10 Best Fonts for Tshirt Printing

in Inspiration on April 17, 2022

Serif Display Font and Slab Serif Font are two typefaces you should consider to be used in your brand, especially if it is related to T-shirt printing. Today, custom T-shirt printing is more popular because modern people love to be different. They would be easier to see and notice if they are special. A way to prove that is by checking one by one font to show your personality. It is good when you could design it by yourself, but if there is no time to do it, remember we are here to help you.

We have already made a list of the 10 best fonts for T-shirt printing and you can pick up these fonts anytime in a fast response.

1. Hello Kiddos Serif Display Font

Serif Display Font
Hello Kiddos Display Font

If you are looking for a baby T-Shirt, this font looks perfect! Every detail in this font looks cute and suitable for the baby theme. The sense of happiness, colorful, and cheerfulness would make the baby becomes more cute than usual. Therefore, take this before you print the shirt and think about the cute quote to be placed.

Make sure you put it in the right contrast. No matter in a dark background or in a light one, the font keeps shiny. You can apply it to boys and girls. Check it in a good position with that images too. They would combine very well and you become gorgeous in it.

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2. Child Babita

Serif Display Font
Child Babita Display Font

It is still about the baby and children T-Shirt, this font looks awesome for boys and girls T-Shirt under 12. They would look creative and playful with this font and you as the designer would gain so many profits from the T-shirt sales. Child Babita has a clear and clean appearance. It is suitable to help children notice letters and learn to read. Just make a simple word with the font and add some cute images. Therefore, children and their parents would love it. On the other hand, you can add some trending children’s movies and cartoons too to attract children under five years.

3. Playful Child – Serif Display Font

Serif Display Font
Playful Child Display Font

This is another option for you who want to make a T-Shirt design for children. However, this font looks more appropriate for babies, especially girls. If you think about applying this font to their T-shirt, make sure to have a light background in it. Even to use it for the whole family members because the baby has a birthday, you can use it. Don’t waste a time making a new design. Just grab what you see here in less than seconds.

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4. Curl Gardena Quanto

Serif Display Font
Gardena Quanto Serif Display Font

Comes in 9 different weights, a Modern Serif font that feels beautiful classy, elegant, and modern. This font is perfectly suited for a wide variety of projects, such as signature, stationery, logo, wedding, typography quotes, magazine or book cover, website header, clothing, branding, packaging design, and more. Also, fashion-related branding or editorial design displays both masculine and feminine qualities.

Do not wait too long to apply this font type to a T-shirt, especially for women in their middle age. The vintage appearance of this font makes anything looks so flowering and girly. Watch it out! You would find something feminine here.

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5. Woreta Karlina Slab Serif Font

Slab Serif Font
Woreta Karlina Serif Font

This font can make it easier to convey the message in your design. Use for awesome display, labeling, clothing, movie screen, poster, movie title, gigs, album covers, logos, and much more. It’s also could be good for both fun and semi-formal text. It is clean and clear making everyone who sees it could easily read the content on the shirt. In addition, both men and women may use it. Don’t hesitate to combine the font with another.

It is vintage in some lines but also looks elegant in some parts. Want to look more prestigious? You come to the right font then. It has minor faults and its human tone makes it ideal for headlines, quotes, and short text, making it inviting and adaptable. So, it is your turn to create a message, quote, motivation, and family moment to share in the T-shirt. It is good to make it for your minor group too.

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6. Zanie Brovia Modern Serif Font

Serif Display Font
Zanie Brovia Display serif Font

Since women always have many options ad they could choose anything they desire, this font is just like this example. You can use it to boost the elegant side of the users and they also would look more feminine. It has a warm, natural vibe, inspired by hand lettering art, with many interlocking letters and swashes that give it a hand-drawn vibe. To give it an organic and welcoming feel, the corners are slightly curved with their feet. If you can combine it in the right color for example grey and pink, or black and pink, the font would symbolize an independent side of women. Looks gorgeous, isn’t it?

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7. Lemonida Modern Sans Serif Font

Serif Display Font
Lemonida Modern Serif Font

Lemonida is a Modern Serif Font that combines classic style fonts moderated with a touch of minimalist design, produces beautiful and elegant fonts, and is supported by ligatures and more font substitutes with all characters brought in will make you explore your design style more easily, with various alternative styles that allow for logos, posters, covers, main packaging, business cards, wedding cards and more, so what are you waiting for?

When designing a kid’s t-shirt, you want to focus on positivity and fun. It’s refreshing to see positive quotes or sayings in a kid’s t-shirt Yeah! You should keep positive to pass this life.

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8. Mondapick

Serif Display Font
Mondapick Sans Serif Font

If you are a company owner and want to make shirts for your employees, do not skip this font in your list. This font looks strong and motivating enough. It is also a general appearance and it suits men and women. Clear and neat make your company profile looks clear on the shirt. You do not have to wait and think twice to use the font. You just need to find something to write on it and be ready to gain a positive vibe from customers and loyal employees.

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9. Lovely Jackie

Serif Display Font
Lovely jacky Sans Serif Font

There is not only family, children, men, employees, and women who need something to show off who they are, but couples also need to express their feeling. If you want to make a couple of T-shirts, choose this font as your partner. Express your love and show everyone if you already have a mate. You do not have to make a romantic sense of font or told anyone about your love in a romantic way. Sometimes this kind of font would express your way in a different style full of fun. Yes, love is not always about being romantic, right?

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10. Royal Augustine

Display Serif Font
Royal Augustine Serif Font

If you want to show your company’s awareness to customers, you can try to have shirts using this kind of font. It is great to show how professional you are and how perfect you are to serve customers. Therefore, try to apply this font if you want to have a better response from customers. The loyal customers come from your treat. If you could make a great treat for them, they would remember you.

Serif Display Font and Slab Serif Font are the good font category to express your feeling toward shirts. They are readable, unique, and have their own charming side. Do not skip those 10 fonts list whenever you want to make a design. Pay attention to the layout of your text. Just as with any other design project, you want to make sure that your text is properly arranged on the shirt. This will help look polished and professional.

Make sure that the font is legible. It’s important to choose a font that is easy to read from a distance. Experiment with different colors and styles. You may want to use a unique text color or font style to create some contrast against your shirt’s main color or image. This will give you the opportunity to show off your creativity and personality.

Consider the tone of your message. Not all fonts are created equal. Some fonts convey a playful, fun feeling while others have a more serious tone. Choose the font that best suits your message. Consider where people will see your shirt design. If you’re hoping for an outdoor event where there might be some sun glare, you’ll want a thinner font so it can still be easily read in these conditions.

Whatever your choice will be, UI Creative would be very happy to help you. Skip your time being confused and get to the next level of your project now! Pay attention to the size of the font. Use a large font if you’re hoping for something that is easy to read while using a smaller format if you want people’s eyes to be drawn more towards the picture on your shirt than the actual words used in the design.