11 Best Google Material Design (with Animation demo)

in UI Kit on June 9, 2017

This is special post can bring you to more than just a common read blog experience. Now, we have 11 Best Google Material Design with Animation demo, crafted specially for your next apps. So you can imagine which material design that you will use tomorrow.

Inbox – Trips! by John Schlemmer

Inbox in vital feature in some app like booking app or e-Commerce. This UI is one of modern and clean Google Material Design based.


Google’s Material Design Animation by Balraj Chana

Clear menu layout and product description. This flatty and stylish Google Material Design can be your inspiration if you’ve being developing a simple app.


Material design gallery animation by Julia Mattos

A nice concept in photo printing. This Your Printer Gallery can print a photo in specific hashtag.


Google Material Design – Free AE Project File

Android L is like a new and fresh morph Google Material Design. Great color, nice layout.


Smooth Rotation

Amazing smooth rotate effect. Slow but sure. Great!


Google adds trains to Google Flights in Europe

Train and plane is best way to travel around Europe. With this UI design, we can choose the best transportation for our Euro trip.


Expenses Android

An expenses animation. Good implemented in finance or money related apps.


Material Design – The Morphing FAB

Kodaline is UI design for music app. It’s play button will bring you new sensation of enjoying music.


Welcome Screen – Contacts app by Jovie Brett Bardoles

A welcoming screen for Android contact isn’t bad yeah? So, this is nice UI design for Android Contact App.


Android N

Nice showcase of Android N. Consider to bring this beautiful UI in your next development?


Google Flights booking processing

Pretty well design for loading process. If you are developing a travel apps for flight booking. You can try to make an innovative one like this.

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