7 Tips on Tattoo Business Cards Design

in Inspiration on October 15, 2022

To be successful as a tattoo artist, you should never leave the house without a stack of exciting business cards to hand out. Here is a list of seven incredible concepts for tattoo business cards (business cards for tattoo artists, vintage tattoo business cards, tattoo shop business cards, creative tattoo business cards).

Simply put, tattoo artist business cards are one of the few examples of old-school marketing strategies that are still useful in this day and age of digital technology. The reason for this is that they are effective.

The Use of Business Cards for Tattoo Artists

Business Card – Tattoo Artist Brand
Business Card – Tattoo Artist Brand

Creating top-of-mind awareness among the person holding a business card is an age-old branding, promotion, and marketing strategy that it may accomplish through business cards. It has come to our attention that tattoo artists who individually distribute tattoo business cards are more likely to increase bookings for the following reasons:

  • They provide an opening for you to market yourself and your company’s brand.
  • They make the relationship that you have with your customer feel more personal, which is especially true if your phone number is displayed on the card.
  • You can leave an impression as well as generate leads.
  • They make it easier for folks to find out how to get in touch with you.

We have also discovered that not all business cards used by tattoo artists are created equal. Business card trading has become a standard practice for most creative professionals. That said, the information on your business card needs to be clear and concise to see a more significant increase in reservations.

Review these seven expert recommendations to ensure your tattoo business cards attract the attention they deserve.

Tips on Tattoo Business Cards

1. Make a name for yourself

Business Card – Splash Studio
Business Card – Splash Studio

It’s tempting to order a few hundred tattoo business cards to establish a name for yourself, especially with services like Vistaprint selling them for next to nothing and in predesigned layouts.

If you want our opinion, consider this: Don’t. It’s cheap, sure, but lots of other musicians have said the same thing. Therefore, there is a chance that you will end up with a tattoo that looks exactly like those offered by other similarly themed businesses. Remember that a tattoo artist’s business card that stands out from the crowd is more likely to be kept and admired than discarded.

2. Don’t add to the mess

Business Card – Black White and Orange Theme
Business Card – Black White and Orange Theme

We know that you have probably heard the saying “Less is more,” yet this adage couldn’t be more accurate when designing your business card. The message on the business card of a tattoo artist should be succinct and direct: “Here is my contact information; please call me to schedule an appointment.”

There is no need to list each service you provide or clutter up your business card with clip art linked to tattoos. Instead, focus on the fundamentals:

  • Your name
  • Job Title
  • Phone number (either salon or personal, but not both)
  • Address
  • Tattoo artist tagline for branding purposes

This is the essential information that your customers require right now. Adding too much text to your card might make it look cluttered and obscure important information. Additionally, excessive colors can provide an additional volume that draws attention away from the information regarding your contact details. When you can, limit your color scheme to three colors: a dominant color, an accent color, and a text color.

3. Find your inspiration for your tattoo business cards

Business Card – Abstract Design
Business Card – Abstract Design

Because your tattoo business cards convey all of the information about your company when you aren’t present, you must design them to meet your target audience’s requirements.

Ask yourself what kind of experience your customers will anticipate based on your card’s design:

  • Upscale designs?
  • Trendy artwork?
  • Are walk-ins available?
  • Prices by size or hours?

The shop’s brand should be reflected on your business card if you are a freelance artist working in a prominent tattoo shop. Get the tattoo shop’s permission before using their logo, if they have one, or ask if they have a standard business card template you may use if they have a logo.

Please do not make the mistake of utilizing entertaining graphics and designs simply because another tattoo shop makes use of them. It’s possible that delicate illustrations of butterflies wouldn’t be appropriate for, for example, a more “die-hard” tattoo parlor. Think about your target demographic and your brand, and then go forward from there.

4. Activate the senses

Business Card – Brush Creative Studio
Business Card – Brush Creative Studio

The tattoo business cards that engage many senses can increase viewer retention and distinguish your business. Consider the following:

  • A textured decoration
  • Textured or more robust cardstock
  • A shiny finish

5. Add a picture for your tattoo business cards

Business Card – Content Creator
Business Card – Content Creator

Most likely, your business card isn’t the only one someone has. In a sea of the same size cards, yours can stand out with a simple image, design, or unique color scheme. Some tattoo artists use tattoo-related pictures on their business cards, like different tattoo designs. These work fine, but picking an image that won’t look like every other tattoo artist’s business card is essential.

Also, make sure that the picture fits with your brand. A tattoo shop mainly serves men and wouldn’t use an abstract image like this to attract customers. One thing to keep in mind: you can’t just pick any picture from the internet. At least, not without getting in trouble for copying. Make sure you choose an image you can legally use, like one from Creative Commons, the public domain, or one you made yourself.

6. Use a font that is easy to read

Business Card – Black Template
Business Card – Black Template

Making your tattoo business cards is a great time to build your brand’s image. But creativity shouldn’t mean making things hard to read or small. Make sure that the font you choose is easy to read. When trying to make an appointment, no one wants to waste time trying to figure out what a phone number or address is. But you don’t have to use boring Times New Roman just because you shouldn’t use a fancy font

We suggest fonts like Eras, Impact, Elephant, and Rockwell, which are clean and clear. You can also buy fonts to give your work a unique look. We’ve found that pairing serif and sans serif fonts work well to make the text easier to read. Before you send your cards to the print shop, try out different fonts and sizes.

7. Make it multipurpose

Business Card – Blended Color Template
Business Card – Blended Color Template

By giving your card an additional purpose, you can increase the likelihood that the recipient will keep it for a more extended period. For instance, you could put a calculator for calculating tips or a coupon; on the other, you could include information about your company.

You probably weren’t aware of this, but tattoo business cards don’t have to look like cards. Consider it in this light: the objective of handing a prospect your business card is to provide them with your contact information in the hope that they will remember you if they require your service in the future. Not only does this mirror business card seem professional, but it also provides the cardholder with a practical tool they will use.

It is quite OK to think outside the box when creating a business card for a tattoo artist. Use your imagination, but remember that whatever you decide, it should be able to make as large of a statement as the artwork on their tattoos.

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