Sometimes we need a marketplace that is focus in only one type of goods, for example when we need Android UI kit for our android application development. When we already get the appropriate marketplace, but the Android UI Kit is too much. Then you are confuse to choose which one is best?

Take it easy, we’ll pick you the best Top 7 Android UI Kit according to, choose which one best suits your design style in your current development

SHOPPY – Android UI Kit for Ecommerce

Minimalistic, modern and clean e-Commerce Android UI Kit is the main concept of SHOPPY Ecommerce UI KIT. You can create an elegant and modern e-Commerce Android application with this awesome UI kit. All elements made with high quality and trendy detail oriented. The codes is clean and organized very well. Upgrade your e-Commerce project now and get more users and buyers.

SHOPPY Ecommerce UI Kit is supported both Android Studio and Adobe Photoshop. You can change every elements whatever you want, like text, photos, graphics and colours, all is easy to edit. SHOPPY use 100% commercial free fonts. This UI kit also designed with almost perfect pixel (high quality) and clear user interface designs. You’ll get free updates and detail documentation to help you import libraries, import projects, etc.

Android Studio: Coded very well, guided to implement it in  your running projects. Well organized and documented source code. Using free libraries.
Adobe Photoshop : All Layers are in good pixel and well organized, named carefully, and grouped.

PAY BILL Android App Template

Develop your new mobile Billing Apps with this great user interface, Pay Bill has a clear UI with awesome colors. This Android UI Kit also supported in Adobe Photoshop and Android Studio.

The Photoshop Layers are organize very well, clear coded with global defined Colors and Fonts for Android studio.

Android Ultimate – UI + Features Template

This awesome Android Ultimate is a module, combined from Photoshop UI kit and Android template. More than 25 embedded  modules in one template. The modules is :
1. Android Patterns : App Intro, Login, Refresh by Pull, UI Elements and Textview.
2. Material Highlights : Google Material Designs (Picker & Dialogs, Toolbar, FAB, Tabs, Recyclerview)
3. Bonus

These are ready to use in your android project. Each module’s imported into android template with one demo of the module. You will be guided by a video tutorial in the setup process to use these modules properly.


To Do List Manager

This isn’t just common To Do List Manager, this is To Do List Manager wih clean and clear concept. To Do List Manager include 15 awesome screens : Edit task (main page action), Settings, Add address, Recorder, Add contact, Attachment, Open task, New task, Filter, Main page open, Main page, Login, Hello Screen, Walkthrough 2, Walkthrough 1.

icart Andriod UI Kit for Social Commerce

This beautiful icart is social commerce platform created by CherryDavinci. He allow you to use in your commercial project after you purchase it. And you can give any variation as you want. When you purchase it, you can get high detail screens.


Home Services App

Android UI Kit which has 30 nice screens. Organized very well and ready to use in your android project. Colours and shapes is fully editable. Standart screens Included. All of it bundled in .PSD files.


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