Now, we have some contents for android layout template. Then you can get an inspiration for your Android apps. Why should News, Blog, and Social Media? Because today, the internet provides a lot of news, and the news of course brings content of various types as well. And this is becoming a common phenomenon in today’s digital world. One example in the presidential election of America in 2016 ago. Information is very rapidly circulating in the community through news applications, social media, and blogs. All of that were became the main path to spread news to the world.

Realiti News – Android

Another Realiti News Android version. Nice bar menu concept for a news app.


News App Design Concept

Bold, Flat, and clear news application. This android design is a modern with nice red color dominate in this UI.


WhatsApp for Android | Material Design Concept

This is just concept. But we don’t know if this concept will be the next version of WhatsApp Android apps. News App iOS & Android

Make with multiple device concept. Ready for high mobile usability. Good design.


BaBe – Baca Berita Indonesia

A news aggregator for an Indonesian nes. BaBe is popular one with 1 Million+ download.

Yahoo News Digest app for Android

Yahoo news in Android version. Nice and catchy UI.



An old skewmorphic style is soul of this app design. Design for Android with high quality pixel.


News APP Interface

An Android style for a news app. Really clean UI.


iNews – iOS, Android & Windows Phone App

A good layout design. And iNews has very clear content UI for a news app.


Freebie – Reader UI kit (Android)

Modern and good UX.If you need modern touch in your news app design, consider to use this Reader UI kit. iOs/android app

This is an iOs/Android platform for mobile news application. Clean and well designed content section.


News Play

A modern and light color touch with extra high quality pixels. News Play will make your design looks pretty nice.


ZUM – News Android App Design

This project was order by a korean company. So, this Zum News made with clear looking mobile app.


BBC, App Concept

A concept of a news app. This BBC app has a stunning layout.


Online News App

Make your own news app with this inspiration. Online News App is well designed news application.


Let’s Go – Live App For Global Travel/Shopping/Social

Now, live streaming app is very happening around the world. It’s just like a social broadcasting or something like that. And it’s will make more hype better than just a common social media. Let’s Go can be your inspiration for your live streaming app.


User Profile Design For Social Media Application

Nice and clear user profile’s dasboard. Designed for social media needs.


The Life Files Blog

Life Files is one of a clean layout for a news app. Amazing Mobile Design and high quality pixels.



Use this Flux design to make your social media platform popular. This Flux design using modern and elegant black color, it suits for a high class and stylish people.


Social Points

Designed for mobile iOS and Android platform. Social platform has a clean concept of social media app.


Ventas Mobile App UI Kit

Mobile app UI kit for who is looking for a design in various UI layout in an app. Ventas comes with high quality pixel.


Twitter Redesign Concept

A redesign app for twitter micro blogging. An easy UI make user can understand and using it just in seconds.

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