10 Best Business Card Template in 2022

in Inspiration on February 24, 2023

Business cards are essential for increasing consumer recognition of a brand and for networking with new contacts. Use a business card design template as a jumping-off point if you need a new card but don’t know where to start. Developing a business card template (business card maker, business card printing, business card holders) from scratch can be sped up with templates, which provide you with stunning layouts, fonts, and visuals that can be customized to fit your company’s identity.

This article looks at some of the top business card templates for premium use currently available for 2022. Let’s look at the business card design templates available on UICreative.

What is Business Card?

A business card is a compact card made of paper printed on both sides and is typically the size of a credit card. It contains information about your company, such as your name, contact information, and brand logo. The design of your business cards is an essential component of your branding, and they should serve as a visually consistent extension of your brand’s overall strategy.

Best Business Card Template

Because UICreative provides such a large selection of templates, we felt it necessary to take the time to select our favorites and group them. The following is a list of the top ten premium business card template trending on UICreative:

1. Simple Circle Business Card Template

Business Card – Simple Circle Template
Business Card – Simple Circle Template

These business card design layouts feature contrasting elements to highlight your information. There are three different color options available so that you may make a card that is a near fit for your brand. Even the best premium business card layouts rarely offer that much diversity.

2. Tattoo Artist Brand

Business Card – Tattoo Artist Brand
Business Card – Tattoo Artist Brand

There will always be an appreciation for understatement and minimalism. That’s because elegance in simplicity is what people notice first. Keeping your contact information front and center without being buried behind a jumble of graphic elements is the goal of this business card template.

3. Travel Business

Business Card – Travel Business
Business Card – Travel Business

You may also use this excellent alternative to a black-and-white business card design with only a hint of color. Compared to other business card design free download options, this PSD-formatted template couldn’t be simpler to work with.

4. Japan Theme

Business Card – Japan Theme
Business Card – Japan Theme

The business card’s geometric pattern is so complex that it’s nearly hard to look at. The beautiful thing is you can easily swap out the logo and adjust the text to suit your needs. This kind of business card will pique the recipient’s interest and lead them to seek more information, which means a greater number of ties!

5. Fashion Designer Template

Business Card – Fashion Designer Template
Business Card – Fashion Designer Template

These layouts are pristine and appropriate for a business setting. Layers that are simple to manipulate will allow you to complete your adjustments in a single sitting. They are prepared for printing, so you can have them made at your neighborhood print shop.

6. Black White Business Card Template

Business Card – Black White Template
Business Card – Black White Template

You can easily change this Photoshop template. The design is neatly laid out and fully adaptable to your preferences. Comparatively, this format is a significant improvement over premium business cards.

7. Japanese Chef Identity

Business Card – Japanese Chef Identity
Business Card – Japanese Chef Identity

This business card examples was designed with minimalism. This layout is excellent for sharing content across multiple social media channels. You may quickly and easily add your social media links to backdrop flags.

8. Popular Design

Business Card – Popular Design
Business Card – Popular Design

You won’t find a business card design as elegant as this one in any of the many premium business card template available online. This elegant business card is a great fit for any high-end company. It has all the essentials and none of the fluff that won’t help you stand out.

9. Soft Fresh Business Card Template

Business Card – Soft Fresh Template
Business Card – Soft Fresh Template

In the business environment, aesthetics tend to be more conservative and straightforward. This template for a business card has a straightforward layout, making it very easy to read. It is an excellent choice. Imagine if you could use this template to roll out a common design for your company’s business cards across the whole company. You should distribute it to your team so everyone’s business card can reflect the same level of sophistication.

10. Creative Motive Template

Business Card – Creative Motive Template - best business credit card
Business Card – Creative Motive Template

This is another versatile and high-quality design for a business card that you may use. The template allows you to select your preferred design from one of three color schemes: blue, orange, or red. The best part is that the layers are well-organized but simple to personalize.

How to Make a Business Card Template in Word?

Here are the steps to make a business card template in word from scratch:

  1. Launch Word and select “Mailings” from the drop-down menu. Next, select “Labels” and finish by selecting “Options.”
  2. You can choose a business card manufacturer by clicking the arrow in the “Label Vendor” drop-down menu. Click “OK” after you have chosen the “Product Number.”
  3. Fill out the business card with your contact details. You can make it easy on yourself to format lines that you want to retain together in the future by pressing “Shift+Enter” between them.
  4. You should then right-click the mouse to choose the emphasized text. Choose “Font” from the list of drop-down menu options, and then select the typeface and size of the font you want to use for your text.
  5. Once more, select the text with the highlighting tool, right-click, and select “Paragraph” from the drop-down menu. If necessary, modify the alignment, the indentation, and the space you have used.
Business Card – Future City - blank business card template
Business Card – Future City
  1. Make sure that the radio choice labeled “Complete Page of the Same Label” is selected under the “Print” menu, and after that, click the “New Document” button to produce a full page of your cards.
  2. Use the “Insert” tab from the menu bar to add graphics. Select “Picture,” navigate to the location of your company’s logo, and then click “Insert.” Next, adjust the size of the graphic by dragging the picture handles.
  3. You can move the picture around as you see fit by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Text Wrapping” from the context menu. This will allow you to control how the text flows around the visual. To adjust the positioning, right-click on the graphic, then pick “Text Wrapping” and “More Layout Options” from the context menu.
  4. Make copies of the graphic, and then paste them onto the remaining cards on the page.
  5. Printing your template out on card stock will allow you to test it. Make any necessary last-minute modifications.
  6. To save your personalized template, go to the “File” menu and select “Save As.” After giving your template a filename and selecting the down arrow next to “Save as Type,” choose “Word Template (DOTX)” from the drop-down menu.

And.. you’re done! If you have difficulty creating a business template from scratch, you can use UICreative collections of business card template to make it easier!