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20 Best Packaging Design Templates

in Packaging on February 20, 2021

Grab one of these 20 best packaging design templates. Food industry cannot move apart from packaging. Packaging design templates is the first impression from customers about the product. In a packaging, customers could know the composition, nutrition, expiry date, and the brand of the products. It suits to any products and you may apply it to any material of packaging.

Fastfood Vegetable Packaging Design Templates

A combination between plastic and foil could be the best material for this packaging. Since it is for fast food like porridge and cereal, there should be a foil inside it. You could change its color and font size. Whatever you want to do with it, do not worry to make it less in design quality. Adjust its size based on your product size. Make sure the ink will not easily pour if it is wet. This is the most important factor in preparing packaging. You cannot let the letter in it lose.

Spicy Noodles

Spicy is identical with dark red color. Therefore, if you want to package a spicy food, try to use this design. Even you do not have a good image to insert, you could just use an illustrator for it. It contains a complete rules of packaging like the brand space, netto, company address, nutrition fact, composition, and expiry date. All you have to do is just edit in some parts also the layout whenever you think it is quite not suitable to your product. It is not only for noodle, but also for spicy snacks. if you want to make it kids friendly, change its color into yellow and do not put any spicy inside.

Roast Beans

Simple, elegant, and professional. These three words are what to implement this packaging. The combination of its tone is perfect to show how valuable your product is. It is only consume by high grade customers. It could be said that your product is expensive, but the real mean is it is healthy and can change someone’s habit of junk food. Once you applied it in plastic which is not in standing pouch, it will be less worth. Sure, the packaging is a cover of product. If it is good, then customers would see how they want to deserve and try your product.

Ethiopia Coffee

Real coffee is a popular habit to consume today. To package a coffee whether it is grinded or bean, you need the strong packaging. It does not matter the color of the design, but it has to show your product value. This is a simple concept you might choose. It will not make people afraid to grab it because they think it will be expensive. There is no expiry date commonly to show in coffee packaging. Choose the material that will not easy to get wet and absorb odor.

Cup Coffee

Exclusive design applied in perfect packaging will result the best image of product ever! It is simple in its design, but its color make it awesome and rich. It is not only suitable for coffee. but it is also suitable for any beans like peanut and more. Whatever it is, you should concern that your product can be sold in high rate. Well, packaging is add the rate of your product. You should notice it.

Local Coffee

This is fabulous packaging design template to choose. You may change its color based on the source of your coffee or product. However, the design is already perfect to choose, especially if you have more than a kind of product. For example you have peanut product in three kinds like spicy, average, and not spicy. You could use these design for the same product in different levels.

Organic Cashew Nuts

You have a choice to package your products. You could choose the cheaper material and the product price will be cheaper. Or you could make it in elegant material and design, so it would be worth. This is an example of the affordable packaging design that suit to any products including organic. Back to your customers category, you need to know their level of income, age, and habit. For example, if your customers desire to be an environment activist, you should apply this design on eco-friendly material. You may add this explanation in the design of this packaging.

Organic Almonds

Put a slogan in packaging design is allowed. therefore, you may insert it in this ready to use packaging design. It is simple but mature in color. It is suitable for women customers who would like to stay healthy. If you already produce it in large scale, you may insert the bar code in the back of the packaging design.

Herbal  Seeds

This is one of the eye catching packaging design. It is suitable for young and women. It is not only for herbal food or snacks, but also good for skin care or skin treatment packaging. For example is for organic mask. You may apply it in medium or small size of packaging. This is the most fancy design packaging template from UI Creative.

Black Coffee

Since coffee customers are mostly men, the color of its packaging must be masculine. You could apply this design concept which is simple, masculine, and elegant. Change its layout and font when you think it is not clear enough. Even the color of its fonts is yours.

Cheese Sticks

Snacking time is for teenagers, children, and you. Put the calorie information on it is the best note for customers. Therefore, they could decide to pick small amount of snacks or more. This design is suitable to reach any age range. If you have a product that could be used by any age range, this design will help you to promote.

Cacao Herbal

This exclusive design is not only for cacao powder, but it is suitable for any powder. For example is ginger powder, goat milk powder, tea powder, and even mask powder for skin treatment. Whatever it is, you just have to change the design color, layout, and format. If you have more than one powder products, you only have to purchase this template and use it forever.

Cashew Nut Snack

It is a general design template for any packaging. Whether you want to sell healthy snacks or you want to sell full of chocolate candy snack, this design is enough. Explore yourself on making new products and only use this packaging design to cover it all. It is very practical.

Green Tea Herbal

For leaves and something which is not in powder condition, you need to show how to process it. This design is already explained how to consume your product. The attractive design in the back of package shows how  meaningful your product is.

Healthy Salad

Since you sell a raw product, you should insert the recommended picture on the packaging. For example is in noodle advertising. Have you notice how they make a noodle until they serve it? They will not put the same ingredients like what they see on the packaging. However, you should educate customers by informing how to serve the raw food well. Marketing online strategy is not only by creating  a beautiful template, but also the attractive content. It is time for you to select whether you want to promote it online or offline. using brand ambassador on media will have a high impact and response, but you need to spend much money for it.

Instant Spicy Ramen

The main thing in food design packaging is image. Visual content influences the customers impression about your product. Insert the image which could persuade customers taste. This design is already match in visual. you just need to play in its color and additional vector images. At least it should support your product ingredients.

There is also special spot for products in package. On the other page of the package, there should be products list to help customers choose, compare, and buy. Sometimes you may ask for giveaway program and let customers to  contribute on it. What do you think to share three questions and three package of gift? If in the previous era we will send a package to get reward, but today we just have to follow a social media. Therefore, try to insert your customer service number in the back of the packaging. Ask customers to be careful on cheating lucky draw under your business brand.

Popcorn spicy Snack

Snacking time is good for everyone. Give a visual effect for your image and insert it to this package. You will become popular if you know how to promote it. Share this design that including your editing result to social media and marketplace. You will be able to promote your product around the world by this perfect packaging design.

Selecting food and beverage products to sell on  means you should prepare high resolution content. The main purpose is to build a ‘delicious’ perception from customers. They should have an appetite and want to try. It is good to promote your company widely, but you cannot gain customers in high amount. On the other hand, once your company is trying to innovate on frozen cookies or long lasting bakery, this packaging design will be suitable. Insert the making process, share the ingredients would raise your customers.

Heritage Coffee

How to attract people to notice your product? Put the strong image so everyone could remember. Second trick, you could use a strong font and color in the design. This design template is one of the example that you could have a great packaging and good impression of your product without you have to insert visual effect image in the package. This is the top two of the best design packaging from us. It is suitable for any products. Bean, powder, snack, raw products are good to have this design.

Are you a seller? If you are, it is good to have your own marketplace. Collaborate to another company in the same website sounds good. You may insert some brands of an item in the website. Do not forget to insert term and condition menu and shipping method. Therefore, you could insert ‘available on’ sentences in your packaging. Make it premium.

Arabica Premium Coffee

A vintage design sometimes is what you desire for your product. When you think you need it, it is time to select and purchase this design. Insert the image that you think will suit to your vintage style. Apply this layout and rustic style of format. Use our free font. Voila! This will be an ordinary product ever!

Try to catch customer hearts by giving nice content, features, and images. It is better to put high quality images and health professional comment on it. Make it available on any marketplace. Introducing about your product first. The step by step to promote it must be explained well. Starting now, make a clear information to customers.

Protein Powder Drink packaging design templates 

Our last top 20 best packaging design template is protein powder drink design template. What to perform in this template is the nutrition amount and everything related to its influence to customers health. This is the plus points from your product, so you should perform it on its package. No matter the color of it, make sure the font is clear and modern enough, so everyone could read it.

We cannot put the same idea on art and design. One people say it is good, but the others might say no. Therefore, all you need to concern is the aim of any design. If you think your package is a place to show your product is healthy, make it informative. Give the clear information about your product nutrition fact. On the other hand, if the package is to offer a new variant, make it more attractive. People could grab a product, put it in the basket, and purchase.

Our awesome Packaging design templates  is just some examples of our collection. Browse only what you require. Everyone wants to get awareness in his personal and business. Therefore, if you want to start building awareness, try to pick a place to show the real you.