10 Best Script Font for Logo and Branding

in Inspiration on October 8, 2022

A script font, sometimes called a cursive font, can add a unique touch to a logo or branding project. Using cursive fonts in creating a logo is a terrific method to differentiate your business from the competition and draw attention to it. These are the collections of the ten best script fonts for logo design and branding offered by UICreative.

Before looking for the script font examples, let’s know what script fonts are.

What is Script Font?

A script font is created to emulate the elegance and beauty of traditional hand lettering and calligraphy. They can have a decorative purpose, but most people employ them in the same way as display fonts, that is, to make a statement rather than communicate a predetermined message.

These particular types of script font can potentially be very well-liked options for use in the design of logotypes, stationery, and posters. They contribute to creating various atmospheres when combined with multiple other types of fonts.

10 Best Script Fonts

Here are the ten best script font for your logo and branding from UICreative,

1. Dento Viola Handwritten Font

Dento Viola Handwritten Font
Dento Viola Handwritten Font

The handwritten typeface is a handwritten script font with a fancy casual appearance. Those of you who enjoy writing that is bold, semi-bold, firm, or even simple can benefit from using this font. This Latin font is one of the best options for your company’s logo. Then, it is also appropriate for various varieties of products, including commodities of all kinds.

2. Amanda Signature Font

Amanda Signature Font
Amanda Signature Font

This signature font is the best choice if you want something simple, not too bold, and Latin. This font is excellent for branding. Then, some stores that could use this font sell makeup or clothes.

3. Monilea Brush Handwritten

Monilea Brush Handwritten
Monilea Brush Handwritten

One style of hand brush calligraphy font is referred to as Monilea Brush Handwritten. This font looks like difficult and natural-looking paint when combined with other elements. Even though it contains dense typography, it nevertheless manages to be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. It is recommended that you use this typeface for branding and logotypes if you have a product or service, such as coffee containers, glass products, or service businesses, one of which is haircutting.

4. Spice Wallet Handwritten Style

Spice Wallet Handwritten Style
Spice Wallet Handwritten Style

Are you looking for natural fonts for your perfume brands? Spice Wallet is the best! UICreative made this font inspiring by the handwritten style. Also, it seems natural because its looks like real handwritten. On the other side, this font is good for an invitation letter.

5. Wolington Script Sans Font

Wolington Script Sans Font
Wolington Script Sans Font

This font is one of the modern script fonts from UICreative. Wolington Script Sans Font has thick, latin, and simple font. Also, this font is suitable for every logo and brand. But, it’s recommended for your jacket branding, craft products logo or branding, and others. 

6. Jack Island Script

how to write script font - Jack Island Script
Jack Island Script

You can use this font in significant texts if you want to give them a bit of individuality because it has a great flow, and you can utilize it. Then, you can also use it for branding purposes, packaging, and social media material.

7. Beach Front Script Handwritten Font

what is script font - Beach Front Script Handwritten Font
Beach Front Script Handwritten Font

This handwritten font is refined and attractive, and it flows very nicely. Because it possesses such lovely and well-balanced characters, it is compatible with a diverse assortment of design options. Put it to work on your most original concepts, and you’ll quickly see how it brings your thoughts to life.

8. Renita Montes Signature Font

types of script font - Renita Montes Signature Font
Renita Montes Signature Font

This collection of scripts is just what you need to polish off your brand. It was explicitly designs to serve as a component of your branding. However, this is useful in a wide variety of contexts. This is one of the new collections from UICreative that is good for your logos and branding.

9. Serendipity Handwritten Font

script font generator - Serendipity Handwritten Font
Serendipity Handwritten Font

A font that was planned for you to find and which you will now take with you everywhere you go. Serendipity is a graceful and striking handwritten brush script font created with great care and attention to detail. You’ll find that Serendipity offers the alternative ligature and letter combination that’s just right for your brand here.

10. Dish Domine Handwritten Script

script font examples - Dish Domine Handwritten Script
Dish Domine Handwritten Script

This font is a contemporary script font that is bold and attractive. It is also very readable. It is characterized by soft curves and is an excellent choice for editorial design or fashion branding applications. You won’t regret including it in your initiatives, and the outcomes will exceed your expectations.

How to write script font?

Instead of using a script font generator, you can make your own by your hand. Creating your stunning script font from scratch is easy with the help of these few quick tips:

  • Start by doing a simple warm-up. Then, draw the sticks and circles for a few minutes to get used to the tools. It will help you calm down so you can write lovely letters.
  • Take it easy, and don’t rush. Then, ignore how you feel and breathe. This will make it easier to shake hands.
  • Pick a letter format. Then, check out what’s on the Internet and learn how to spell the letters. It will help you make a font that looks good and professional.
  • Try using different things. Everyone has their favorite tool, so pick the one that works best for you.

You know that logos and brands are essential for every business. The best script font comes from UICreative. You can choose which script fonts you want to use based on your needs. Most of the time, you can use all script fonts for logos and branding.

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