10 Best Handwritten Font for Design Graphic

in Inspiration on October 27, 2022

When it comes to applying our handwriting in graphic design (handwritten font style, handwritten print font), the truth is that even though many of us are confident in our ability to write legibly, we might as well have the penmanship of a physician. When developing a brand identity or a logo for a new client, this option is not precisely the most suitable one to go with.

To be of assistance, we felt that sharing our recommendations for a good handwritten font for graphic design, logos, and branding would be a good way to give your wrist a break from the effort of trying to perfect your talents. Because of these options, you won’t need to continue practicing and may instead focus on finding new clients and finding work.

However, before we get started, it would be helpful to understand better the term “handwritten font.”

What is handwritten font?

The appearance of the nice handwritten font is intended to mimic writing done by hand with an instrument such as a pen or marker. This typeface has various styles, reflecting the small changes and variations of actual handwriting. The range of styles can be rather extensive. 

The difference between script fonts and handwritten fonts is that script fonts tend to be more decorative or even have a touch of calligraphy. In contrast, the handwritten font looks more like the penmanship written in a letter. However, some people will compare the handwritten font to the script typeface.

10 Handwritten Font

Here is the UICreative collection of the handwritten font for graphic design.

1. Serendipity Handwritten Font

Serendipity Handwritten Font
Serendipity Handwritten Font

This is an excellent choice if you need a brush typeface with a lot of texture. As a result of its cutting-edge aesthetic, it may be used for a wide variety of purposes. It includes but is not limited to billboards, campaigns, magazines, small-scale social events, and more. 

Apply it everywhere you believe a genuine presentation is essential, including clothing projects, logo design, invites, and more. This handwritten font features lowercase and uppercase letters. So you’ll have plenty to do with it. For modern layouts, this is among the greatest handwritten fonts available.

2. Black Fold Script Handwritten Font

Black Fold Handwritten Font
Black Fold Handwritten Font

This aesthetic font is inspired by vintage advertisements and features thick lines and darkened spaces between letters. It has a real sharpie look. The aesthetics and appeals of this typeface are sure to captivate the attention of anyone interested in creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1950s. On this list, Black Fold stands out as one of the more memorable typefaces because it does a good job of preserving a font from a certain era.

3. Beach Front Script Handwritten Font

Beach Front Handwritten Font
Beach Front Handwritten Font

This is another handwritten font that can be found on this list. It has a genuine feel to it. This typeface is easy to read, has a sense of humor, and is not too bulky, making it ideal for use in personal letters, invitations, and greeting cards. Beach Front is an aesthetic that is both personal and approachable, and it is available in both upper and lower case forms.

4. Gunman Handwritten Font

Gunman Handwritten Font
Gunman Handwritten Font

The handwritten font known as Gunman is chic and uses lengthy strokes throughout the letters. This font looks similar to text that has been scrawled with a sharpie. It is a standard choice for graphic designers and other creatives who want their work to have an air of familiarity and a sense of individuality.

5. Dento Viola

Dento Viola Handwritten Font
Dento Viola Handwritten Font

As its name aptly suggests, Dento Viola is yet another textured brush font that can be found on this list. Its letters have the appearance of having been drawn with a wet brush. Dento Viola is a beautiful sight to behold. It is ideal for art-related projects and campaigns that require elegant strokes and thin. Not only that, but also cursive lines since it lends an air of authenticity and artistry to your written work.

6. Absolute Nature Handwritten Script Font

good handwritten font - Absolute Nature Handwritten Font
Absolute Nature Handwritten Font

The Absolute Nature is a sleek-looking handwritten font that will pack a punch due to its simple and elegant design and various modification options. This font features elongated strokes and curves on every edge. Also, it works wonderfully for various designs, particularly motivational sayings or phrases sure to grab attention.

7. Beauty Bohemian

Beauty Bohemian Handwritten Font
Beauty Bohemian Handwritten Font

This is a handwritten font styled like a signature that UICreative made. It was inspired by the life, truths, and wonders that come with it. The set works well in Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. The handwritten font is a great way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your work and make it stand out.

8. Last Signature

Last Signature Handwritten Font
Last Signature Handwritten Font

The hand-lettered typeface, the Last Signature, was developed by UI Creative. This font might be an attractive option for use in the production of logotypes, branding, and packaging, in addition to postings on social media. 

The typeface contains a handwritten script font and a hand-lettered serif font. Both fonts are hand-drawn. A collection of swashes and an alternate, a slanted form of the script are provided for you to use in your design so that it can have that little bit more drama.

9. Neoradical Handwritten Brush Font

handwritten print font - Neoradical Handwritten Brush Font
Neoradical Handwritten Brush Font

This is another well-known textured typeface that can be found on our list. It gives the impression that it was created with a paintbrush. This font is one of the types available on UICreative with a luxury appearance. It has an elegant and old-fashioned appearance and is reminiscent of the end credits that you would see in cartoons from the 1990s. Use it on personalized mugs, book covers, or anything else you can think of. It has a refined overall appearance that will look great in any application thanks to its ability to blend seamlessly.

10. Bond Rotterdam Handwritten Font

nice handwritten font - Bond Rotterdam Handwritten Font
Bond Rotterdam Handwritten Font

The Bond Rotterdam, which looks like it was written by hand, is full of character. UICreative made the textured brush script. It works well for branding, packaging, and social media posts, among other things. The set comes with handwritten font and ink splatters that you can use to make a casual look.

How to Make Your Own Handwritten Font

Then, how to make your own handwritten font? There is no better way to make a presentation appear more entertaining or bring an invitation to a party to life than to play around with word art. Have you ever considered designing your very own typeface?

Perhaps a typeface based on your handwriting will work better? Because of MyScriptFont.com, doing so is incredibly simple and completely free.

You can get a template from this website that requires you to type out the letters of the alphabet by hand. The template must then be uploaded to the service to transform each letter into a font that can be downloaded, installed, and used in any way you see fit.

Now, you can give the appearance that you spent time handcrafting the invitation to the next party you’re throwing without ever picking up a pen.  If you have a question about what is the font used to make it look handwritten, the answer is you can use our collections for your design graphic projects.

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