20 Inspiring Instagram Stories Fashion Brands

in Inspiration on April 14, 2021

Here are our 20 inspiring Instagram stories fashion brands you could try to use. Instagram is one of popular social media for selling something. Therefore, you just need to insert the great quality of image and start to find customers. If your business is about fashion, you should make Instagram stories fashion in attractive appearance. Designing fabulous stories would gain much attention.

Various Fashion Style – Instagram Stories Fashion

You will look professional. It is great to build your brand and let everyone take her eyes on your image. All of the components are editable. You may edit them in Adobe and get ready to be popular! It contains 15 files to select. Try to knock down everyone’s main feed by your latest status update. They will keep you on first account to see.

Simple & Casual Fashion

This is a beautiful story ever. The templates are editable. You could change the background color, fonts, and everything. Be creative and start to be more active. Tell everyone your latest collection. The template is cool enough to make your account becomes a professional one.

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Quirky Style

This is the more fancy and interesting layout to put on your Instagram stories. You should be careful to select the right photos to upload. Keep to be thoughtful planning of the content and curating an editorial like feed. You need to know  how to combine it all with a good series of Instagram Stories is what every fashion brand should aim for to truly master this social media platform.

Ripped Vintage Style

No matter what kind of fashion collection you have, you could apply this design stories for you. The fashion industry is one of the most active industries on Instagram. It has more than 70% activity each day. Instagram Stories is used to innovate the way brands share their content, product launches and updates with consumers. Although the tool has only been around since August 2016, it already offers a wide filters, GIFs, stickers and other accessories to customize  stories. For any accounts who have more than 10k followers can  include links to their web via the “swipe up” feature. You can even select stories that you want to keep on your profile by “highlighting” them, eliminating the 24 duration limit. It helps customers to keep notice your collection when they have no time to open their Instagram previously.

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new Vintage Style

This is a modern and eye catching concept of Instagram stories for fashion.  it is important to remember that Instagram Stories is not designed videos. Although brands tend to use Instagram to transform their aesthetic and branding via perfectly edited images, they should remember to use Stories for what it was designed. Instagram Stories is to share relevant contain instantly. Make it natural.

Bohemian Style

The way to look glamour is here. You may try to have  a glowing stories by this design stories. The types of stories that are most commonly shared by fashion accounts include: merchandise,  events, ‘inside look’, competitions and perform the new collections. There is still no single of magic formula to create the most popular or most engaging content. However, it is becoming increasingly common for users to access online shops, other social platforms, blog posts, promotional landing pages or apps via Instagram Stories links. The way you could do is by placing this template in your Instagram Stories.

Summer Collection

This colorful design attracts more followers to catch. The stories you share on Instagram may only last 24 hours but it could have long-lasting effects. As a brand account, when you share exclusive content or interesting experiences, it gives the user the feeling that they are getting to know the brand personally. It is better for you to share a to be continue content, so followers would waiting for your next stories.

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Natural Fashion Style

The simple and flawless design for your Instagram stories is here. UI Creative ha announced this soft and cute design for you in affordable cost. Instagram Stories can allow you to get quick feedback via the polling stickers which are not only attention grabbing. It is fun and easy to use as well. Therefore, you are not only could share the great design as your stories, but also engage followers by using the features from Instagram Stories.

Big Promo Fashion

This is the great highlight design stories. You may not skip it for 24 hours. Therefore, it is better to highlight it. Instagram Stories is where brands can show their more spontaneous side with a natural feel. However,  regardless of the type of product a brand sells, less is more when it comes to using filters, stickers and surveys.You need to know  how to use these details without overdoing it, and keep to your brand aesthetic. Your attractive stories with memes and hashtags entice followers to swipe up. It is also driving traffic directly to your online shop.

Happy Wedding Style

It looks great for spring or summer collections. Let to use the Instagram Stories features take over your Stories is key to engaging your followers. This can be through interviews, tutorials or unboxing products, letting your followers to take part and see the brand from a different perspective. By getting others to participate in your stories, you will potentially see brand loyalty rise among your followers and this is a success trick to try.

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Autumn Flash Sale

Well done! A feminine design stories is available on UI Creative collection. You could add Instagram ads which can be a less annoying for users when it is presented in the Stories format. Especially since they pop into the seamless flow of story-to-story viewing, taking up the whole screen and providing an engaging experience for users.Instagram Stories could let you know the geographical information on who is the most viewers of you. It is good to promote tips later.

Urban Style

Young and modern design is suitable for your fresh collection. You may set the great products image in it, but you could try something different. Posting a picture of a new product to your feed is not enough anymore. Customers feel the need to know more before making a purchasing decision.  Instagram Stories is the perfect place to show potential clients every detail, as it takes over the full phone screen. It is a good time to share unboxing series or zoom your product detail. Insert them in neat and tidy to this design stories.

Hype Fashion Theme

Hard, chic, professional. These are what you could conclude after seeing this layout design. Make a promotion step by step. This strategy can be  useful when announcing new products. Especially when the posts that show up on your feed are no longer organized unfortunately. By using Stories to your advantage, you ensure that your followers are always in the know of your latest offerings products. It hopes they view on it. Although they skip it, at least you already make a highlight.

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Delicate Fashion

Keep this vintage style as the image of your brand. Stories’ success is due to the “more informal engagement” between a brand and their followers. you do not have to be perfect in all times. However, to help you get much attention in your highlight, you may only keep the best design of your stories only.

Women Casual Outfit

For lady followers, this design stories is quite attractive and matching. You do not need to consider anything else and juts insert the image here. You also could put some great content just to refresh our followers eyes. An Instagram Stories campaign, when you use it correctly can be a great marketing tool to tell stories creatively. It is all while meeting sales targets. You have a chance to engage more customers and make them become a loyal category

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Season Fashion Theme

Feminine and professional. This is what you will get from this design template. Applying this into your Instagram stories might influence your traffic. Fashion brands have quickly become masters at engaging consumers. You should know that fashion brands also have teams dedicated to this social channel as they recognize the ever growing importance of creating incredible Instagram Stories. However, you do not need to have a professional someone next to you. Get the ready to use design from us and edit in some minutes only.

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Discount Women Dress

This is the way how to look retro in your stories, but it does not mean your collection should be in retro style. A fashion-forward Instagram strategy can drive traffic, make sales, and attract a loyal community of followers if you could being a trendsetter account. Competition is high and the fashion world moves fast. Therefore, you should have a strong fashion-focused Instagram strategy. If you cannot find it, you will easily kick off even you always share the beautiful content in your stories.

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Glamour Fashion Theme

This is a very eye catching Instagram stories to choose and apply. Instagram is taking a main focus when it comes to brand awareness, promotion and driving sales, and now is helping to shape the trends that take the streets. It is good to have beautiful posts on your every posts, but edit the design if you have a new collections, so it will not keep on it.

It is more important  for fashion brands to not only be present on the platform, but make sure they are also part of the leading fashion conversations. Therefore, it is better to make an engagement to followers. By today’s biggest fashion influencer is looking to Instagram for style inspiration before making a purchase, It is better for brands to go all in on a well-rounded Instagram strategy and stay ahead to maintain the traffic.

Casual Fashion Theme

The young and casual style women would love to see this design. Who is the most users of Instagram? well it is young people and women. To sell something in Instagram, the most customers come from women. Shoppers are no longer limited to searching for an outfit by scrolling through endless studio photos on a brand website, but they feel more practical to search by using hashtag on Instagram.

By sharing UGC, you are not only able to tell your followers what your most popular products are, but you will be sharing testimonials. You also could show your product in action. Therefore, it is perfect to help undecided shoppers to be customers. Practice the step by step to make a persuasive content.

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Style Inspiration

It is important to think about your reason when creating your Instagram marketing strategy. By using Instagram as a shop to spread your brand mission, you  will be able to draw in new audiences. It is also a chance to gain new customers. While Instagram is a great place to show off your fashion brand’s unique style and take on new trends, it is good to share what makes your products unique. Many of the most successful fashion brands apply the 80/20 rule. They are planning out their content-mix. 80% of your content should tell your story and 20% should be promotional. This is good to attract more audiences to see your stories.

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Instagram stories fashion is the way to market and promote your brand without spending much money on ads. Later, you may use Instagram ads, but the main thing to consider here is the way you use Instagram stories to enhance the product selling. Fashion as the wide industry in social media and online platform have its own side in customers heart. Since fashion is used for any age range, young people as the target buyers will easily access social media especially Instagram. Instagram has become so much more than sharing a perfectly styled post, but it also an inspiration for  followers to follow the content they have seen. Therefore, if you could share only good content in full message and inspiring, you could gain much attention. It also become difficult to competitors to compete with your brands. Being creative in posting and content drawing are the two expectation to be the top lead in this industry.