15 Best Sans Serif Fonts for Professional Use

in Inspiration on February 4, 2022

15 Best Sans Serif fonts for professional use is something you should list to help your brand looks professional. Impressive and up to date is what you have to concern on your brand. However, it does not mean when you put a vintage font, so your brand looks ancient. It depends on the kind of your brand and the type of its service and audiences.

1. Wavelight – Sans Serif Font

Sans serif fonts are the only font category that is versatile, simple, and formal. Besides their modern look, they are also easy to use. Therefore, most business persons love to use them. One of their font names is Wavelight. This font has great readability and legibility. It is much easier to read on-screen, whether as small captions or as large headers or titles.

Serif font

2. Fort Avenue Sans Serif Font

Typography is essential in every business. It is responsible for delivering your brand identity along with your visuals. In addition, it develops your brand personality by making certain moods and emotions around your brand and the audience could connect to it well.

Unique and attractive are two words to explain Fort Avenue. Make it your brand poster. However, it is better to make it as a video content title because its light of gold could shine every time. Whatever you did, rewind and keep tp straight on your aim. Best Sans Serif Font creates a huge statement. it even comes in unique style and textures to offer a vintage feel to any work.

3. Kanwode Serif Font

Whether you’re creating logos, business cards, presentations, or other business documents and marketing collateral, your font choice will be the crucial item of your brand design. How well it speaks to your customers is here. This is why you need to make sure the font you use is the best representation of your brand.

As a graphic designer or corporate professional, the effective use of fonts is a big deal in your line of work. It is part of your marketing, branding, internal and external communications, and most especially your designs and creations. Kanwode is a simple font that has a clean, classic, and more professional look. It is also easier to read. It is simple. That is the most important key.

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4. Bunch Bonaire

San Serif fonts are actually easier to read on-screen. They are more readable on print too. To create a good design business card, make it contains all the important information about your business. Effectively communicates what your brand is all about.

This font also represents the characteristics of natural paint. It has a combination of basic fonts with curves and shapes and it is firm and thick. So, if you want to have something that does not look too formal, use this. The font will look neat and clear and suitable for being display title, especially for children kinds of stuff. Even to combine it, sure you can.

5. Brightoven Font

Looking for a good font as a business card or poster? use this. This clean, elegant sans serif font is a great font you can use to create a classic look for your business card. If you are looking for a font to complement your minimalist design, this sans serif font has sharp and crisp strokes with a modern and minimalist look. Use the regular font for plain text or create beautiful, delicate ligatures with the ligature mode.

Brightoven will be better to apply on the shirt. Since it has a great thickness size, you may think it has a sleek typeface which is perfect if you want to portray yourself as more on the logical and analytical side of things. On the other hand, it is better than having something creative and artistic. Sharp lines and edges depict strength, dominance, and precision

6. Danzone

This is neat and visually balanced that is specifically created to support your logo design. The rule of thumb when it comes to logos is to keep your font choice clean and simple as simple logos tend to be more memorable, eye-catching, and emotionally stimulating.

It has a geometric shape on each side. It helps you to get the impression of neatness and character. Danzone is also can be used in posters, invitations, book covers, logos, or packaging of the movies. It helps to gain great promotion.

7. Headway

The logo needs a font size between 8 and 11 points, depending on its application. You have to make sure that the font you choose will not become unreadable when reduced to smaller font size. Every font is a professional font that is specifically designed to enhance readability for small size text, which makes it ideal for creating business cards.

However, to have professional look is not only about something modern. It is also about being creative. Headways redefine the traditional serif font with its clean, symmetrical, and modern design. Even though they are a bit harder to read online, serif font actually looks better on print. With this simple yet powerful serif font, you can create a business card that will surely capture the attention of clients and customers.

8. Signcore Texture

This font looks like a natural pen style. Signcore Texture has elements of modern painting style. It is suitable for various design projects that want to take a modern and stylized theme. It has a combination of brush strokes on each side of the font and horizontal splinters. Both of them make this font look stylish, unique, and striking. You also could play around with size and see the difference. So, play with your brand to boost your professional look.

Being old in a style is unique. This high resolution font reflects vintage style. They have a clean, minimalist, and dynamic look. Technology brands specifically opt for this kind of font to promote a more human look and it means this font does that. The abstract touch-like brush eraser completes its appearance into something casual. It is ancient and curved, making it becomes the suit font in a semi-formal and formal events.

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9. Camptown

Camptown has a geometric style in each component. This font contains an attractive design. It has a combination of letters that are simple and upright. The style is giving a strong and formal impression, sure it is good for the resume. This attractive and premium font is perfect for a variety of brands and projects that require clear and classy font types. Even you want it to be your brand booster, make sure you are not building it up with more than three font styles.


10. Proxon

Modern and light font helps you to get attention. You could use it to show your modern brand. Young and teenagers that full of energy may have it. Whether if you want to present the up-to-date project, comes with this font as a title. The curves in each edge like a pen touch on a bigger scale so just arrange its size. It is aesthetic for any technology projects and items. The blend of colors implement modern touch. It is like the most popular font today.

11. Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror is a two-dimensional style of font. It shows the reflection of each to influence readers. It is applied on its uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation. This is the way how you put it, in edge, in the professional layout, or in the top of paper size. The bigger size in the first letter of the word has a great style. It looks like a handwriting font and packages in exclusive ink.

Sometimes at a glance, we see the classic and stylized typeface. With its curved tails and varying stroke widths that almost make it look like it’s handwritten, Broken Mirror is a unique and eye-catching font that can add a touch of elegance and creativity to your resume.

12. Armadira Serif

Armadira has great readability and a clean and modern look. It comes in 12 different variations and each has a distinct design when you write in bold, italic, or all caps, it will look like it’s an entirely new font. Making something new to your brand identity is never as fun as it.

Serif font
Armadira serif

13. Moongraz

Whatever the San Serif font to choose, make sure it is readable. The most important aspect of playing with typography is it should be readable. To boost your business performance, all you have to do is combine the font with another one and appear them on a business card or poster.

Serif font

14. Storystone Serif

Storystone Serif is a clean and simple sans serif. This is your new go-to font as it is an extremely versatile font. It can be paired seamlessly with other font styles. An iconic geometric sans that has enough style and personality without being too loud is adaptable here.

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serif font

15. Rockbubble Display

This serif also contributes to your brand visual. Do not skip it from your best font list. Create any information about your brand with it, especially if your brand is related to children.

Serif font

Let UI Creative helps you to choose the right Sans Serif font. Everything related to the font is affordable. Therefore, you could try to select one and easily change it into another one without worrying to cost more. You are a decision-maker. In addition, try to be consistent in the font you choose. If you learn about how to influence customers’ mind, make your brand keeps on their mind. The way you do that is by having a constant image including font type, color of your brand, and logo. If you already do that, this would be a new way to look professional and exist.