10 Best Resume CV Template in 2023

in CV Resume on June 22, 2023

Are you looking to land that ideal job with a company specializing in creativity but confused about how to write a resume cv template? You’ll need to get out your outdated creative CV or resume and give it a facelift to bring it up to date. But how can you make it so that, out of all the others that applied for the job, your resume is the one that stands out to the potential employer? This article will discuss some creative resume design strategies and modern resume samples that may be used to revamp your resume’s format, layout, and structure. In the piece, we also present a variety of unique resume examples as well as templates. Let’s plunge in!

What is a Professional Resume CV Template?

A professional resume template is a ready-to-use format that presents your abilities, work experience, achievements, and education to potential employers in an appealing and well-organized manner. This format may be found online. Those resume templates that career professionals designed are the most professional. This is because they adhere to the most recent standards for recruiting and are designed to be easily scanned by applicant tracking systems (ATS), tools currently used in over 75% of recruitment processes.

10 Resume CV Template

1. Beauty Colorful Design – Resume CV Template

Beauty Colorful Design - resume cv template
Beauty Colorful Design

The first resume on this list features a design that is modern and full of vibrant colours. Include a photo of yourself in your profile or your company’s logo. There is abundant room for you to detail your educational background, previous work experience, and talents. The cover letter template that corresponds to the template is included in the download.

2. Simple Creative Design – Resume CV Template

Simple Creative Design - resume cv template
Simple Creative Design

Use this well-designed resume sample to make an impression. It features a sizable photo space to upload a picture of yourself or a piece of your previous work. The cover letter that is appropriate for the template is included. It also features neatly structured layers and can be altered using Photoshop.

3. Modern Purple Theme – Resume CV Template

Modern Purple Theme
Modern Purple Theme

This creative CV resume may come in helpful for you if you’re looking for a resume template with a vibrant colour scheme. The distinctive characteristics of the template include a background that is entirely coloured and original colour splashes placed in the four corners. Modify it so that it reflects your taste. This template can be downloaded in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Microsoft Word.

4. Pure Yellow Design – Resume CV Template

Pure Yellow Design
Pure Yellow Design

This is another imaginatively designed resume template that will serve creative professionals such as graphic designers, illustrators, and artists very well. Photoshop, Illustrator, or Word users will have no trouble adapting the template to their needs. You may represent your style by changing the text, fonts, and colours with only a few clicks. It also includes a portfolio page and a cover letter that match each other.

5. Pure Green Design – Resume CV Template

Pure Green Design
Pure Green Design

Give this template a shot if you want your resume to have a design that stands out and is unique at the same time. It comes with a dual-colour scheme that may be modified straightforwardly. You can also customize the typefaces and upload a photo of yourself. Photoshop and Illustrator are both supported editing formats for the template.

6. Full-Color Design Resume CV Template

Full Color Design
Full-Color Design

This creative resume design for a single page is an example of one of those one-of-a-kind resume templates that scream fun! If you seek something to help you stand out from the crowd, this is the thing for you. This innovative design for a resume can be used to display clearly and simply your most important information, such as your contact information, educational background, and work experience. After that, prospective employers can be routed to a personal website to view your comprehensive portfolio.

7. Simple Bright Theme Resume CV Template

Simple Bright theme
Simple Bright theme

This high-quality creative resume has been formatted in PSD, AI, and Microsoft Word, and it features a clean design. It comes with various colour schemes, a comprehensive collection of cover letter, resumes, portfolio templates, and infographic and icon alternatives. With this sophisticated design package for your resume, you may showcase your photo to establish a personal connection, incorporate examples of your visual work onto the portfolio page, and create a professional and credible impression.

8. Pure Simple Design Resume CV Template

Pure Simple Design
Pure Simple Design

This contemporary resume is a distinctive alternative, particularly if you seek creative employment or want to visually differentiate yourself from other job hopefuls. It has a straightforward appearance, clear boxes, and a powerful line style that draws attention to your work experience and abilities.

This design pack includes a resume, cover letter, pages for references, and a page for showcasing your portfolio, where you may showcase your work. It is available in the A4 size. Also, the files come with template options for Microsoft Word and InDesign (INDD).

It has been prepared with well-organized layers, character styles, and features that are simple to modify. You can quickly prepare your CV and send it to potential companies using this set.

9. Pure Light Blue Design Resume CV Template

Pure Light Blue Design
Pure Light Blue Design

One more straightforward and uncluttered CV structure. Your professional history can be quickly accessed via the timeline to the left. You may include more information on a one-page CV if you include a column for your skills. In addition, by placing your initials in the header, you provide yourself with a wonderful bit of personal branding. This one is going to stick in recruiters’ minds for sure!

10. Elegant Orange Theme Resume CV Template

Elegant Orange Theme
Elegant Orange Theme

Users in the business and finance industries using UICreative have voted this favourite. To produce an impression on the viewer, the Elegant Orange theme uses some daring and dark components; however, it is quite sophisticated and conventional. You might use the classic black, white, and orange appearance or experiment with different colour combinations for a more laid-back vibe.