10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects

in Inspiration on November 25, 2022

The use of slab serif font (condensed slab serif font, vintage slab serif font) can range from general body text to headlines to display content, and they can be put to use for all of these different purposes. The slab serif is typography that has been used extensively for digital and print reasons, some electronic devices, such as the Amazon Kindle, even utilize a slab serif as their default font.

To pay tribute to this wonderful subtype, we have collections of our slab serif font examples that you can use for any of your future design endeavors.

They are striking in appearance and effect and pack quite a punch. Each of the font packs that provides to you includes a variety of styles and weights, providing you with a lot of leeways to experiment with your designs. Before that, let’s learn about the slab serif font definition!  Let’s have a peek!

What is Slab Serif Font?

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Weigeland Serif Font

So, what is slab serif font? A serif font is referred to as a slab serif font when the end of the serif is squared off. This gives the type a more blocky and robust appearance as opposed to the more polished appearance of a traditional serif font.

In comparison to other types of serifs, slab serifs typically have less contrast all around, which is one factor that contributes to their weighty and frequently dramatic appearance. Slab serif fonts are generally utilize when a display typeface is required, such as on book covers, posters, ads, or logotypes. However, slab serif fonts can also use as complementary fonts within a larger type system.

10 Slab Serif Font

Here are our collections of a slab serif font,

1. Cowboy Wildwest Slab Serif Font

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Cowboy Wildwest Slab Serif Font

To illustrate the characteristics of a slab serif font, consider this one. The letters are bold, and the serifs are wide. This makes it a fantastic option for creating eye-catching titles and headings for use in both print and digital projects of all kinds.

2. BERINGAS Capital Display

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Beringas Capital Display

This stunning condensed serif font is excellent for various branding and packaging projects. Also, it may give your designs a vintage appeal and can be used for various projects. Not only that, it includes capital letters, lowercase letters, digits, punctuation, and alternates in its standard package.

3. Ginetta Marriage Slab Serif Font

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Ginetta Marriage Serif Font

The Gin font is a vintage slab serif style that is quite fashionable and has a contemporary design. This font is ideal for various artistic and professional designs, including those logos, posters, and other projects.

4. Head Capital Display

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Head Capital Display

This vintage slab serif font comes with a set of letters that are all capitalized and features an eye-catching retro look. It is best suited for use in creating titles and heads for a variety of designs about the entertainment industry. Additionally, support for multiple languages is included.

5. Kampium Slab Serif Font

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Kampium Serif Font

A slab serif font with a hint of modern appeal is both sophisticated and up-to-date, and it has a thick and striking design. The headings, poster titles, and even logos you design can all benefit from this font.

6. Marfanco Serif Display Font

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Marfanco Serif Display Font

The exquisite slab serif font Marfanco includes a design influenced by the style that was popular during the Victorian era. The font’s designer claims that it consists of two layers that give it the appearance and sensation of being made of metal.

7. Voltaire Frangela Slab Serif Font

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Voltaire Frangela Serif Font

Be sure to look at Voltaire Frangela, a special linear slab serif font that differs from the others. A font option developed with a focus on meeting the most recent requirements for graphic design, this is a typeface that works well for a wide variety of creative and professional uses.

8. Armadira Display Font

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
ARMADIRA Display Font

The Amadira display font is a slab serif font with a vintage typeface. These versions include versions with shadows, gradients, outlines, and a variety of other effects. The retro look of the typeface will be an excellent complement to the modern retro design projects you are working on.

9. Cremiline Slab Serif Font

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Cremiline Serif Font

The slab serif font of this one-of-a-kind typeface has a playful and eccentric look. The font works particularly well for designing T-shirts, greeting cards, and other items that will be printed or designed digitally. 

10. Emerland Serif Font

10 Best Slab Serif Font For Your Projects
Emerland Serif Font

The design of Emerland is eclectic, incorporating contemporary and traditional design motifs features. The typeface is offered in both a regular and an italic variation, and it works well to create a wide variety of print and digital designs, including logos.

What Makes a Font Slab Serif?

The serifs on a slab serif typeface are what define it as a particular style. There are two types of slab serifs: bracketed and unbracketed.

Unbracketed Slab Serif: Slab serifs without brackets are the most frequent type because they are simple to create and put into practice and give a very clean and contemporary appearance. These particular kinds of slab serifs are the ones most frequently discovered on types with a geometric construction.

Bracketed Slab Serif: Because of the tapering, bracketed slab serifs tend to be warmer but less crisp than other slab serifs. This is because bracketed slab serifs tend to be more intricate. Because bracketed slab serifs are typically a transitional style between classical serifs and proper slab serifs, they are most frequently found on types with more complex construction.

Both slab serifs are distinguished by the fact that the serif is roughly rectangular and possesses a significant amount of thickness (the weight of the slab serif approaches the importance of the stem).