24 Best Positive Instagram Quote

in Inspiration on March 5, 2021

Have you ever know about the power of Instagram quote to your business? If some people said it is only used in leisure time of your business working hours, or if you already do not have images stock, they are wrong. It is just a a misconception. People love the positive quote because they would get the positive energy too. When it motivates others, congratulations! You would become popular! Having more followers bring a fresh air to your business. Here are our 24 best positive Instagram quote.

1. Blush Color – Instagram Quote

This eye catching template suits to young and girls. Playing with template and images like this would add the energy of the quote. You need it to boost your brand impression in women’style category. If your products to sell is not for women, it is not suitable to use this quote and template.

2. Dark Purple

The dark purple template looks fabulous for men. There is not only women who could have mood swing, but men also need to motivate. Men also need that. Giving a story behind it is more interesting. You should make something in the caption like greeting and more. Do not let the quote stands alone without any simple explanation. You could edit the image and put your logo around it.

The purple color might seem too light to collaborate to black. You can edit and change. Using your brand main color would make everything good In visual.

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3. Flawless Color

Teenagers also need to motivate. Let them be happy to face their day. It is good to create their best future. You could give a quote for young artist or public figure inside. Choose one template for a day and continue to he consistent on posting motivational words.

Whenever you need ready to use instagram template, browse here. You do not have to insert image because this template is playing with gradient. It is simple but elegant.

4. Smile & Be brave

Even you are not posting a positive quote in too many words, it is okay. You can have a word only but in deep meaning. This template comes with tie die concept. Playing with color tone seems perfect for mature women. Getting stress with the work and anything would heal as long as you know the good time to post. If it is weekend, try to use positive work in concern to be glad to what you have. If it comes to normal working days, giving spirits are better. Again, check your instagram audiences. You may see it in the setting menu of your instagram. Do not let the wrong quote is posted to your account. It makes you less professional.

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5. Lady Bike

Adding a background image of simple sport gives a new perception for instagram audiences. It builds a desire to do sports. See this template? It is very simple. However, you should know how to crop your image. It should fit to the template and be sure you know how to do it or it makes your brand impression weak.

Having a compilation template like this is full of risk. Especially when it comes by more than three colors. Be careful.

6. Green White

This template is suitable for you who have green basic logo brand color. You may use image in it or just illustration. However, everything becomes simpler if you know how to make a good design on your quote. Geometrical design and shape would help you to make the quote sharpen and focus. See this template? It is a bit difficult to read because the color of background and font is same. You need something different and clear. It is nice to insert the quote from your team. Therefore, it keeps followers to engage and know your company more.

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7. Green Lime Color

We may see how elegant and professional this template is. Therefore, if you need something elegant and professional, grab this. Fill with simple quote. In the frame of this template, there are some shapes available. Do you know that each of them has a meaning?

8. Red & Green Color

You need to select the high resolution of image, but make sure it keeps good when you print. It should show your product very well. Check again because it has to be in high quality.
If you have no logo yet, let UI Creative helps you with it. You need a high resolution too for you logo.

remember tat you still need to use marketing trick whatever you did on your social media.

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9. Happy Women

You need to filter and make an interesting photo treatments. It is to make it more interesting. Today, there are lots of photo treatments you may choose. Make the title succinct and pair it with a striking image. Although you may think that followers will focus to the quote, the great images would bring another impression and help the quote becomes more central.

10. Purple Matte Theme

Try inserting text inside these shapes or cutting out your images as geometric shapes, or use them as the pieces of a large composition, or use them to organize the quote. You can even break these shapes into smaller shape-pieces to create a kind of progression. A good laugh is always welcomed and humor is something that we all treasure. That’s why funny Instagram quotes are a great way to attract and engage an audience.

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11. Brown Matte Theme

Not all of photography image or vectors are good to input. Therefore, play with illustration. Try to set up the mood. In psychology, square and rectangular symbolize trust and stability. They are indispensable when you need to focus the visitor’s attention on the company’s reliability. Circle, round, and oval symbolize security and infinity. Followers who read your post would concern on the shape too. Motivation usually comes hand in hand with inspiration. Motivational Instagram quotes tap into a user’s desire to be a better version of themselves. Maybe they want to be healthier, learn a new skill, or make the world a better place.

12. Happiness

Playing with photograph means you need to consider its size and appearance. Therefore, try to crop it wisely whenever you have to fit it with another content and image. This template is an example of collaboration of images, illustration, graphic design, and geometric style. Many people browse through their social media feed when they are bored or experiencing some routine and mundane parts of the day. You can capture and engage this audience if you can help them dream big and immerse themselves in a new world.

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13. Purple World

Ready to be happy? stop crying t! You could tell anyone what she will get after trying to smile. The templates are editable. You could change the background color, fonts, and everything. Be creative and start to be more active. Tell everyone the reason to always happy in the caption. Well, everything should be explained more in the captions, right?.

14. Simple Smile Style

Too busy is the first impression of this template. You may have it to show how cheerful and crowded your business is.Decorate your Instagram posts with this light up templates. You could make it more professional by editing them in professionally. Check how your Instagram traffic after you post this theme!

15. Floral Design

When it comes to creating eye-catching Instagram quotes, simplicity is the key. The best way to achieve this is by using a maximum of just two different (yet complementary) fonts. Even if you do not like to combine the font, you could play it with bold and normal. Highlight the first word or the keyword of the quote. For example like what this template has shown you.

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16. Beautiful Women

The perfect background can either make or break an Instagram photo quote. You see, you want it to draw the attention of the viewer, but you also need it to not detract from the quote in any way.  Make sure it is not too busy. the color can be gradient too. Keep in mind that if your photo backgrounds ends up looking too ‘busy’ to allow for easy reading, you can always add a color overlay to your photo to enhance the readability of your quote.

17. Blush Color

Do the colors clash with or complement each other? Are they easy on the eye? A great color scheme can have your followers double-tapping your photo quote faster than you can imagine. Well, it is better to ask someone’s opinion before you post the quote with image, especially when it comes to illustration and image in a frame.

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18.Pink Color

The trick to making a motivational impact on the platform is by keeping your chosen quote no longer than one or two sentences, if possible. Have you ever see the template concern in more than one quote? It is tiring. Not only people who read it, someone who see your post at their home screen would skip it. For brands and people who want to go viral and get more likes and followers on Instagram by using Instagram quotes, there’s a three-part success formula to follow: First, research on current trends and top Instagram quotes to get inspiration and ideas. Second, dig the data, third, follow the motivational account.

19. Pink World

Some audiences love quote posts, some hate them. If your audience is in the former, then they can be a great way to generate more engagement, and thus, exposure among potential customers. The first thing you need to do is create a list of quotes you’d like to share on your Instagram account. Make sure you include the name of the author too. One good way to use quote posts is to take relevant segments from your previously created content

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20. Fancy Design

You may use the ready or instant template by purchasing from us. You also could find the ready to use quote here. Another option is to use designed background images – these can be found for free too. If they are well designed, and utilize colors that stand out or compliment your message, they can make your quote image really standout on Instagram. users love content that is relatable to their interests, aspirations, and inspirations.

21. White & Blue

Once you’ve chosen your background image, you need to add your text, and there are several online editing tools that make this task easy. It even lets you publish images on other networks like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, after you publish the image on Instagram you can quickly re-share it on these networks if it performs well. Do you know how to share it in multiple social media more than just Instagram?

22. Positive Quotes

When adding the quote to the image, make sure you stay consistent and use the same typeface and font size every time. If you have done with it, give mark on your quote list. It should be not to post again someday. Once you’ve added the quote and the name of author, you should brand it with your logo, website URL and/or company name so that users will quickly be able to see that you created it, even if someone else republishes it.

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23. Brush Women

Get started now by creating a document and filling it to the brim with quotes your audience would enjoy. Next begin adding them to images using a good image editing tool and publish them. As you begin following this process you’ll get a better understanding of which quotes and background images perform best. Adding animations also would help your quote looks great.

24. Blue Ocean Design

The last from us is a template that could help your smile to be wider and your life to be brighter. Start to use punctuation in right place although you only use one of them. When quote usually have two of it, it is okay if you only use one. Make the quote readable. Edit image by image tool. Resize without make it less beautiful. You know how to deal with it, don’t you? use Instagram quotes to create product awareness with your followers. Make it not too sell!

Instagram quote is a way to help people notice your brand and keep engage to you on Instagram.