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Wedding Invitation Tips and Ideas

in Inspiration on May 7, 2021

A wedding would be your first and last. Making it memorable is challenging. The basic thing to prepare is wedding invitation template. Find its design is quiet challenging. It is good to have a dream of your wedding like having a royal theme. However, you need to know what to prepare and consider to have this theme as your wedding.

Wedding invitation is a kind of formal event. Black ink and white card are the safest combination ever. Gold embossed around add elegance visual effect. We prepare some template samples to you, but all of them are editable. Find yours!

1. Select The Right Font

Welcome to the first basic step you should know. An invitation, whatever its theme should consists of readable font. Using too formal and sharp font avoid the feeling of romantic. What do you think about wedding? It should be romantic and soft. Even if you want to make it casual, make sure you insert signature style of font or handwriting. It good in eyes and leave polite and greeting sensation. This will give the classy, sophisticated look you are going for if you select sans serif style. Marriage is your dream to be a princess and prince  a day. It should be applied in not only your wedding ceremony, but also on your wedding invitation. Having gold ornament motif a simple example to have a royal wedding ceremony.

2. Limit The Font Amount

Limit your font choices to two at most. It is not unusual to have a wedding invitation with multiple fonts, but using more than two can become overwhelming to the eye. It is the simplest wedding invitation to have. If you want to hold an outdoor event, it is time to use this template. The reason is because it is linked to your concept. However, it is not suitable for beach wedding party. It is better to use it in forest, garden, and plantations venue.

3. Decide The Shape of Invitation

Traditional size and shape is welcome, but you may try to have modern shape too. Circular and square will look good especially if you can use a bulky shape. In autumn, it is good to play in color. You better to have a gloomy color for wedding invitation. Pick this one as your first list of invitation template. Then, it is time to edit and customize it into something you desire.

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4. The Background Should Collaborate to Font Type

When you use bold shape, it needs extra ink. Although it depends on paper type you have chosen, make sure you know how to deal. When you want to add text over your image, you come to the clear image. In spring, you may hold a wedding beautifully. Since the flower blooms every where, it is better to have a wedding invitation in florals style. Pick this one and edit as your desire. You may insert your photo there or use vectors as an avatar of both of you.

5. Play with Contrast

Change the color easily but you need to concern its matched to the font. Creating a boredom is a fatal mistake. When light color of font meets to light color of background or a dark color of font meets to dark color of background. This rule is a basic too. Anticipate the difficulties to read, notice, and knowing the name of groom and bride. Event the theme of your wedding can be decided after you pick wedding invitation. For example is by choosing this template, you already decide the vintage style of wedding. If you think it is not good enough, change it into bohemian wedding. Both of them are suitable to use this invitation style.

6. Concerning Image

The full body backgrounds need impression to make huge impact. The body background in gradient, solid block of color, and full image would execute the website appearance. Therefore, you should make sure if the image is not too bright. The most important thing is users could read the content clearly. This is one of the gradient effect in wedding invitation. There is no more best one than this. It looks like a symbol of growing love. It is good to print it in fragrance paper. It must be better than royal wedding.You should have an idea of the type of event you are desire on your wedding. Classic and elegant, casual and relaxed, or glam and modern.

7. Decorate the Card

Elegant, traditional, and modern are three designs you might choose to be used on your wedding card. Conventional design is suitable for all. To add glamour touch, add glitter as the borders or frame of the card. You are able to deal with any decorative style. Just make sure people will appreciate the design. You may want to incorporate your motif and color into your wedding invitations and then carry them throughout the rest of your wedding paper for a cohesive look, it just a beginning.  Ivory, cream or white card stock paired with a black or gold font is the classic choice for formal wedding invitations.

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8. Adding Elements

Decoration is also for illusion background. Invitations these days can be incredibly detailed and have many additional pieces and stylistic elements outside of the invitation itself. Consider embossing, adding ribbons or bows, using confetti, or adding glitter to your invitations. A 4.5 inch to 6.25 inch rectangular card is the traditional size and shape for wedding invitations. However, you could be more  playful on modern vibes with circular, scalloped and square shape.

9. Making Early Design

Since wedding needs lots of preparation, you are better to decide the design early. Once you have chosen the design, later you will be easier to concern the structure and planning of the card. It takes much effort if you design it by yourself. This is a simple but meaningful design. The information you put on the invitation is the whole point of sending it out in the first head. Your stationer can help, but avoid light ink on light backgrounds and dark ink on dark backgrounds.

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10. Checking Readability

The wrong color contrast make the website difficult to read, especially the content. Before you go, check the contrast ratio first. In addition, you should remember that a solid colored background will be the most basic type and the default basic color is white. It is very clean and sleek. Traditionally, whoever is hosting is listed first on the invitation. You should write down everything out, including the time of the ceremony and the list of event.

11. Complementary Color Option

Maybe you need combination colors, so you need colors that complement each other. It is important to pick theme colors that go together. You may start with black, grey, and white. In color theory, there are three color categories. Primary, secondary, and tertiary. Business person should notice it. Mixing light or we know it as additive color mixing model helps you to create various intensities. Simple and elegant. This is what we could say for this wedding invitation template. List only the key points on your invitation like wedding ceremony time and location, the hosts, you and your groom names, the dress code which is optional to insert, and RSVP information.

12. No Going Around the Bush

Input too many elements, decoration, and symbols in the card will make it clumsy. Get positive suggestion from professional about it. Since it is for wedding, the design must be elegant and semi-formal or formal. Depending how fancy you will print this invitation. You should share it early or no one could enter your wedding. Since this is modern era, try to have a ready to print design. it saves your money and make the invitation process easier on you. So start to get the design about 3 months before your wedding.

13. Add Floral Decoration (if you need)

Browse more about it to get more ideas. You are better to try to have unique floral style. Ready or not, being innovative and brave in design is something that you should give a clap. If you already find the suit invitation template, it is time to calculate the cost to print it. The price per invite can vary  from $1 to more than $100. It all depends on the design (where you could buy from UI Creative in affordable), ink, typeface, printing process, paper and quantity. When you choose the good paper, color ink, formal  printing techniques like letterpress and engraving on it and custom design will add to your costs.

14. Proof Checking

If we made anything in writing, we need to do proof reading. When it comes to design, we need to proof checking. Before you print, ensure the design is fix. The color, font, content, and information are no errors. Therefore, the readers will  not get confused or miss perception. How much you have to spend to order envelope and sent it to the post office? you do not want to deal with the tiring of invitations being returned because of insufficient postage. Yes, this is a modern era when you could send its digital invitation to others.

15. Design the Envelope

There are hundreds of different envelope styles on the market, many specifically designed for wedding invitations. This part of the process may not be able to be hand-made, except for the most adventurous brides. Find envelopes in the right size, shape, and color online to match your invitations. The tropical wedding invitation could give a fresh look for guests and groom. Place your menus,  programs and  thank you notes with this invitations template.

16. Check the Sections

This is one of elegant wedding invitation design. However, the wordings in a wedding invitation is a proper thing to consider. You should be careful use of words and establishing them correctly. It is very crucial in wedding invitations. This is because wedding invitation are the first hand symbol of the wonderful celebration. Two families become one and all people you know will be gather in the same place. Put this point as important aspect too. Wedding invitations have three parts. The wedding invitation, save the date, and RSVP card.

The wordings must accurately define the details of the wedding like the date, time, and the wedding venue.These things should be clearly write down because there are cases wherein most guests directly assume that once they are invited it means that they are asked to attend to the wedding ceremony and the reception. Make it clear in your invitation.

17. Check the Guests

Make a spreadsheet of it. Highlight  the name of RSVP guests. It is good for you to know it because you could estimate the amount of not confirmed guests yet. You need to check the amount of the guests who need special invitation like online invitation because they live in rural area.

18. Recheck the Ethical Standard

If the wedding is informal and will only take place in a home, then it is best to replace the formal words in formal invitations to a more casual tone but still with respect. Keep it down, any kind of wordings will do when making wedding invitations. As long as the words are in conformity to the ethical standards. They set by the society and as patterned on the innate dignity of man. Best of all, the details of the wedding should be clearly stated, or your wedding invitation becomes less on purpose.

19. Make it Digital

For your friend in rural areas, send them in digital mode. Are you ready with it?

20. Choose the Paper

Try to visit local craft or print shops. You may see different style of paper. Check the price and change in cost if you buy in bulk. You need to avoid matte and glossy photo paper. It is easy to get damage. It is less risk to use cardstock. Ensure you could cut the paper into your invitations size. Choose the paper with individual layer, especially if you desire layering pieces of paper.

Now, how you want to print them? Print it at home or go to a print shop? Save much money by designing it by yourself and print by yourself. Your printer should be compatible, if you want to print it at home. You also may call multiple print shops to get estimated costs. You should print them in accurate size. Do not waste time and money to do it more than once. only because of mistaking printing. Wedding invitation template really need  preparation, don’t it?