10+ Signature Fonts for Logo and Branding

in Inspiration on October 31, 2022

Signature fonts (email signature fonts, best signature fonts in word) are becoming more popular because they add a personal touch to the brand experience as a whole. Because these looks help people feel emotionally connected to products and services, it’s not surprising that business leaders and marketing experts are putting a lot of emphasis on using signature fonts (signature type fonts) in their logos and other advertising materials.

Take, for example, Barbie and Disney. The signature fonts for each brand make it easy to remember who they are and what they stand for. Looking at these fonts, you can tell who they belong to and what they stand for. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the best signature fonts online.

What is Signature Fonts?

A typeface created to seem like the author’s handwriting is known as a signature font. Signature fonts are most frequently used for personal branding, since they may assist in the development of an identity that is singular and easy to recall. It may be used for stationery, logos, other marketing materials, and websites, or it can just be utilized to give a bit of personality to your papers.

Signature Fonts for Logo and Branding

Here are UICreative collections for signature type fonts:

1. Right Signature Font

Right Signature Font
Right Signature Font

One of our most popular finds is the first on the list. Right Signature Font is a signature fonts that looks like it was written naturally by hand. This font is full of washes, ligatures, and different styles that make it versatile. You can use it on book covers, poster headlines, baby brands, or anything else.

2. Spice Wallet Script

Spice Wallet Handwritten Style
Spice Wallet Handwritten Style

The Signature Font Spice Wallet, a typeface by UICreative, has been aptly dubbed a luxury font due to its appeal of being elegant, graceful, and cursive. This candidate is equipped with ligatures and swashes in addition to conventional characters and choices for writing in many languages. Because it is wonderfully legible, you need not be concerned about disturbing your audience.

3. Srikaya Handwritten Font

Sirikaya Handwritten Font
Sirikaya Handwritten Font

This stunning font features handwritten signature fonts in a beautiful handwriting style. This typeface, dubbed a chic tribute to traditional calligraphy, is charming and delightfully personal. Also, this font will be successful in anything from postcards to art items for social networking platforms.

4. Marryland Handwritten Script Monoline

Marryland Handwritten Script Monoline
Marryland Handwritten Script Monoline

The handwritten signature script known as Marryland has a flow that comes naturally. This typeface, considered one of the more hygienic choices on the list, is ideal for anybody who wants to maximize a calligraphy look that is at once delicate and professional.

5. Serendipity Handwritten Font

Serendipity Handwritten Font
Serendipity Handwritten Font

Our Serendipity is one of the items on the list that gives the impression of being more personal than the others. It does this by using an aesthetic that is delicately inspired by calligraphy. This typeface is sure to please, making it an excellent choice for branding projects, Pinterest quote graphics, and business card layouts. It also includes a large number of glyphs, alternatives, and ligatures for you to use!

6. Veronica Hamish Signature Handwritten Font

Veronica Hamish Signature Handwritten Font
Veronica Hamish Signature Handwritten Font

Our Veronica Hamish is one of the most refined options available on the list, and it stands out thanks to its accentuated curves and narrow lines. This set includes not only the letters of the alphabet but also the numbers and symbols, and it is compatible with the industry’s most popular editing software packages. Choose this if the aesthetic you’re going for is typically associated with women.

7. Light Paprica Calligraphy

Light Paprica Calligraphy - best signature fonts in word
Light Paprica Calligraphy

This is yet another intimate typeface that competes in the signature fonts market. The Light Paprica typeface has an air of sophistication and brings to mind wedding announcements thanks to its contemporary design, which includes lovely ligatures and alternatives. This font is a versatile typeface that any creative person would love using everywhere, and it is appropriate for a variety of branding initiatives as well as publication projects.

8. Drepton Olina Handwritten Font

Drepton Olina Handwritten Font
Drepton Olina Handwritten Font

This typeface combines a professional appearance with a cursive style and is an option worth considering if you are seeking such a font. This candidate is readable, thick, and has a cohesive appeal, making it excellent for business design projects and formal invites. It is one of the trademark fonts more obviously inspired by modern technology.

9. Anthoni Gristhea Handwritten Script

Anthoni Gristhea Handwritten Script - email signature fonts
Anthoni Gristhea Handwritten Script

This typeface manages to be both lively and modern while preserving the recognizable font characteristic. Anthoni Gristhea is evocative of cartoons from the 1990s and old-fashioned advertising, and it comes with a complete set of the alphabet in addition to a variety of aesthetic variants. Having said that, this is an incredible find that can be used for a wide variety of marketing materials and much more.

10. Frankie Twist Signature Fonts

Frankie Twist Signature Font - signature fonts online
Frankie Twist Signature Font

Sincerity is engraved in stone when it comes to the handwritten signature fonts known as Frankie Twist. This UICreative selection appears to be one of the homiest options, thanks to its asymmetrical lines and overall organic appearance. With this service, you can easily create a sense of comforting familiarity for your audience.

How to Make Signature Fonts

Then, how to make signature fonts? The answer is quite difficult, and you need to have a generator or apps to make the signature fonts. To make your life easier, you can use and download signature fonts by UICreative

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