5 Creative Tips for Designing a SEO Friendly Website

in Knowledgebase on August 18, 2022

The company can’t function without customers, and the Internet is a great place to find and attract new clients. But it’s also a place of extremely high competition. You need to get into the top search results to be noticed. That’s why SEO is more significant than ever.

The obvious way to lead the visitors to your resource is the links. It’s also a method of showing your trustworthiness to the search bots. That’s why backlinks are your first priority when the resource is optimized. Check top link building tactics and use them in your site promotion.

But before you start leaving your links on other resources, it’s vital to make the website optimized to the fullest extent. Let’s see how to build an SEO-friendly website in 2022.

Think about Mobile Devices

Smartphones have become more and more sophisticated, and a significant part of users prefers them for surfing the Internet. If you don’t ensure flawless access from phones and tablets, you’ll lose your potential customers. What is a responsive website design with SEO? In general, it means two things.

First, the layout of your pages should adapt to the screen of any size and ensure the correct display and functionality of all elements. The second factor is the fast loading. No one will wait for more than a couple of seconds for the page to load. It is especially significant for mobile users.

Mobile users often search for certain locations, so for the sake of SEO, you can include your geodata and the location of your office on the map. It will facilitate finding the address and bring you clients from your region.

Ensure Logical Structure

Informative headers and a multi-level menu are good both for visitors and search mechanisms. Include main keys in the titles. It helps users to understand the purpose of the content and raises the chances of getting into the top search results.

The rule of thumb: if the user has to make more than 3 clicks to find the required page, the structure of the resource needs optimization. Clear, intuitive navigation is a way to boost your resource efficiency. The best way to structure the content is to define the core materials and connect them with complementary articles with a network of links and interconnections.

Make the SEO a Part of Your Brand

Branding is an important marketing tool, and your resource should be easily recognizable. It raises brand awareness and makes your company unique. Add your corporate style to the page’s design, and don’t forget to set up your social media accounts properly.

The site is the presentation of your business on the Internet. That’s why it’s important to make it look professional. Don’t damage your reputation by publishing bad content and wrong information. You can learn the details of brand SEO on freeyork.org. You’ll find interesting tips on using SEO and web design for your brand promotion.

Optimize Meta Descriptions

These short summaries of the content are a significant part of the site promotion. Search bots use them to classify the articles and learn the target audience. People look them through on the search results page to determine whether the post is worth reading.

Don’t include the information that is not mentioned in the article. It raises the suspicions of the search algorithms, and your site can be banned for spam activity. Visitors don’t like the deception too. So, write only the real descriptions and don’t make false promises.

You have no more than 150 characters to tell about the content and include the main key. Writing a perfect meta description is not easy, but with some practice, you’ll manage it. In any case, your effort will pay off with increased traffic.

Keep the Visitors with Good Content

The best practices of SEO-friendly web design development include concentration on potential visitors. You want to keep them on the resource as long as possible. And the only way of achieving it is to publish unique and valuable data or interesting, entertaining posts. Improve the readability of the texts and include illustrations if they facilitate understanding. If you have any problems with photos and images, it’s better to choose graphic designer services. This will help to avoid many problems with photo editing and authors rights.

Links to the related topics are also helpful. If you place them the right way, visitors can surf your pages for hours. Expert information increases the trust in your company and raises the chances of getting a new client. It also boosts your image and makes your brand more known.


In order to make a successful resource, you have to stick to the SEO strategy. Think through the methods of promotion and consider them in the design. Try to be creative and don’t copy the competitors. And always remember about the users. The traffic will be useless if the content isn’t good enough to retain the visitors.

The simple ideas described in this article will help you to improve the performance of your resource and apply new solutions for your strategy. Keep searching for new practices and tricks, and one day you’ll see your site on the first Google page.

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