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Pricing Table – Comparison Chart is a pricing table UI template that is very easy to use and customizable. Get the simple pricing table for your website, app, services, etc. You can make easy to change color style and images with smart objects, and the elements are 100% scalable and fully edited on Adobe Photoshop & Adobe XD.


  • Simple, clean, and modern design
  • Fully organized layers
  • Source file format: .PSD & XD
  • Color: RGB
  • Google Fonts


All images are just used for preview purpose only and NOT included in the download files.

A pricing table is essential to every retail operation, whether it sells goods or services. Making one is a complex feat. It must have a pleasing appearance to entice customers. But in addition to that, it needs to be understandable and useful.

Typically, it will include a price list along with a list of items or services. The reader must understand both the significance of each feature and the associated expense.

Customers can choose once they know the value of the product they are purchasing and the price tag attached to it. They cannot decide and may search elsewhere for the required information if it is not presented straightforwardly.

Owners of businesses with websites know that creating a pricing table is not as easy as it may appear at first glance. In addition to the presentation, the ability of the table to respond to questions and comments is of the utmost significance.

The owners of websites can benefit from looking at some samples of pricing tables to construct the most appropriate table for their needs. They demonstrate how to deliver the information understandably and adequately.

Why is The Pricing Table Important?

One of the most critical pages on your website is the one that lists the prices. If a user navigates to this page, it indicates they have already decided and are interested in learning the associated costs.

As a result, the pricing table is the essential component of the page that displays prices. They can grasp your product better, how you supply it, and the cost when presented with an attractive pricing table.

A pricing table’s primary objective is to assist users in selecting the product that best meets their needs at a price that is both acceptable and maximizes the product’s potential. Because it is difficult to assess the various plans and choose the best one, the possibility of losing potential consumers increases with each superfluous cell.

How to Add a Pricing Table to The Website?

Two different approaches may be taken when creating a beautiful pricing table for a website that WordPress powers. Only use an appropriate table builder plugin and HTML or CSS codes to create one. However, employing a plugin is the most time- and labor-saving approach for a person who is not technically savvy.

Pricing Table Best Practices

The process of developing a pricing table is difficult. When building a pricing table, the designer is responsible for providing accurate and simple information, exposing as many aspects as possible, and making it easy and obvious for consumers to select the option that meets their needs.

  • Be concise: neither too brief nor too lengthy
  • Display prices: Make the price prominent
  • Attract the visitor by using alluring prices in pricing tables
  • A common but effective strategy is highlighted
  • Emphasis should be placed on differences rather than similarities
  • Not excessively vibrant nor overly simplistic
  • Not overly vibrant nor unduly straightforward
  • Accurate positioning and color
  • Consider your users: Allow room for personalization.
  • Offer continuous chat support to your customers
  • Testing is essential: Test, test, and test some more

Final Thoughts

One of the methods that a company proprietor can utilize to increase sales is the utilization of pricing tables. Customers can view the company’s services and goods and associated prices. They can make a quick assessment of all of the available choices at a look. That makes it easier for them to make a quick choice.

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