10 Best Magazine Cover Template For You

in Magazine on October 7, 2022

Are you looking for a magazine cover template? Remember that there is a lot of competition if you consider starting a new magazine. Your first obstacle will be to devise a layout for your magazine that not only looks fantastic but also caters to the readers’ needs in a way that differentiates it from other publications.

UICreative provides the magazine cover template you may use for your projects. Also, the tips on how to create a magazine template easily. Let’s have a look!

5 Best Magazine Cover Template Portrait Size

Here is the best magazine article template in the portrait size that is good for you:

1. Fashion Mode

Fashion Mode Magazine Template
Fashion Mode Magazine Template

Promotion is one of the aspects that might make conducting business in the fashion industry particularly tough. Choosing a design template for a magazine to use as part of a promotional event is quite significant. The more desirable the product, the hotter the buyer will find it. 

This Fashion Mode template is a magazine article template you can use related to the fashion industry. Also, the design of this template is simple and elegant, which makes it interesting to read. This template is a four by 6-inch A4 document you may alter using the Adobe InDesign program. It features 14 custom pages.

2. Economic

Economic Magazine Template
Economic Magazine Template

This template for an economic magazine features a stylish and functional cover, making it an excellent choice for magazines that focus on business, marketing, and finance topics. This magazine cover design has many advantages, one of which is that it is pretty well-organized. In this way, individuals who read afterward won’t confuse, let alone talk about money (heavy topics). In addition, the Adobe InDesign product provides users with 14 custom pages that you can modify as you need.

3. Travelicios

Travelicios Magazine Template
Travelicios Magazine Template

Are you working on a project for a travel magazine right now? The Travelicios template is the top option for the magazine cover you choose. Using this template, you can jot down any facts concerning tourism, such as descriptions of different locations. In addition to that, you might also provide the readers with some travel advice. Don’t worry because this template already supplies it.

4. Good Dessert Dishes – Cookbook

Good Dessert Dishes Cookbook
Good Dessert Dishes Cookbook

Do you like to cook and want to publish a magazine about it? With the Good Dessert Dishes template, you can make it happen. This is a modern and simple-looking magazine or cookbook. Then, you can use this template to show menus and recipes for food. Also, it’s fit for people who work in restaurants, magazines, and creative fields. There are columns for text and images on each of the 24 pages in this template. Each element and page is already set to make it easy to move and change them.

5. Entrepreneur’s Journal – Business Magazine

Entrepreneurs Journal Business Magazine
Entrepreneurs Journal Business Magazine

Suppose you work in the business world and are interested in publishing a magazine on the subject. In that case, this magazine cover template is designed specifically for business and is something that comes to a high recommendation for you. 

The design of this template is professional, simple, and amazing. In addition, the creative business and company promotion you have in mind will benefit greatly from utilizing this template. This template for a business magazine contains a total of 20 unique pages (more than any other magazine template). Your magazine’s material will be more in-depth if it has more pages.

5 Best Magazine Cover Template Landscape Size

Here is the best magazine article template in the landscape size that is good for you:

1. Architect Design

how to create a custom magazine template - Architect Design Landscape Magazine
Architect Design Landscape Magazine

This template is an absolute must for you if you have difficulty with architecture. The design and the layout are excellent choices for the profile of the architectural company. You have access to a total of sixteen custom pages. Everything, including the colors and the content, you can edit. Then, the orientation of this sample document is landscape. Therefore, you can utilize this design if the orientation of your photographs is landscape.

2. Travel and Adventure

Travel Adventure Landscape Magazine
Travel Adventure Landscape Magazine

This template has a unique and essential look. This template is an opportunity for those working on a project, including tours and travel. Then, it’s highly appropriate to increase the profile of your travel and tourism organization. People will be more likely to be interested in selecting your tour and travel business if the style of your company magazine is more appealing to them. Then, in addition, this design consists of 16 custom pages that You may modify according to the requirements of the content.

3. Style Photography

how to choose magazine template - Style Photography Landscape Magazine
Style Photography Landscape Magazine

This is the perfect design for your company profile if you want to impress every one of your customers. Then, a business’s initial impression of its customers is critical. One is by providing a company profile using an appealing magazine cover template as the basis for the presentation. This template for style photography comes in a landscape orientation and has 16 custom pages that you can use.

4. Franchise Business

how to create a magazine template - Franchise Business Landscape Magazine
Franchise Business Landscape Magazine

Do you already have a business and want to make it bigger? With this template, you can make a magazine about business franchises. This template is made just for business people like you. Then, the design and layout are already set in such a way. You can put in all the important information about your business, such as descriptions, photos, prices, and other important details. So, people who read this magazine might be interested in your business franchise.

5. Interior Decoration

magazine article template - Interior Decoration Landscape Magazine
Interior Decoration Landscape Magazine

This template provides a fantastic format for a magazine cover. Also, this is for a business specializing in furniture or interior design. If you look at several sample templates, you’ll notice that this template provides more area for attaching photographs than it does for articles. Therefore, the photographs are treated as the top priority in this layout. Nevertheless, you can also finish off your magazine by including some additional material.

How to create a custom magazine template?

Designing a magazine can be exciting, but it can also be very intimidating at times. When it comes to the majority of activities, getting starts is almost always the most challenging part, but once you get into the swing of things, everything makes more sense and becomes simpler.

The following are some suggestions on how to design a unique template for a magazine:

  • Look around you for ideas and motivation.
  • Locate the page that inspires you, and investigate how it creates.
  • Let’s start designing! (Upload your background and photos, add shapes, put in content, and add the elements, you can easily use Adobe InDesign).
  • And you’re done!

Are you interesting in more high-quality magazine templates? Then it will be best if you look through our collection of the top UICreative magazine cover template.

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