10 Best Premium Caligraphy Font

in Inspiration on November 1, 2022

It is impossible for a designer to have enough fonts in their toolset, particularly calligraphy fonts, which are all the rage right now. The use of caligraphy font (simple caligraphy font and modern caligraphy font) lends an air of sophistication to any creative endeavor; these fonts are fantastic for conveying an individual’s personality and character.

In addition, calligraphy fonts can be utilized in various projects, including but not limited to logos and branding, invitations, posters, and other similar items.

The good news is that you can locate many high-quality calligraphy fonts online, which can be utilized in either personal or business endeavors. Look at our collection of the best caligraphy font, you can use for your projects.

10 Caligraphy Font

Here are our collections of caligraphy font from UICreative:

1. Absolute Nature Handwritten Script Font

Absolute Nature Handwritten Script Font
Absolute Nature Handwritten Script Font

Are you looking for typefaces that seem like handwritten calligraphy? Utilizing the brilliant Absolute Nature Handwritten Script Font, you may exhibit the level of refinement that your work possesses. This caligraphy font, which includes elegant letters and a bouncing baseline, was inspired by traditional handwriting styles.

2. Amanda Signature Font

Amanda Signature Font
Amanda Signature Font

Great cursive caligraphy font is sometimes required for a creative project. And the Amanda Signature font will make every creative design look completely different. This is one of the best calligraphy fonts available, and it will instantly adorn whatever product or stationery you use it on. It has been carefully designed with handmade elements.

3. Spice Wallet

Spice Wallet Handwritten Style
Spice Wallet Handwritten Style

You can give your designs personality by utilizing Spice Wallet, a beautiful caligraphy font with bold strokes. This typeface would be ideal for the branding of artists or for making your postings on social media stand out from the crowd.

4. Raymond Caroline Brush Handwritten Font

Raymond Caroline Brush Handwritten Font
Raymond Caroline Brush Handwritten Font

Popular calligraphy fonts such as Raymond Caroline can be used to provide a wonderful experience for the user. This fantastic font has a cheery script design, and it also has gorgeous swashes and active letters. Downloading this contemporary calligraphy font will allow you to simply customize it for your brand and will help your work stand out from the crowd.

5. Morigana Hand Brush Caligraphy Font

Morigana Hand Brush Calligraphy Font
Morigana Hand Brush Calligraphy Font

The Morigana Hand Brush caligraphy font download is an excellent example of a font that perfectly balances masculine and feminine characteristics, making it one of the most popular calligraphy fonts available. The beautiful calligraphy font has large and bold letters written in a pretty brush script that can be used in various designs. Simply download it to access the alphabet, numbers, and other symbols.

6. Caroline Wilson Handwritten Font

Caroline Wilson Handwritten Font
Caroline Wilson Handwritten Font

Fancy caligraphy font can give your work a wow factor and help it stand out more. This unique kind of calligraphy font offers a contemporary calligraphic design characterized by bold curving lines and exaggerated swashes. This excellent typeface has a quirky and whimsical aesthetic, allowing for the creation of designs with excessive detail.

7. Bond Rotterdam Handwritten Font

Bond Rotterdam Handwritten Font
Bond Rotterdam Handwritten Font

Calligraphy typefaces that are already well-known might serve as a source of creativity. This cool calligraphy font has a one-of-a-kind, delicate look that would make it an excellent accent to any lovely design. Its lovely script letters have the appearance of calligraphy tattoo fonts that have been artfully remixed. Downloading this font right now will take your work to the next level.

8. Last Signature Handwritten Font

best caligraphy font - Last Signature Handwritten Font
Last Signature Handwritten Font

Calligraphy fonts that are simple to use, such as the Last Signature, can help you become an expert in graphic design. This well-known caligraphy font has a contemporary calligraphic style that has letters that are both casual and elegant. You can use it to give any design a bit of elegance and class if you use it correctly.

9. Derojela Serif Font

caligraphy font online - Derojela Serif Font
Derojela Serif Font

The Derojela Serif Font is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit. This and other popular caligraphy font style take their cues from fantastical tales and the joy of the Christmas season. This particular font has imaginative swash elements and a rough baseline. This package features an exhaustive collection of letters, numbers, and symbols for your use.

10. Cinema Viona Fonts

modern caligraphy font - Cinema Viona Fonts
Cinema Viona Fonts

Simple calligraphy font in your design, such as the Cinema Viona font, will make any project appear amazing. It resembles certain calligraphy tattoo fonts but has a modern design twist. The baseline for this script is all over the place, and the lines are very clean and smooth. Cinema Viona font is a versatile font that you can use in various ways, similar to other calligraphy letter fonts. Posters, flyers, and even invites to weddings are just some of the possible applications for this versatile material.

What Font Looks Like Caligraphy in Microsoft Word?

caligraphy font style - Willmard Valiant Signature Font
Willmard Valiant Signature Font

Edwardian Script ITC, Kunstler Script, and Lucida Calligraphy are three of the most impressive calligraphy fonts available in Microsoft Word. These fonts, along with many others, will be of assistance to you if you are seeking acceptable calligraphy fonts that cover all areas of the art form, such as old English fonts, modern caligraphy font, and Egyptian fonts.

  • Vivaldi
  • Vladimir Script
  • Monotype Corsiva
  • Freestyle Script
  • French Script MT
  • Brush Script MT
  • Palace Script MT
  • Script MT Bold
  • Blackadder ITC

Then, what font pair with caligraphy? The answer to this question is straightforward; all you need to do is choose a typeface that belongs to the same family as the calligraphy font.

How Can I Download The Caligraphy Font to Ms. Word?

simple caligraphy font - Violetta Sunniva Calligraphy Font
Violetta Sunniva Calligraphy Font

First, you can get the caligraphy font online on the website, for example, in the UICreative. After that, follows these steps.

  1. Save the font files to your computer. These are typically sent in zipped folders after being compressed. You might discover numerous variations of the same typeface within the same.zip folder, such as “light” and “heavy” font versions. A .zip folder.
  2. If the font files are compressed into a ZIP archive, you can extract them by right-clicking the.zip folder and selecting the Extract option from the context menu. You will now be able to view the TrueType and OpenType font files that are currently accessible.
  3. Use the context menu to select your typefaces, then click the Install button.
  4. If you have faith in the origin of the font, you should respond positively when offered to allow the application to make changes to your computer. Click the Yes button.
  5. Word’s font list will be updated to include your newly downloaded typefaces.

Fonts that are based on calligraphy are always interesting to look at. Because calligraphy typefaces can be so interesting, many people like learning about and experimenting with them. They unquestionably lend a great deal of personality to the page. UICreative provides the best quality caligraphy font you can use!

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