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30 Amazing Instagram Story Templates

in Inspiration on February 8, 2021

Here are our 30 Amazing Instagram Story Templates you could try to use. Instagram is one of popular social media for selling something. Therefore, you just need to insert the great quality of image and start to find customers. If your business is about fashion, you should make Instagram story templates in attractive appearance. Designing fabulous stories would gain much attention.

Barbershop Stylist Instagram Story Template

No matter your business is, it is good to promote it periodically by Instagram stories. nstagram is one of popular social media for selling something. Therefore, you just need to insert the great quality of image and start to find customers.

Greyscale Theme Instagram Story Template

You will look professional. It is great to build your brand and let everyone take her eyes on your image. All of the components are editable. You may edit them in Adobe and get ready to be popular! It contains 15 files to select. Try to knock down everyone’s main feed by your latest status update. They will keep you on first account to see.

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True Love Moment

Share good moments and contents in your Instagram stories. By sharing UGC, you are not only able to tell your followers what your most popular products are, but you will be sharing testimonials. You also could show your product in action. Therefore, it is perfect to help undecided shoppers to be customers. Practice the step by step to make a persuasive content.

Journey Dress Theme

This is the great highlight design stories. You may not skip it for 24 hours. Therefore, it is better to highlight it. Instagram Stories is where brands can show their more spontaneous side with a natural feel. However,  regardless of the type of product a brand sells, less is more when it comes to using filters, stickers and surveys.You need to know  how to use these details without overdoing it, and keep to your brand aesthetic. Your attractive stories with memes and hashtags entice followers to swipe up. It is also driving traffic directly to your online shop.

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Classic Moment

This colorful design attracts more followers to catch. The stories you share on Instagram may only last 24 hours but it could have long-lasting effects. As a brand account, when you share exclusive content or interesting experiences, it gives the user the feeling that they are getting to know the brand personally. It is better for you to share a to be continue content, so followers would waiting for your next stories.

Classic Automotive Theme

Having a passion in automotive? Share it in your Instagram Stories. It helps you to get more audiences because automotive contents are rare. You could edit the font, color, and layout into something that suit to your content. Starting by the type of new car, its specification, and price range. How to maintenance the engines become a good education for audiences. Make sure you know who your follower is.

Fitness Club

Sharing health and activities content on instagram Stories is a bit popular today. being healthy is a trend to apply today. Therefore, you could try to post something related to exercise or promote a new gym spot. Some diet planning also become a good content to post.

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Classic Moment

When Instagram is use for modern people, there is no wrong side to make it memorable. You may share old contents including ancient population just to educate others. You do not need to worry on audiences, especially if your aim is not to promote something. Try this template and see how valuable your stories will be. Make sure to highlight it.

Coffee Time Theme

It is time to have a cup of coffee. Share this post in certain time like in the morning and in the afternoon. It is good to remind people about their coffee time. Continue to promote your brand here and be ready to gain much attentions. You do not need to make a clear sentence for asking people to take their coffee. You could start to getting them know about the coffee variants.

Burger Theme

Promoting food and beverages should put the extra efforts. You need to find a good picture of your brand, make it in high level performance. Therefore, people who see it would feel hungry. Make it step by step stories. In the first post you just share the picture. In the next post you could share how to serve the food and enjoy it. The last,make the deal on its price and give them information about delivery service. At least you help them to decide whether they want to buy it today or tomorrow.

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Various Fashion Style

Fashion brand is widely posts in Instagram stories. If you notice your Instagram stories, lots of artists will be an ambassador of fashion. Many ways you could do to promote your fashion brand. Ask the audiences to make a polling for your new arrival series for summer is a great idea. It helps audiences encourage well to your brand. They will be a marketing sales for your brand without you need to give them salary.

Simple & Casual Fashion

No matter what you sell, Instagram has a high reputation for selling products. Therefore, all you need to do is insert the natural picture and let audiences trust your brand. Make it professional and transparent. What it means you should clearly show the product after customers unboxing it. In addition, reposting your customers stories into your feed could gain much attention and audiences.

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Quirky Style

To post stories, you do not need a fancy picture. As long as you use this template, you could make anything good. The most thing to remember is Instagram stories is not only about picture, but you could insert videos in it. No matter how short the video will be, it good to attract more prospective customers and make a professional impressive toward your brand.

Ripped Vintage Style

For women who love something beautiful and elegant, You may try to apply this design for your stories. It does not mean you only could sell fashion brand, but you could  sell women’s need. Try to find a suit font, but the clear one to build a good impact from audiences.

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new Vintage Style

Whatever you love the most, this chic and pretty template is suitable to promote your fresh and modern products. Everyone would love to get the update of your stories not exclude men. They will build an impression that you are a professional brand. Try to not only share the pictures, but engage to audiences by making some short videos like tutorials and trick and tips.

Bohemian Style

The glowing content decorates your stories. The aim of your stories should be cleared. If you want to promote the new arrival products, share it carefully including the behind of the scene process. It is good to let audiences notice you well and put trust on your brand.

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Summer Collection

It is not only for summer collection, but you also may use it for spring, autumn, and winter by only changing its color. Put hashtag to grab more attentions from the worldwide Instagram users. Do not waste your time on designing every detail it is because it makes you look less professional especially if you are blind to design.

Natural Fashion Style

Fabulous concept should be shown from your post. whether you want to share women, men, and kids collection, try to catch audiences hearts. They need something fresh and it is your turn to reveal it.

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Big Promo Fashion

Collecting this stories into yours become attractive. However, notice your audiences category. If you think it is necessary to change the font color and size, you need to do that. This is a  critical step you need to concern to gain much attentions.

Happy Wedding Style

Whether you sell something about wedding or not, you need to input professional design. Try to make it simple but elegant. You do not have to insert many captions. Let the audiences ask to you and start the conversation. Therefore, you should answer them politely and friendly. This is the first contact you could make to others.

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Autumn Flash Sale

When it comes to flash sale, it means you need to make the clear information. About the time to start the flash sale and the end of it. If it is more than 24 hours, try to highlight it. Audiences who missed the information could get access to join. You also could reuse this highlight into your next stories. Remind audiences again and again.

Urban Style

Classic and feminine. This is a reason for you to pick Urban Style Instagram Stories Template. Get 15 squares and it is time to decorate them with fabulous font and colors. It is time for you to show anyone how professional you are. Even if you want to make it semi modern style, just play your fingers on it. You play with romantic words as marriage is a special and important event. This is time to show everyone how often you work on it. How many fashion event you handled so far. People will notice your service on their mind.

Hype Fashion Theme

It is time to make a big surprise to your loyal customers! Let them to be the first who notice this stories! You may put the description of sale including the items to sale in different story. It does not has to be stories. they are only square! It is good for professional business or the new comers. All you have to do is just making good images and words. Put them in and see what happen to your Instagram account.

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Delicate Fashion

What makes the post popular? Because it has something different. You should try to pick Delicate Fashion as your Instagram Stories. It is perfect with white and black image concept. Classic, but in the same time it worth. It is very pretty and make anyone curious to know more the place you have showed. Orange seems not fun, so you could change it into colorful color. Make fashion as fun as it could, so everyone really want to use your collections.

Women Casual Outfit

Summer has come! You do not have much time to pick, edit, designing, and posting. Do not get panic! This template is ready for you. Grab them and your post can be shared today! UI Creative is keep to dig your need. Be happy! You may change the tone and combine them with another conceptual color.

Season Fashion Theme

This exclusive Instagram stories will cheer your winter. Blue and white concept is yours. Whenever you are ready to place your image, remember to insert the high quality picture. I think I do not want to make story, so try to make catalog. You may explore anything in your products to explain. Promo, discount, new arrival, whatever. Pay once and get the templates forever. They are yours. If you want to change the shape and font colors, you can do it with pleasure.

Discount Women Dress

UI Creative always notice your desire. Therefore, once you purchase, you get the file and could edit them professionally. It is your turn to play your finger. It is time to select the attracted images only to insert. You could manage and organize each story as your desire. Do not skip your creativity. Do anything to be the best Instagram account with billion likes.

Glamour Fashion Theme

Want to make a glamour concept of stories? This is the first step you may have. Think it simply and edit as your desire. Instagram stories in stickers content would add its fancy style.

Casual Fashion Theme

Having a business in fashion? Casual Fashion Style theme is good for your Instagram posts and stories. You will look professional. It is great to build your brand and let everyone take her eyes on your image. All of the components are editable. You may edit them in Adobe and get ready to be popular!

Style Inspiration

It helps your photo collection looks beautiful. Do not waste your energy to create one by one photo and organize them. UI Creative has lots of Instagram story templates to pick.