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20 Best Romantic Fonts

in Inspiration on February 24, 2021

Romantic fonts are the basic fonts for wedding invitation, RSVP, and save-the-date card. You can use these fonts from our collection. Check this out!

1. Winston Kohn Font

Having handwriting fonts for romantic letter or wedding invitation creates he bold uppercase letter looks steady to hold your brand. Its uppercase has light dots inside it. It makes the font looks elegant and modern. This is a simple and elegant san serif letter. You may have it for various title of projects, including for children projects and books. It is clean and clear design make it easy to read. Try to make something different by choosing the right paper.

2. Serendipity Font

A logo for romantic movie brand house of production needs something sharp and full of brush. Thin in first uppercase is an implementation for romantic scene and business. It is a simple and modern font style. It has an upright and normal letters combination that makes it looks formal enough. More details in it makes a good impression toward this font. The design shows how your hand write it down in good tone. For the name of wedding couple, it is good too. Evaluate this font by having perfect color.

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3. Wonderful Weekend

Uppercase in break parts make it looks artistic and stylish. San Serif font like this give a strong image for public. You need logo to perform something which is yours. Even it is in brush style, you should notice how the knots go one by one. People will not notice whether it is your hand writing or it is an instant font you get from UI Creative. Set your save the date cards apart from the rest with this romantic font, and look forward to getting the following features in the file like punctuation, letters, numbers, and easily to install.

4. Risotto Bistro Font

The contemporary serif font is perfect for the headings on your save the date cards, while the free handwriting signature script is ideal for the details, including names. It is worked on PC and Mac. You could try to find The great background of paper color for this font. Do not need to bold it again because it is already in bold. The clear line make it looks bright and attractive. For modern wedding or romantic novel title, grab this font. Enjoy to have it in every detail of your romantic touch.

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5. Oslo Capital Font

Made by hands. This is the way how you put it, in edge, in the professional layout, or in the top of paper size. The uppercase in the first letter of word has a great style. It looks like a hand writing font and package in exclusive ink. Try to apply it spring wedding theme. Since the style looks like full of blossom, you should try to have it. It is not only for wedding card, but also suitable for couple shirt font for brand.

6. Perfect Paradise Font

Look at this font! It looks like how you could experience in simple but like signature style of font. It is a bit bold but straight. You may use it for formal wedding invitation. Only try to decorate some parts of it and your invitation becomes fabulous. The good point is you will have the punctuation, letters, numbers, and additional component of it. Make it simple. Do not receive a wrong file or broken one. Since it is for your sweet moment, make it sweet. Are you ready to apply it? Check if you are ready!

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7. Miranda Wolding Font

Romantic is not only by a letter, but also by an action and item. Write the romantic greeting using this font. You could make it in the bucket as the memorable words to write down. Use one font to put your name on the save the date cards and the other to add the date, location, and other details of your big day. It is a classic but also elegant in same case. Try to blend it with its number and letters file. Before you print, try to innovate with the best background and format.  It has a combination of basic fonts with curves and shapes. Both of them  are different but remain parallel between fonts. Therefore, they will look neat and clear and suitable for being display title. By having the thick weights, It is perfect for adding image and make people interested in reading or seeing.

8. Onde Nesla

Natural touch with beautiful line makes it suitable for any romantic moment. Handwritten side looks clear in every single letter, punctuation, and number. Have this font to express your love, your respect, and wish of a relationship. For RSVP and save-the-date card, it boosts recipients desire to attend your wedding. The comfort way to place this font looks like you write it down by yourself. Make a good impression on your wedding invitation would help them to pray well for your wedding. Even to hold engagement party, it is perfect to use this font as a hope.

9. Last Signature

What do you want to have for wedding invitation or anniversary invitation? Once you print them, they do not take too much ink. This is the key point. Therefore, try to find the thin but clear font like Last Signature. Once you applied it in invitation, especially in romantic season, it would spare the love to others. Make a couple items and use it as the font to use will give fabulous feel. Although the scratch looks like classical style, it keeps good to your gold and silver anniversary.

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A classical and vintage style of font. It is suitable  for a pleasant experience in reading texts and noticing headlines. It is used for subtext applications with the heavier weights too. This font is inspired by the  fonts in the 19th century.

10. Growth Buckingham

When you need a shadow and more effects on your invitation, romantic movies font, and couple item try this font. What do you want to write down on invitation? If it is a name, date, and venue of the event, you can use it only to show and make readers to focus on couple name. Therefore, to apply this font in many words around, you should combine it to another font. It gives huge effect to persuade readers focus. Make them only see the important part, narrow their point of view. If you do not know how to start, let us help you to make a decision.

11. Fraternite Font

Finding a modern and clear font a bit difficult but Fraternite comes to help you. You may use it to make a neat and tidy impression. It looks like what young people write on their journal. Elegant and looks like it is written with all of your heart. Formal occasion need this font style. Therefore, arranging your RSVP, wedding invitation, and save-the date card would suitable with it. The reason is because it is neutral. Whether to fill the whole invitation words, you can use this font. No matter what you desire to write, except your signature, this font could accomodate everything, even for the title.

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12. Jackson Armor

Whenever you want to make the clear style and word so everyone can read it well, you may use this font. It has elegant shape and could be applied for elegant theme. For example if you hold a wedding party or ceremony like what princess and prince did, try to use this font in wedding invitation. It is not only to write down the couple name, but it is also to explain the detail of wedding event. Make the different of its size if you need something important in some parts to notice by others.

13. Drepton Olina

Find a font that looks like your real write is challenging. The  pen that touches paper always different from a person to another. They always have character of their own handwritting. Drepton Olina makes it happened. You will see how its shape influences the design of your invitation or movie title. Writing romantic novels or items look great to apply this font. It is because clients would feel gratful to have something like your real signature. It means you respect them and want to keep engage.

14. Frankie Twist

Energetic romance could be seen by how you react on it. Writing love letter seems happy especially when it talks about your happy moment with partners make it full of energy. If you want to show that you really enjoy the moment together, apply this font on your letter. Even it is not for letter, you could use it for anniversary invitation or engagement invitation. For the script, romantic items and greetings, and every second you want to write your love feeling. Use it.  A font that has a unique character that belongs to the Victorian serif family. The typographic style is simple and organized but has a different sharp angle in the middle. Therefore, it looks exclusive and modern.

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15. Chic Budapest

Happy valentine! to write and express your love, you need extra efforts. Not only by preparing romantic flowers and prizes, but also romantic letter. You can write by using this font, including use it for the envelope. If you want to arrange engagement in this valentine, you may use Chic Budapest too. It has thin and artistic style. Well, maybe it is a bit traditional, but your enthusiast on this moment is clearly seen. You do not need to doubt about it. make this font look smooth, clear, and cool. You only can be found it in this font style. Casual style need it.

16. Cinema Vione

It looks neat and clear since it applied on a line. You see that? once you use this font, it has a proportional style like you are written on the book. The line under make it neat and tidy. You may use it for formal and casual romantic dinner invitation. This font consists of sophisticated signature style scripts, and elegant, classy serif all-caps fonts. With perfectly smooth curves and silky smooth edges. Modern wedding ceremony? Wanna make modern invitation style? Try here! Its signature brush hits and also extremely usable in large and small formats. You could enjoy the natural texture of the balanced paint effect between fonts

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17. Beauty Bohemian

This is a stylish font. You may use it to make elegant invitation. Related to romantic scene, make sure you know how to use it in lovely teenager novel theme. yes, this font looks up to date with its line and shape. A vintage and elegant style that could be used as multi purpose aim. It is vintage, but you can use letter and number of it including the punctual items.

18. Anthoni Gristhea

is a font that has a distinctive soft handwriting style. Having charming and unique glyphs and typography suit to your engagement invitation and wedding invitation. This is a premium and high-resolution font. It is a letterpress family with exceptional vintages and charm. Having a texture of motifs and additional icon makes this font look more special and stylish. There are a combination of neat and flat typography text at the top and bottom of the font.

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19. Amanda Vinola

The font has many beautiful combinations of glyphs with many variations of style, binder and swash, which you can mix and mix for more interesting effects. Make a contrast view between background and font would look good and eye catching. It has a combination of letters that are simple and upright. It shows  a formal and clean impression. It has a geometric shape on each side. It is giving the impression of neat and character. Make unforgettable with a little help from the lettering used for various promotional materials by font.

20. Right Signature

Created to make a huge statement, it even comes in unique style and textures to offer a vintage feel to any work. You will have a mature romantic touch in it. The font is perfect for mature wedding invitation. You just need to add soft decoration and perfect contrast on the card.

Which one of handwriting font that suits to your wedding invitation? Even to promote your romantic novel, are you ready with it?