classy. The layout and design are almost identical to other templates, but they are owned. It looks more professional and elegant if it’s primarily black and white. The photo column on this one is also bigger than other templates.

How To Edit Resume Template in Word

How to make a resume template? Once you’ve decided on the perfect resume template, the following are some actions you can do to fill out your application:

  • Start with the header
  • Write a professional summary statement
  • List your work history
  • Include key skills
  • Complete the education section
  • and you’re done.

Most of the time, a job candidate’s resume is the first thing an employer sees about them. If your resume is clean, formatted correctly, well-written, and free of mistakes, you may have a better chance of being considered for a job and moving on to the next step in the hiring process. You can use any of these lists of simple resume templates from UICreative.

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