10 Simple Modern Brochure Template Design

in Inspiration on February 24, 2023

What is a brochure? The brochure definition is any kind of company should prioritize the creation of brochures as an essential component of their identity and brand. Communication is key when trying to keep your consumers up to date, market a new product, or sell your services. A stunning and up-to-date brochure template can serve as an excellent jumping-off point.

The collection from UICreative of brochure template is offered in the form of a template that is completely ready for printing, and it’s cost only a few dollars. Also, we will learn how to make a brochure on google docs. Interesting? Keep reading!

10 Brochure Template

1. Digital Media Agency 6

Digital Media Agency 6
Digital Media Agency 6

This brochure template is ideal for you if you are searching for a corporate brochure template with a contemporary style and muted colors, as this template has both features. It covers all of the components that are necessary to produce a professional brochure, such as styles for paragraphs, styles for spreadsheets, styles for figures, and styles for block quotations, among other things.

This corporate template brochure design is provided to you as a completely editable InDesign file and is available in a size corresponding to an A4 page.

2. Company Brochure 5

Company Brochure 5
Company Brochure 5

You’ll be able to build crisp and uncluttered company profiles with this brochure template, allowing you to present your organization in an expert and credible manner. This template includes contemporary page layouts that are formatted in A4 size. You’ll find free fonts and adjustable paragraph styles on each page. You can make changes to it by utilizing InDesign.

3. Product Design

Product Design
Product Design

This is a contemporary brochure template and comes with a really attractive design. It is great for presenting proposals for various projects to corporate agencies and consulting organizations. The template provides twelve-page layouts, each of which you can customize according to your preferences.

4. Multipurpose Company

Multipurpose Company
Multipurpose Company

Using this template, you may design brochures for corporate firms and creative agencies to present annual reports. It has 12 exquisitely created pages and designs that are completely modifiable. It only takes a few clicks to alter the paragraph structure, colors, and fonts.

5. Digital Marketing and SEO 5

Digital Marketing SEO 5
Digital Marketing SEO 5

This template is the best application for creating brochures with a traditional look. Additionally, it benefits businesses specializing in SEO and digital marketing. It works wonderfully for both corporate brands and advertising firms. The template provides 12 different page layouts from which to choose, and you can modify the design in any way you see fit.

6. Business Brochure 9

Business Brochure 9
Business Brochure 9

You’ll be able to design appealing brochures to develop company profiles to highlight your enterprises when you use this template for a brochure. This A4 format template contains 12 different page layouts to choose from. In addition to that, it features master page layouts.

7. Simple Design

Simple Design
Simple Design

A contemporary business brochure template with a straightforward and uncluttered design. This template also includes twenty-four alternative page layouts, each of which features designs entirely editable by the user. It can be obtained in the A4 format.

8. Multipurpose Company 2

 template brochure design- Multipurpose Company 2
Multipurpose Company 2

You are welcome to use this brochure template to develop a persuasive proposal for a project that will earn your client’s approval. 12 different page layouts are included in the template, all of which you may modify in InDesign.

9. Natural Craft Products

Natural Craft Products
Natural Craft Products

This template is great for you if you seek a contemporary brochure design to produce a trendy product catalog for a corporate brand. All you need to do is download it and get to start. It comes with 12 different page layouts that you may use to showcase items and services in a more expert manner.

10. Business Targets

template brochure design - Business Targets
Business Targets

This template you may use to create any corporate brochure, from company biographies to sales reports and anything in between. It has a page layout that is simply modifiable and may be altered to produce various brochures. The template also includes twelve different page layouts to choose from.

How to Make a Brochure On Google Docs

Are you wondering how to make a brochure template? In this section, we will learn more about how to make a brochure template on google docs. When making brochures, you can save time using a template that has already been prepared. Using an existing template, You must take the following steps to produce a two-page brochure:

  • Start up your browser and go to Google Docs.
  • Navigate to the New > From Template option under the File menu.
  • Explore the options and choose the Brochure template.
  • Make adjustments to the brochure so that it meets your needs.
  • You can either save the document or print the brochure right away.

If you are wondering how to get a brochure template, UICreative has this for you. The design of brochures can be a lot of fun, but there are many factors to consider mainly if it is not something that you do regularly. When in doubt, opt for a more straightforward design. Visualizing how it will print and getting everything set for the prepress process can sometimes be more accessible than it sounds like it would be.